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Figured I’d bring this up again.

I made this post a while ago, thought I’d repost it for the newer people. (The two or three that are here). I’m just kind of proud of this.

I’ve thought of a really cool idea for a new uncharted game and I just wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts.

The game would start with all of the Drakes getting a tape in the mail. These tapes are from sully. Each one to Nathan, Elena, and Cassie point to one last journey that was completely unheard of by anyone else. A safe way to build a future for Cassie. But the tape to Sam goes something like this;

“Sam, there’s been a lot of changes since you left Cuba. Our uh... ‘contact’ sent me on a goddamn chase to Argentina. I finally found it, Sam. But that asshole jumped me, took everything. Now he’s got the whole country’s military on that island. This’ll be tougher than anything we’ve seen, you all have clues in your tapes, that’s all I can give you. If these got to you, that means they snuffed me. Don’t waste your time looking underwater. Something to do with the moon cycles makes the tide just right next spring. You need to do this, Sam. For Cassie. For the whole goddamn world. This can’t be done without all of you. Treasure hunting is is your blood. The whole lot of you. You’re going to be replacing me here, Sam so don’t make me look like an ass. I think it’s time I had that one last cigar... and finished this bottle of single malt. Here’s to you, kid. To all of you. Atlantis awaits.”
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