Alex Munoz
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Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth

Alex Munoz is a character that features in Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth. She is the daughter of the Mayor of Guayaquil.

Events in The Fourth Labyrinth

She was kidnapped, taken hostage, tied up and put into drug lord Ramón Valdez's bedroom, to be used as leverage against her father. Nathan Drake finds her by chance, and rescues her. The two escape Valdez's compound in a Jeep, pursued by Valdez's thugs. In the chase, Alex tells Drake who she is, and of the work her father does to rid the streets of drugs. The thugs corner Alex and Drake, but they are ambushed by members of the Cuiqawa tribe, who Drake is helping. Nathan Drake is rewarded with a large sum of money by the mayor for returning his daughter.

Physical appearance

Alex is described as having, "wide eyes", a "pretty mouth", and "soft skin the color of cinnamon."[1]


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