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- Nate and Elena still buy Jameson Marine and plan to resurrect Elena’s old camera show, possibly getting support from Chloe and Alice.


- Nate and Elena are still happily married and still love to explore the world, not necessarily for treasure now, but to maintain their marriage bond and keep their spirit of adventure alive.

- Cassie Drake is still born (She is 15 Years Old in the Epilogue) and the Drake family still has their own family dog named Vicky.

- To add more characters, Cassie also has a younger brunette sister by 3 years named Samantha "Sammy" Drake, whom Alice and Chloe both love to come visit and hang around with, along with Sam, Charlie, and Sully.

Cassie still loves Crash Bandicoot and so does Sammy. In the Epilogue though, Sammy has gotten tired of watching Cassie play and is sleeping next to her on her bed. (Vicky licks her awake)

- Like Nate, Sam, and Alice, both Cassie and Sammy are extremely adventurous and smart siblings that love each other very much. Both of them are also extremely curious about the previous lives of their parents and are somewhat pushy to find out about them at the end.

- Sam, Charlie, and Sully are all retired treasure hunters that occasionally visit Nate, Elena, and their daughters. They send a note that can be found in the kitchen, saying that they're coming to visit.

- Chloe and Alice’s partnership has continued on and they’ve been on numerous adventures that Nate and Elena have many printed magazines of. Alice has also worked with Elena on some articles related to her discoveries and has become Elena’s occasional journalist partner.

- According to another note that is left in the living room of the Drake house, Chloe and Alice are currently exploring Argentina in search of the "City of the Caesars", an enchanted city full of riches between a mountain of gold and a mountain of silver located somewhere in Patagonia. Alice is still reluctant to go through with it all, but discovering this lost city with Chloe will be her biggest discovery yet, particularly as Alice's first lost city ever found. Unfortunately, Alice still wants to prove to her brothers that she was capable of finding it, with Nate having been a bit worried, but also a bit trusting since Chloe is with her. (Since The Lost Legacy seems to happen RIGHT AFTER Uncharted 4 between the last chapter and the epilogue, turning this adventure into a spin-off as well wouldn't hurt at all. The difference though is that this spin-off would star Allison Drake, really showing off her heart for adventure now, as well as her new-found journalist skills from Elena.)






Personality Traits:

- Years later, Allison Drake grows into a healthy and bright young woman with a very similar sense of humor and sarcasm as her brothers.

- Alice is more of a headstrong tomboy than an innocent young woman or a damsel-in-distress. Growing up, she overcame many of her fears as a kid with help from her brothers, but she as an adult, she is halfway between being a risk taker and a person who plays things safe.

- In spite of her sassy and hot-headed attitude at times, Alice is very selfless and caring for those around her, especially her brothers.

- Alice cares very deeply for her brothers and always shows concern for everyone she travels with.

- Allison does not swear as much as her brothers and only swears when she's in distress. Her most common uses of strong language are safe words like “damn”, “asshole”, and “bastard”.

- In spite of her attractiveness, Alice constantly brushes off the compliments she receives, deeming them unimportant, not just because she's flattered by what she's told, but also because of how truthfully selfless she is about her looks, completely forgetting about them most of the time. She loves how she looks, but often tries not to draw attention to herself this way by deeming whatever needs to be done more important. Half the time, she tries to hide her flattery for comments this way as well.

- Alice likes using a person's full name when talking to them just as much as Sam in a normal conversation, but she also likes to make nicknames for her other acquaintances when she has the chance. She tends to alternate between calling Nate “Nathan” or “Nate”, while with Sam she tends to alternate between calling him “Sam” or “Sammy”.

- Alice is also never afraid to use extremely long versions of a name when she is joking around or acting sarcastic.



Much like her brothers, Allison is a white person with brown hair. However, unlike her brothers, she is the only female of the three and has slightly curled, messy, and somewhat reflective shoulder-length hair. She is about a third of a foot shorter than her brothers, but is slightly taller than Elena and Chloe with a somewhat muscular frame. Like Sam, Alice was wounded in prison, but was left six scars on her right ankle from where he had been previously shot, and presumably six on the back of her ankle as well. Her favorite clothing styles include jackets or plaid shirts with knee high boots.


Physical Description:

- Allison Drake is the younger sister of Nathan and Samuel Drake.

- She is younger than Nate by 2 years and younger than Sam by 7 years.

- Alice has brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. Her face is strikingly similar to those of her brothers, but is obviously much more feminine with a very smooth skin.

- In addition to her resemblance to her brothers, Allison is quite attractive and receives many compliments from Nate's acquaintances when they are greeted by her that she immediately brushes off.

- When relaxed, Alice wears her hair loosely and her bangs pretty close to her eyes. On adventures, her hair is usually up in a ponytail with some of her bangs still hanging loose above and beside her face.

- As a child, and even as an adult, Alice’s height has always been up to the middle of Nate’s forehead, with Nate always being about 3 inches taller than her. Alice is just about 6 inches taller than Elena (5’ 2”) and 1 inch taller than Chloe (5’ 7”), and her breast is about the same size as Elena's.

- As a child, Alice had a peppy voice that wasn't used all that often due to her very low emotions, but her voice always brightened up when her brothers were there to comfort her or crack jokes (Young Alice voiced by Hana Hayes). As Alice grew older, her voice became a lot lower like her brothers when she talks seriously, but still remains very lively and friendly around others (Alice is voiced by Annie Wersching). At both ages, Alice can scream softly and loudly, but doesn’t scream too often.

- As a young girl and adult, Alice is shown to be very capable at singing, but she only prefers to sing when she’s alone or with her brothers. She eventually shares this talent with Elena and Nate’s daughter, Cassie.



In a Game Informer interview, Annie Wersching describes Allison as "very attractive and capable" with a strong heart, but just like Sam, Allison does put up with some jealousy issues towards Nathan and Sam for being in between two admittedly stronger and overprotective brothers.

"There's something that happens when you’re in between two older brothers that are clearly a bit stronger than you, a little bit more risk-taking than you, a little bit more talented than you, can run faster, jump higher — better than you. That's Nate and Sam. I think before Nate, Sam was the golden child and Allison was, and still is, just along for the ride, like how most younger siblings are eager to get into their older sibling’s life. In reality, anything Allison can do, both Nate and Sam can do better, but I don't think Allison would ever acknowledge that. In the game, Allison has the ambition to prove that in some ways, she is more talented than her brothers, such as her capabilities with stealth and sometimes singing. Being the younger sibling isn’t always bad, and I’m pretty sure that’s another message the game will portray through both Nathan and Allison as they continue to look up to Sam."




Character Cover Art:


Allison Drake

-- Dirty Hair in a Ponytail with Cheek-Length Side Bangs (Some Front Bangs slightly over Left Eye)

-- Sliced and Bruised Right Cheek, Cut Left Shoulder (AFTER 2nd Nadine Fight)

- Halfway Unbuttoned Long Sleeve Plaid Indigo Shirt (Sleeves Rolled Up just below the Elbows, Ripped Left Shoulder)

- Dark Pink Tank Top

- Knee-Length Dark Grey Cargo Pants

- Brown Knee-Height Boots



Character Variants:


Allison Drake (Young)

-- Hair in a Ponytail with Cheek-Length Side Bangs

-- Black Left Eye

- Light Pink Blouse

- Dark Green Unzipped Hoodie (AFTER Sam Arrives)

- Thin Grey Trousers

- Black & White Sneakers


Allison Drake (Prison)

-- Dirty Loose Shoulder-Length Hair (Front Bangs cast shadow over Eyes)

-- Black Left Eye with Hair over it

- Blue Prison Uniform Elbow-Length Sleeve Top

- Orange Tank Top

- Dark Jeans

- Dirty Brown Boots


Allison Drake (Office)

-- Sleek Loose Shoulder-Length Hair

- 6 Scars on Right Leg (NEVER SHOWN AGAIN AFTER)

- Unbuttoned Indigo Leather Jacket

- Elbow-Length Gray Blouse

- White Leather Trousers

- Black Knee-Height Boots


Allison Drake (Prison 2)

-- Dirty Hair in a Ponytail with Cheek-Length Side Bangs (Front Bangs cast shadows over Eyes)

-- Very Sweaty Skin

- Blue Prison Uniform Elbow-Length Sleeve Top

- Orange Tank Top

- Dark Jeans

- Dirty Brown Boots


Allison Drake (Jumpsuit)

-- Sleek Hair in a Ponytail with Cheek-Length Side Bangs

-- Backpack with Clothes and Shoes inside

- Periwinkle-Colored Jumpsuit

- Black Boots


Allison Drake (Auction)

-- Sleek & Slightly Curled Loose Shoulder-Length Hair, Small Ponytail done up by a Dark Blue Bow

- Shoulder-Sleeve Indigo V-Neck Blouse tucked in (White streaks along Shoulders, Sleeves, Front, Back, Openings)

- White Waist Belt

- Black Ankle-Covering Skirt (White streak along the bottom end), Thin Grey Knee-Covering pants underneath

Small Cross Pendant

- Black Flats and Grey Stockings


Allison Drake (Auction Fight)

-- Slightly Curled & Slightly Messy Shoulder-Length Hair (Hair is CLEARLY out of the Ponytail)

- Tiny Cut on Neck (Pendant is CLEARLY gone)

- Shoulder-Sleeve Indigo V-Neck Blouse tucked in (White streaks along Shoulders, Sleeves, Front, Back, Openings)

- White Waist Belt

- Thin Grey Knee-Covering pants (Skirt is CLEARLY gone)

- Black Flats and Grey Stockings


Allison Drake (Scotland)



Allison Drake (King's Bay)

-- Dirty Loose Shoulder-Covering Hair with Most Bangs combed to the side (Hair is CLEARLY out of the Ponytail)

-- Patched-Up Right Cheek (White Bandage)

- Light Blue Towel around Neck (Plaid Indigo Shirt is CLEARLY gone)

- Dark Pink Tank Top (Ripped Left Shoulder, Patching Underneath)

- Knee-Length Dark Grey Pants

- Black Knee-Height Boots



Allison Skins and Variants


- Allison Drake (Default)

- Island Alice

- Young Alice

- Teen Alice

- Casual Alice

- Street Alice

- Jumpsuit Alice

- Office Alice

- King’s Bay Alice

- Auction Alice

- Scotland Alice

- Winter Alice

- Home Alice

- Prison Alice

- Pirate Alice

- Western Alice

- Apocalypse Alice

- Formal Alice

- Military Alice

- Biker Alice

- Tennis Alice

- Warrior Alice

- Rock Star Alice

- Heist Alice

- Escapist Alice

- Ninja Alice

- Punk Alice

- Athletic Alice

- Elegant Alice

- Explorer Alice

- Mysterious Alice

- Desert Alice

- Supernatural Alice

- Soldier Alice

- Skeleton Alice

- Skeleton Alice Wraith

- Skeleton Alice Compiler

- Skeleton Alice Gold



- Attractive Alice

- Adventurous Alice

- Abnormal Alice

- Amazing Alice

- Air Pilot Alice

- Autumn Alice

- Amazon Alice

- American Alice

- Astronaut Alice

- Archer Alice



Skills and Abilities


- Much like Nate and Sam, Allison is a competent marksman, climber, and a very fast brawler. Due to spending most of her imprisoned life exercising, she is in excellent physical condition. In spite of her strength and agility, she is still much smaller than her brothers, which often causes people to underestimate her abilities.

- Just like her brothers, Allison is a talented thief, as well as a very reliable escape artist. Nate refers to Alice as the best locksmith out of himself, Sam, and Sully, since she often has a small hairpin or paper clip handy for picking locks on doors. Her smaller size also comes in useful for stealthy situations and getting through tight spaces.

- Allison loves to read and document any adventures she goes on in her journal to keep record of and write interesting stories about later, similar to Elena.

- Allison is at least as intelligent as her brothers. She had gained a vast knowledge of pirate history from Sam, can read Latin, and is also multilingual. She quickly became an adept motorcyclist after Sam taught her.

- Alice has a very similar character set-up to Elena.

- Allison’s most highlighted talent is her singing voice. It is hinted multiple times from the moment she sings at the beginning of the game, until it’s visibly shown at the end. When they are much younger, Sam asks how her singing voice is and Alice is reluctant to talk about it, claiming that it’s not respected by other kids in the orphanage. Sam is quick to remind her that she is the best singer for her age, and when she returns years later along with Sam, Alice sings at one point and Nate comments that her voice hasn’t changed a bit, still remaining sharp. Alice finally sings for Nate, Elena, and Sam at the end of the game and agrees to exchange this talent with Elena for her journalist skills, later using her share of the treasure Sam retrieved to get a new guitar. Alice is explained to already possess talent with a guitar from time in the orphanage and as shown in a photo of her later in the Epilogue. Cassie also states that Alice taught her to play guitar and wonders when her next song will be finished.





Nathan Drake


Nate is Allison's younger older brother and, next to Sam, is one of the only surviving family members she has. Nate, Sam, and Allison were all born into the Morgan household before their mother died. Their father eventually surrendered them all to the state and Sam and Nate were both sent to the Saint Francis Boys' Home while Allison was sent off to the St. Francis Orphanage in separate Boys and Girls Homes. The two were especially close as children since Allison would often visit Nate as his orphanage during the day time, even resorting to sneaking out at night, prior to their escape with Sam one night. After fleeing from the police in the same night, Alice and Nate agree with Sam to renew their lives (and identities) to continue their mother's unfinished work. Allison and Nate are extremely loyal to each other and on some occasions both show that they would sacrifice their lives for each other. Nate was also visibly distraught when saw Alice “die” right after Sam. Her "death" left Nate so emotionally scarred to the point that he avoided speaking or reminding himself about Allison or Sam, refusing to look at photographs of their childhood and not even making a mention of either of them to Elena. Nate is clearly happy to see Allison again when she arrives, even lifting her right off the ground and hugging her like a father would. However, Sam's obsession with finding Avery's lost fortune would get in the way of their reunion and would make Allison reluctantly lie with Sam to Nate about how he had gotten out of prison and freed Alice in order to draw Nate back into a life of treasure hunting and help them. Even after finding out that Sam had lied to him about Hector Alcázar, Nate was instantly willing to forgive Sam and Alice and rescue him them from Rafe and Shoreline. In addition, Nate was willing to let go of Henry Avery's treasure and even sink it, just so he could save his brother and sister from certain death.

Being her 51% favorite brother, Allison is shown to have a very strong inseparable relationship with Nate, who in turn, looks after Allison with his life next to Sam. Allison returns this love, fulfilling her promise to protect her brothers with her lives in spite of her constant downgrades. On their adventure, Nate and Alice have a fair sibling relationship, with both of them occasionally cracking jokes at each other. However, she and Nate don't joke around as much as both of them do with Sam.



Samuel Drake


Being strong companions throughout her childhood, next to the fact that they both spent more than a decade in prison, Allison obviously cares very much for Sam next to Nate. She has a tendency to show sarcasm and hate when Sam cracks jokes, but in spite of that and everyone constantly underestimating her for her, Alice is extremely willing to protect Sam and Nate with her life. When Sam had “died”, Alice attempted to escape with Nate, but she had been shot in the leg and thrown down to where Sam was and knocked unconscious. By the time, she had woken up she was in another prison and spent the next decade mourning for her brothers. When Sam came to rescue her, she claimed to nearly have a heart attack when she saw that he was very much alive. With Rafe letting both Sam and Alice out, they both promised to help him track down the second St. Dismas Cross. After presumably losing her brother over some treasure, Allison is reluctant to help Rafe, but Rafe threatens her life and Sam's, prompting her to look for the treasure only to protect Sam. Sam eventually convinces her to help him lie to Nate that Hector Alcázar had threatened their lives in order to help them look for the treasure, but Allison is secretly just as reluctant as Nate to go after the treasure to protect Sam. Once Nate discovers the truth, Allison finally snaps and angrily asks Sam why they were even lying to Nate about the treasure hunt. Revealing to Nate that she was only lying to protect Sam, she angrily pushes Sam, claiming that Rafe can have the treasure. Rafe attempts to kill her and Nate, but both Sam steps in front of both of them, with Alice accidentally knocking Nate off, grabbing his hand, and pulling her down too. The two wake up to find Elena, and after explaining everything, they all travel across the island to rescue Sam. Alice, Nate, Sully and Elena eventually convince Sam to leave the treasure behind, but Sam goes back for it and both Alice and Nate follow into the cave with the treasure. Without Nate even noticing, Alice eventually grabs onto the boat and sneaks into the ship behind Sam before he sets off one of the ships traps. The two are both knocked unconscious, but Nate rescues them, and she, along with Nate, forgives Sam for dragging her into this adventure.

Allison has a small hatred for Sam and jokes around with him constantly, but underneath all of that, she still loves and cares about Sam very deeply, often asking him what to do next since he is the oldest of them. Sam, along with Nate, also mocks Alice for her small size, but she often proves him wrong, even scaring him sometimes.


Victor Sullivan


Allison eventually met Victor sometime after Nate met him in Cartagena. Having stuck with Nate on many occasions, Allison sides with Nate's reasoning for Sam to trust him, clearly also excited to see him. Sully also seems to know what had happened to Alice in the prison break (presumably from Nate) and apologizes for what happened to her and Sam those years ago. During the events of Uncharted 4, Allison is not sure which side to take when Sam and Sully go against each other when talking about Nate's motivation in returning from retirement. Her entire experience on this adventure eventually leads her to side with Sully, but afterwards, she eventually settles her differences with both of them when they all start cooperating with each other. When Nate returns to his normal life with wife, Elena Fisher, Alice, Sam, and Sullivan all partner up.



Elena Fisher


Allison and Elena met each other at an inconvenient time, as Elena is hurt and betrayed when she discovers Nate's been lying to her for weeks. She at first expresses disbelief and fury when Nate admits Sam and Alice are his siblings. Later on, Elena helps Nate and Allison both rescue Sam from captivity, and when Nate is separated from the two, Alice and Sam both take care of Elena. In the end, Elena becomes good friends with both Alice and Sam, and Elena mentions that it was an "experience" getting to meet both of them. In order to help Nate and Elena start a new life together, both Sam and Alice slip a "bunch" of Libertalia coins in Elena's jacket pockets before their departure from Madagascar.



Rafe Adler


Rafe first met Allison, Sam and Nate when their intentions to find Avery's lost fortune coincided. They all worked together to bribe their way into a Panamanian prison in order to investigate an old Spanish fort where Avery's first mate was jailed. Sam trusted Rafe "to a point," which was still considerably better than Alice and Nate's personal feelings. After thirteen years, Rafe freed both her and Sam from their respective prisons after ending up at numerous dead ends and realizing that Sam and Alice was still alive. Though reluctant at first, Alice, Sam and Rafe then spent the next two years looking for the second Saint Dismas cross, with Alice only doing it to protect Sam. Eventually, Sam and Alice abandon Rafe to instead find the treasure with their brother, angering Rafe. Sam and Alice then assists Nate in killing Rafe on board Avery's ship, the Fancy.







These are simply a few conversations from Uncharted 4 that I rewrote with Alice included in the conversation. I really hate to make Uncharted 4 REWRITTEN the same story as Uncharted 4 with only Alice added, but again, I am thinking of ways to include Chloe and Cutter in this story alongside the addition of Alice and the NEW PLOT TWIST, so if you have any ideas to make these conversations and story scenarios better, please let me know!






[Nate is driving a boat. Sam and Alice spot Shoreline boats chasing after them.]

Nate: Ah, crap. This is… really not good. Hold on!

Sam: Nathan! They’re gaining on us!

Nate: Yeah, I know! I know!

Alice: Well, crank it, big brother! C’mon!

Nate: Alice, I’m going as fast as I can!

[Sam and Alice pull out their guns, preparing to shoot.]

Sam: Well, shit.


Sam: Keep heading towards the island. We’ll try to hold them off.

[The Shoreline boats get even closer.]

Alice: Ah, shit. Here they come, guys!

Sam: Nathan, they got smaller boats. Ram ‘em!

Nate: Got it.

Sam: Hey assholes! Tell your boss to find his own damn treasure!


Sam: Ha! You took ‘em out!

Alice: Nate! We’re not doing much damage here!

Nate: Just keep them at bay!


Nate: Down you go!


Sam: There!

Alice: You got ‘em!

[A big boat approaches on the boat’s right.]

Sam: Uh… big boat. Big boat!

Nate: Oh shit!

[The big boat on the right rams their boat so hard that half of the roof above Nate is taken off.]

Alice: Christ!

Sam: God damn it – they’re dropping mines!

Nate: I see ‘em!

Alice: Look out, big brother!

Sam: Just keep heading towards the island, don’t let ‘em get in front of you!


Sam: Oh shit!

Alice: Nathan!

{Nate falls into the water and swims to the surface. Seeing boat coming towards him, Nate dives back into the water and swims under the boat as it zooms by him. Nate swims back up to the surface to hear Sam calling him from the boat.]

Sam: Nathan! Hey!

Alice: Nathan! Over here!

Nate: I’m okay… I’m okay…

Alice: Gimme your hand. I gotcha. C’mon!

[Nate swims over and grabs Alice’s hand who helps him back into the boat.]

Sam: Shit, the engine’s out.

Nate + Alice: What?!

Sam: I can… I can fix it, just… just cover me!

Alice: Let’s go, Nate!

Nate: God damn it.

Alice: Hurry Sam!

Sam: Don’t rush me!

Alice: We got more boats “rushing” in!

Sam: C’mon… C’mon…

[Nate and Alice fire at enemies on a boat on their left, killing them.]

Nate: How you holding up, baby sis?

Alice: Drenched, but agile. You?

Nate: Soggy, but brilliant. Sam, c’mon!

Mercenary: Blow them out of the water!

Sam: Grenade launcher! Take him out, little bro and sis!

Mercenary: They’re fish in a barrel!

[As Nate and Alice fire at the boat, a grenade from the enemy’s launcher is inadvertently shot onto Shoreline’s boat, causing part of the boat to blow up and catch fire.]

Nate: Holy shit.

Sam: Ha ha. Karma’s a bitch.

Alice: You’re telling me!

[The boat in front of Nate and Alice zooms away as 2 more boats pull up in the same spot.]

Nate: Damn it! More coming!

Sam: Well shit.

Alice: How many boats did they bring out here?!

Nate: Damned if I know!

[Nate and Alice fire at the boats.]

Nate: Sam, how’s the engine?

Sam: Making progress!

Alice: Well, hurry it up, big brother!

[Nate and Alice keeps firing at the enemy boats as some of them pull up to their boat and zoom away.]

Sam: C’mon… C’mon, go…

Alice: These bastards aren’t giving up, boys!

[As Nate finishes off the last enemy and the boat zooms away, Sam finishes fixing the engine.]

Sam: There! There, I got it!

Nate: It’s working?

[Nate gets back into the driver seat and continues to drive the boat.]

Alice: C’mon, Nathan. Get us out of here!

Sam: Head straight to the island!

[As Nate continues to get closer to the island, rocks start to appear.]

Sam: Nathan! Rocks, dead ahead!

Nate: I can barely see out here!

Alice: Be careful, big brother!

Nate: No promises, Al! Shit. Get them off of us!

Sam: We’re doing the best we can here.

Alice: God, this storm is intense!

[Nate continues to drive the boat as he dodges rocks and rams more enemy boats.]

Sam: Nathan, hurry!

Nate: Just hang on, guys!

[The island is get closer. And closer. And closer…]

Alice: On your right!

[To their boat’s right, an extremely large flaming boat is coming their way.]

Sam: Watch it, watch it--!

Alice: Oh God, oh God, oh God!

Nate: Oh, shit!

[The boat rams HARD into their boat, sending Nate and Sam FLYING OUT!!!]

Nate: Aahh!

Sam + Alice: Nathan!!








Nun: Nathan.

[13-year-old Nathan Morgan is seen sitting on a bed in the Saint Francis Boys Home orphanage at night next to his 11-year-old sister Allison Morgan in front of a nun.]

Nun: Nathan…

[The nun pulls Nate’s chin up to try and get his attention, but fails as Nate keeps looking away.]

Nun: What are we going to do with you? You must be tired of these lectures. I know I’m tired of giving them. Now you have to stay here with me all weekend instead of going on the retreat with everyone else.

Nate: I don’t care.

Nun: Yes, that is the crux of the problem. And you. You know better than to sneak out of your orphanage. This is the third time this month we’ve gotten a phone call of a missing girl from the Girl’s Home. None of us know what to do with you at this point.

Alice: Well, it’s not like anyone in either place cares for me. Aside from Nathan.

[The nun walks towards a bookshelf under a light near Nate’s bed.]

Nate: I don’t see why we’re the only ones being punished--

Nun: Because you two started the fight.

Nate: He wouldn’t give me back my book.

Nun: I told you to leave those books in your room… You only have yourself to blame, Nathan.

Alice: Doesn’t give him the right to just snatch it from him.

Nun: Does that give you the right to start throwing punches?

Alice: When anyone picks on my big brother, then yes!

Nun: Enough. That doesn’t give you the right to use violence.

Alice: (sighs)

Nathan: It wasn’t just about the book.

[The nun walks back over to Nate.]

Nun: What was it, then?

[Nate and Alice looks up slowly.]

Nathan: Nothing. I’ll save it for confession.

[The nun walks away.]

Nun: No matter what I try… You both seem insistent on going down the same, sad road as your brother. What a waste.

[The nun leaves the room, slamming the door. Nate is still angry and so is Alice. Alice gets up and faces Nathan while looking down.]

Nate: You all right, baby sister?

Alice: I’m done here, Nathan. We can’t stay here anymore. We need to move on and I’m tired of putting up with this hell of a life.

Nate: What do you mean?

[Alice looks up at Nate, her big brown eyes full of tears.]

Alice: I hate it here, big brother.

[Nate gets up and wraps his arms around his sister as she rests her head on his shoulder and the tears fall down her cheeks.]

Nate: Allie… I want out of here as much as you do. But how would we be able to support ourselves?

Alice: Sam can take care of us. He’s no asshole like Dad was, dumping us here.

Nate: Sam’s struggling at work right now and he barely has enough to support himself, let alone the needs of kids like us.

Alice: Well, maybe we can—

Nate: Hey, hey… look.

[Nate notices a light flashing outside the window and Alice turns to look as well.]

Nate + Alice: Sam!

Alice: Big Brother! But, wait, what’s he doing here?

Nate: No idea. Let’s go see.

[Nate opens his window and jumps out onto the roof. Turning back, he helps Alice get out the window.]

Alice: Thanks.

Nate: Sure thing. Let’s go.


Nate: We see you.

Alice: He doesn’t think that’ll draw any attention to anyone?

Nate: Well, sometimes he does things without thinking.

Alice: If we get in trouble, it’s all his fault.

Nate: (chuckles)

[Nate makes his way around the roof.]

Nate: Up and around we go.

[Nate tries to climb a roof slope, but slips down instead.]

Nate: Whoa.

Alice: Too slippery, big brother?

Nate: Yeah. C’mon, baby sis.

[Nate instead climbs up a wall and Alice slowly follows.]

Alice: I’m not as fast at climbing as you and Sam are. Catch me, big bro?

Nate: Here, I got you.

[Nate catches Alice as she drops down.]

Alice: Thanks.

Nate: Sam’s still gonna break our legs, you know.

Alice: (laughs) Yeah.

[Nate and Alice slide down the other side. They continue and jump in an open window to go around safely.]

Nate: Okay… Nice and quiet, all right?

Alice: Got it.

[Nate walks inside through a door and down a hall. Suddenly, the nun and a priest emerge from another doorway nearby and Nate takes cover behind the door at the end of the hallway. Alice gasps.]

Nate: Uh oh. Hide!

Priest: Isn’t it our job to help boys like him?

Nun: In the meantime, I’m neglecting the other dozens of boys under my care.

Priest: What do you want me to do?

Nun: You know my opinion.

Priest: Well… I’m not ready to give up on them yet.

Nun: You can’t keep avoiding it.

Priest: Look, I’ll… talk to them in the morning. Okay?

Nun: (sighs) Good night, Father.

Priest: Good night, Sister Catherine.

Nate: Shit.

Alice: Was that about us?

Nate: It’s gotta be.

[The priest leaves the room and the nun goes into another room. Nate and Alice sneak into the room they were in and discovers his file with a report of his recent fight in the orphanage.]

Alice: Uh oh. Nate, look.

Nate: Whoa… It’s my file. Hmmm…

Alice: They want you and me outta here, don’t they?

Nate: (sighs)

[Nate and Alice sneak into the same room the nun is in and notices an open window.]

Alice: Where are we going, Nathan?

Nate: We gotta get to that window… C’mon… (sighs)

Alice: Move it, Sister.

[The nun walks over to another open window nearby and pulls out a cigarette.]

Nate: All right. We gotta get behind that couch. You wait here and I’ll signal you when to come.

Alice: Got it.

[Nate sneaks behind the couch when the nun isn’t looking and signals Alice to come when she isn’t looking again.]

Alice: Holy. Do all the nuns smoke, Nathan?

[Nate and Alice sneak past her and to his luck, the priest returns to distract her.]

Priest: Sister Catherine?

Nun: Oh, darn…

[The nun puts down her cigarette and closes her open window.]

Priest: Ah, Sister Catherine. I’ve forgotten my keys again. Can you open the gate for me?

Nun: Coming, Father.

Alice: Nathan, let’s go!

[The nun walks out of the room and Nate hops outside the window, followed by Alice, to see Sam on a ledge nearby.]

Sam: C’mon.

Alice: Still not completely over my fear of heights, big brother.

Nate: Just don’t think about it, all right? And don’t look down.

Alice: Okay.

[Nate runs along another roof in Sam’s direction.]

Nate: See? Not so bad.

Alice: Easy for you to say.

[Nate and Alice climb along another wall]

Alice: Sam, you’re killing us here.

Nate: We’re almost there…

[Nate starts to climb up a pipe to where Sam is.]

Nate: Whoa!

Alice: Ah!

[Nate makes it onto the roof where Sam is and notices his flashlight and backpack lying around.]

Alice: Is the pipe still safe to climb, big brother?

Nate: Yeah. Here. I got you.

[Nate gives his sister his hand and pulls her up.]

Alice: Thanks.

Nate: Don’t mention it, baby sis. Sam…?

Alice: Sam?


[Nate picks up his flashlight with Alice next to him and 18-year-old Samuel Morgan jump scares both of them by picking him up in a hug. Alice gives a small scream.]

Sam: Ooh, you two gotta learn to watch your backs. (laughs)

[Sam sets Nate and Alice down.]

Nate: All right.

Alice: Yeah, yeah. Very funny, big brother.

Sam: Hey, it’s good to see you, little bro and baby sis.

Alice: You too, Sammy. We really missed you.

[Sam notices Nate and Alice’s black eyes.]

Sam: Wha--? What is that? Really? Again?

Nate: It’s nothing.

Sam: You two told me you’d stay out of trouble, though. And you told me you wouldn’t sneak around this orphanage at night anymore.

Alice: I didn’t sneak out. Not tonight anyway. I just got into some trouble here. That’s all.

Sam: Allie, this is the third time.

Nate: (sigh) Hey, he was talking shit about us.

Sam: So?

Nate: He said that… dad dumped us here because we’re worthless. And mom is in hell because—

Sam: Nathan. Nathan, c’mon. They’re just saying that because it gets to you. All right? You just gotta learn to laugh it off.

Nate: You wouldn’t.

Sam: Well, do as I say, not as I do. So, Alice, you wanna explain what kind of trouble you got yourself into this time?

Alice: Well, first I snuck out of the Girl’s Home after dinner to go and see Nathan—

Sam: (chuckles) Of course.

Alice: Yeah. Soon as I find him, I see this bigger kid waving Nathan’s book over his head. Nate tried to get it back and the kid punched him. And since the kid couldn’t see me, I… snuck up behind him and tackled him. And before he threw me onto the ground, I… kneed him right in the balls.

Sam: (chuckles) Is she serious, Nathan?”

Nate: (chuckles) It’s true. You should’ve heard him scream.

Alice: (laughs)

Sam: (chuckles) Well, I really shouldn’t be saying this, but great job, baby sister. Still learning from your big brothers, hm?

Alice: Yeah. Not likely.

Sam: Karma must’ve gotten the best of him there.

Alice: Well, not long enough for me to escape without this little beauty on my face.

Nate: (chuckles) You and me both.

Alice: (chuckles) Yeah. (shivers) Kinda cold out here.

Sam: Oh, um…

[Sam unzips his backpack and pulls out a big green hoodie for Alice to wear.]

Sam: Here.

[Allie gives a weak smile turns around and puts her arms through it to wear it.]

Alice: Thanks, big brother.

Sam: Don’t mention it, sis.

[Sam takes off the big blue jacket he’s wearing for Nate to wear.]

Sam: You’ll catch a cold.

Nate: (sighs)

[Sam gives Nate his jacket and Nate puts it on.]

Nate: So… What are you doing here like this anyway? If the nuns catch you, they’re going to call the cops.

Sam: Well, I got something for both of ya and it couldn’t wait ‘till Christmas.

Nate + Alice: What?

Sam: It’s outside.

Nate: What happened to us staying out of trouble?

[Sam puts his backpack back on.]

Sam: Well, this is an exception.

Alice: Yeah. Like that’s gonna last very long.


[Sam jumps up and climbs onto a ledge.]

Nate: Heh, nice jump.

Alice: Show-off.

Sam: C’mon. Here. Gimme your hand.

[Nate jumps up and grabs Sam’s hand. Sam pulls him up.

Sam: Sheesh, you’re light. The sisters feeding you enough? All right, Al. Your turn.

[Sam and Nate bend down to grab her hands. Alice attempts a jump but fails, groaning in frustration.]

Alice: You guys are too high.

Sam: It’s all right. Take your time. You got this, baby sis. C’mon.

Alice: (sighs) Okay… I can do it.

[Alice takes a deep breath and jumps higher, this time grabbing both Nate and Sam’s hands.]

Sam: There you go.

[Nate and Sam pull Alice up. As she gets up Sam pats her on the back.]

Nate: Knew you could do it.

Alice: Thanks, big brothers.

[The three continue on.]

Sam: Place’s kinda empty. Where is everyone?

Nate: Some Bible retreat.

Sam: Yeesh. I remember those.

Alice: I take it they aren’t fun for big guys like you two?

Nate: You have no idea.

Sam + Alice: (chuckles)

[The three continue to climb.}

Alice: Big brothers, wait up!

Sam: How’s Father Dufy doing?

Nate: He’s the one decent guy in there. You should come and say hi.

Sam: Nah… I don’t need the guilt.

[The three climb up a chimney. Nate and Sam make it, but Allie is a bit nervous.]

Alice: Sam. Help me?

Sam: Yeah, of course. I got you.

[Allie jumps and Sam catches her hand, pulling her up onto the ledge.]

Alice: Thanks.

Sam: Yeah, no problem. C’mon. This way.

[Nate and Sam slide down another slope. Alice waits at the top.]

Sam: I gotcha, Al. C’mon.

Alice: Okay… Whoa!

[Alice slides down and Sam catches her.]

Alice: Thank you.

Sam: All right, we’re getting there. That was easy.

Alice: For you two.

Nate + Sam: (chuckles)

Sam: I promise you’ll be quicker than us one day, Alice.

Nate: How long until then?

Sam: Hopefully never.

Alice: (sighs) Okay, boys…


[The three come across a door and Sam tries to open it.]

Sam: (sighs) Damn.

Nate: You didn’t prop it.

Sam: I… I did. At least I thought I did. (sighs) No, it doesn’t matter. We’re gonna take the high road.

Nate: The high road?

Alice: What do you mean, the high road?

[Sam pulls a grappling hook out of his backpack.]

Sam: Just follow me. Watch… this.

[Sam tosses the grappling hook up to a high ledge.]

Nate: Whoa.

Alice: Oh no. No, no, no.

Sam: And now… we take the high road.

Alice: But Sam, you know I’m still not over my fear of heights yet.

Sam: Well, now’s your chance to conquer it.

Nate: C’mon Al, don’t be a chicken.

Alice: Said the boy who’s afraid of clowns.

Nate: (chuckles) Okay…


[Sam starts to climb up the rope.]

Nate: Have you done this before?

Sam: Ah… once or twice. Here, c’mon. Al, your turn.

Alice: But, big brother… I’m scared.

Sam: It’s all right. If you fall, Nathan will catch you.

[Alice looks at Nate with a scared face and Nate nods.]

Alice: You promise, little big brother?

Nate: I promise. I’m here for you.

Alice: (sighs) Okay.

[Alice climbs up the rope slowly.]

Sam: That’s it… that’s it, Al. You’re doin’ it!

Alice: Not gonna fall… Not gonna fall…

[Alice makes it and Sam helps her up.]

Sam: There ya go. You made it, baby sis! Great job.

Alice: Yeah… I did.

Sam: All right, c’mon Nathan. Your turn.

[Nate climbs up the rope too. When he makes it, Sam takes the rope and they continue on.]


Nate: So, whatcha been up to?

Sam: Working, mostly.

Alice: You still dating that girl?

Sam: Who… Crystal? Eh… On again, off again. Currently… off again. So… How’s your singing voice coming, baby sis? Still melodious, I hope?

Alice: I don’t really wanna talk about it. It’s not… (sighs) It’s not really respected around here.

Sam: What? You’re likely the best singer for your age! How can—

Alice: Sam. Later, okay? Where the hell are we going anyway?

Sam: Just follow me.

[The two approach a roof with another roof needing a jump to reach it.

Sam: Okay… No guts, no glory!

[Sam jumps to the other roof and makes it. Nate approaches the ledge and stumbles.]

Nate: Whoa, whoa…

Sam: Hey, just don’t think about it. You got this!

Alice: Sam, you’re crazy.

[Nate jumps and barely makes it grabbing the ledge.]

Nate: Ah!

Sam: I gotcha!

[Sam helps his brother climb up.]

Sam: (sighs) See? No big deal.

Nate: Yeah. Nothing to it.

Sam: Al, c’mon. Get a running start and just go for it. C’mon, you got this, baby sis!

Nate: We got you!

Alice: (sighs) If I die, it’s your fault!

[Alice jumps and almost doesn’t make it.]

Alice: Ahhh!

Sam: Gotcha! Help me, Nathan!

Nate: We got you, sis.

[Sam manages to grab her hand and Nate helps pull her up.]

Sam: See? You did it.

Alice: Wow. Yeah, I did.

Sam: Hey, stay with me.

Nate: C’mon, Al.

Allie: Yeah, comin’.

[The three continue higher on the roofs.]


Sam: Pretty cool, huh?

Nate: Yeah.

Allie: Totally. If I weren’t still wetting my pants right now.

Sam: (chuckles) Through here.

Nate: Right behind you.

Sam: Hey, there’s a jump coming up.

Nate: Okay.

Allie: Damn it. Another one?

Sam: Nathan. Help Allie, okay?

Nate: Yeah.

Alice: Lucky for you guys, I even need help.

Sam: (chuckles)

[Sam, Allie, and Nate walk down the middle of a roof.]

Sam: Okay… Right down the middle. Nice and easy.

[Alice stumbles.]

Alice: Whoa.

Sam: Careful.

[Nate stumbles.]

Nate: Ah! Nice and easy…

[Sam jumps onto a cross’s arm and swings from it to another roof.]

Sam: Oops. Was that a sin? I think that’s a sin.

Allie: Sam, where in the hell are we going?

Sam: You’ll see. C’mon. I’ve got you.

[Allie swings on the cross arm next and Sam catches her. Nate follows.]

Allie: Whew… This is getting… kind of fun.

Sam: Eh… See? Told ya.

[Sam throws the grappling hook onto another post to swing to another portion of roof.]

Allie: Oh no. This again?

Sam: It’s shorter this time. You ready, Tarzan?

Nate: Yeah.

Sam: All right, go ahead.

[Nate swings across and Sam follows. The two continue to climb and approach the side of a steeple.]

Sam: All right, Al. Your turn. Don’t overthink it, okay?

Alice: Yeah.

[Alice swings and lands on the edge.]

Alice: Hey Nate? Little help, big brother?

Nate: C’mon. I got you.

[Nate pulls Allie up as Sam swings across.]

Alice: Thanks.

Sam: Hey, up the steeple, c’mon.

Nate: Sam, we can’t jump that high.

Sam: All right, just go around the corner.

Nate: All right, Al. Follow me.

Alice: Right beside you.

[Nate goes around the steeple and climbs up. Nate also helps Alice up.]

Alice: How are you guys so good at this?

Sam: Years of practice, baby sis. Don’t worry. The more you do it… the better you’ll be.

Alice: (sighs) Yeah.

Sam: It’s a nice view, huh?

Nate: Yeah… not bad.

[The two continue on and start to climb a small tower with an outward piece of wood above another roof slope.]


Nate: You ever been up here before?

Sam: This particular roof? No.

Alice: But… You do know where you’re going, right big brother?

Sam: Eh, more or less.

[Sam, Nate, and then Alice climb around the tower top to the outward piece of wood.]

Sam: You two wait here and watch me.

[Sam drops down and slides on the slope below.]

Sam: Whoa… whoa!

[Sam jumps at the bottom of the slope and makes it to the ledge below.]

Sam: Whew!

Allie: Sam, you really are crazy!

Sam: Hell yeah, I am! Nathan! Your turn!

Nate: Okay… you got this. You got this, Nate.

[Nate drops down and slides down the slope.]

Alice: Careful, Nate!

Sam: All right, go ahead. Just don’t overthink it.

[Nate jumps at the bottom of the slope and almost doesn’t make it.]

Nate: Oh, crap!

[Nate grabs Sam’s hand just in time before falling.]

Sam: I gotcha!

Nate: Ahh!

Sam: C’mon.

[Sam pulls Nate up and the two catch their breath.]

Nate: (chuckles) I did it.

Sam: Yeah. Course you did. Allie, c’mon.

Alice: No! I’m not gonna break my neck!

Nate: You can do this, Allie!

Sam: We believe in you, baby sister!

Alice: (sighs) If I die, I just want you to know…

 [Alice drops down the slide.]

Alice: I… hate… you… BOTH!

[Alice jumps and really almost doesn’t make it, screaming loudly, but miraculously, both Nate and Sam manage to grab one of Alice’s arms each.]

Nate: We gotcha!

Sam: No… you… love us… and we… love you too…

Nate: We… really do…

[Nate, Sam, and Alice all sit down on the roof to catch their breath.]

Alice: I… I did it… I made it… I made it, big brothers!

Nate: Yeah… yeah, you did… (chuckles)

Sam: I’m really… really proud of you… baby sis… (chuckles)

Alice: Thanks… big… brother… We should do this… more often…

Sam: Yeah… C’mon. We’re almost there.

Nate: I’m proud of you too, you know.

Alice: Thanks… Nathan. And yeah… I love you both.

Nate: Love you too.

[The two continue on.]


Sam: Here, follow me.

[Sam pulls out the grappling hook, ready to toss it out again, but hesitates.]

Sam: You know what? How ‘bout you take this one, Nathan?

Nate: Really?

Sam: Yeah. We’ll follow your lead.

Alice: Careful, little big brother.

[Sam hands Nate the grappling hook and Nate tosses it to a nearby post.]

Sam: Attaboy, Nathan.

Alice: Way to go, Nate.

Nate: Okay… Whoa!

[Nathan swings across to a nearby balcony.]

Nate: Okay.

[Sam swings across too.]

Sam: All right. Now be really careful, Al. After you.

Alice: Okay. Whoa. Nathan! Help me!

[Alice swings across and Nathan catches her as she grabs the balcony edge.]

Alice: All right. Glad that’s over.

[Nate goes over to a ladder behind the balcony edge and climbs over it.]

Sam: Now head down.

[Nate slides down the ladder, followed by Alice.]


Alice: Catch me, big brother?

[Alice drops down and Nate catches her. Sam drops down after.]

Alice: Thanks.

Nate: Sure thing.

Sam: Just like that… we’re out.

Nate: All right.

Alice: Yeah…

Sam: Care to sing a little victory song, sis?

Alice: Nah… I don’t think I want to…

Sam: Al, c’mon… please?

[Alice looks at the pleading faces of her brothers.]

Alice: (sighs) (singing) Hallelujah… Hallelujah…

Sam: Wow… (chuckles)

Nate: Yeah…

Alice: Hallelujah… Hallelujah…

[Nate and Sam give quiet applause with big smiles. Alice looks down why smiling and blushing.]

Sam: Wow!

Nate: That was awesome.

Sam: Way to go, baby sis! You still got it!

Alice: Oh, shut up. (chuckles)

Sam: Wait, so… that’s not respected around here? Why the hell not?

Alice: I don’t know. Asshole kids don’t like me or my singing. Anyway, forget it. Why are we even here anyway, Sam?

Sam: Oh, right. Over here.

[Sam leads Nate and Alice over to his surprise:  A new motorbike.]

Sam: Check it out. Huh?

Nate: Whoa.

Alice: Holy cow.

Nate: You got the 250?

Sam: 250? What are you talking about? No, this is the 500cc, twin.

Nate: No way.

Sam: Yeah.

Alice: So, where’d you lift it from?

Sam: Whoa… that’s a low blow, baby sis. But hey, I’ll have you know that I am a… changed man. Bought this with hard-earned cash. Here, c’mon, take a seat.

[Nate and Sam look at Sam with curiously concerned faces.]

Sam: What?

Nate: The only time you pull a stunt like this… is when you’re trying to make up for something.

Alice: He’s right, Sam. The last time you pulled a stunt like this was bringing me that used guitar for my birthday after the week you couldn’t visit us before it was confiscated.

Sam: You two are too smart for your own good, you know that?

Nate + Alice: Sam…

Sam: All right. All right. I got this job. It pays well. Really well. But, uh… I gotta leave town for a little bit.

Nate: What’s a little bit?

Sam: Like a… a year. At the most. And then I’ll be back before you even know it, all right?

Nate: You’re bailing on us.

Sam: Ah c’mon, don’t be so dramatic.

Nate: What, so it wasn’t bad enough to leave me in that place? And Allie by herself in the Girl’s Home?

[Tears start to fall from Alice’s slightly angry face.]

Alice: How could you do this to us, Sam?

Sam: Hey wait, I’m doing this for the both of you. The money I make is for all of us. And then in a couple of years, when you’re both out—

Alice: A couple of years?

Nate: Take us with you.

Sam: I— I can barely support myself.

Nate: I’ll pitch in. I can probably get Allie to help as well.

[Alice looks at Sam as she wipes her face.]

Alice: Sam…

Sam: I know you two think the orphanage sucks…

Nate: You have no idea.

Sam: Yeah, but it’s the best thing for you right now. All right? You just gotta trust me on that one.

[Alice frowns and leans her head against Nate’s right shoulder as Nate wraps his right arm around her.]

Nate: It’s not fair. Allie and I are likely to be kicked out soon.

Sam: Hey. Nothing about our lives has been fair… but we’ve made it work. Right?

Nate: Sure.

Alice: (sighs) Whatever.

[Allie stands up right and looks down, upset.]

Sam: Well, you know… the bike wasn’t the only surprise… And I guess I’m gonna have to ruin the next one.

Alice: What are you talking about?

Sam: I found Mom’s stuff. Everything that Dad sold. I tracked down the buyer.

Nate: Sam, if you’re saying this just to make us feel better…

Sam: No, Nathan, I swear to God.

Nate + Alice: Where?

Sam: Eh… On the other side of town. Whaddaya say the three of us go and get it back?

Alice: You mean steal it?

Sam: It’s not stealing if it was ours to begin with.

Nate: I’m pretty sure the cops aren’t gonna see it that way.

Sam: Well, then let’s not get caught.


[Sam gets on the motorcycle, and Alice and Nate follow. Alice puts her arms around Sam’s waist and Nate puts his hands on Sam’s biceps, his arms around Alice. Sam looks back at Nate and Alice and smiles.]

Sam: Nathan, make sure Allie doesn’t fall, okay?

Nate: You got it.

Sam: Wanna sing for us on the way there, sis?

Alice: (chuckles) Later. I gotta catch my breath first.

Sam: All right. (chuckles) You two ready for this?

Nate: Hell yeah.

Alice: Born ready.

[Nate and Alice smile and get ready for the ride into the night with their older brother.]












[Nate, Alice, and Sam are crouched above a hill not too far from the auction house. Nate is kneeling down and looking at the map of the entire place, Alice is standing up tall next to Nate looking at the entire estate, and Sam is watching a window at the auction house through, waiting for Sully’s signal.]

Nate: See anything yet?

Alice: Nothing I can see from here. Sam?

Sam: Just a bunch of high class, low-life criminals, all cleaned up for prom. And no sign of Sullivan yet.

[Alice crouches down next to Nate to look at the map with him.]

Nate: Well, there’s still plenty of time. Looks like the storage room is in the building behind the manor. You see it from up there?

[Sam stands up while looking through his binoculars.]

Sam: Just the very top of it. Ooh, I wonder what they got tucked away in there?

Nate: Let’s just focus on Avery’s cross, okay?

[Nate looks down at the map again and Alice smirks.]

Alice: I don’t know. You sure you don’t want to pick up something for the wife, Nathan?

[Nate looks up at Alice as she stands up again.]

Nate: That’s cute.

Alice: Not sure how she’s gonna take everything once she finds out…

Nate: Look, Alice, just— (sighs) Let’s just keep it simple, okay?

[Nate folds up the map and stands up too.]

Sam: Right. Simple.

[Sam jumps down from his high spot to Alice’s right.]

Alice: (chuckles) Nathan, based on all of your… “adventures” without us for the past 15 years… I doubt you of all people could keep anything simple.

Nate: Oh, really?

Sam: You know, It’d be a whole lot simpler if it was just the three of us.

Nate: Sam…

[Nate walks away a bit while tucking the map in his pocket. As he does, Alice looks with a concerned face from Sam to Nate.]

Sam: We could be inside already—

Nate: Yeah. Not cleanly.

Alice: But what on earth is taking him so long, little big brother?

Nate: Well… Just pray that they didn’t leave out a large garbage bag full of cigars in the ballroom.

Alice: Ah, man… He smokes too?

Nate: Hell yeah.

Sam: (chuckles)

[Nate sits down while to do up his laces.]

Sam: Nathan, have you even thought about a backup plan in case Sullivan gets cold feet?

Nate: No, because he won’t.

Sam: Or if he got caught?

Alice: It’s been a while since I last saw him too, Nathan. I trusted him for a while, but I’ve heard a few shady things about him too.

[Nate looks up at Sam.]

Nate: Sam. Alice. He knows the people running the auction. He’s gonna schmooze his way right through that party, get upstairs, unlock the window, and we’re in. It’s a solid plan.

Alice: Well, as long as he doesn’t break another one of my legs again, it does sound like a solid plan.

[Sam’s eyes narrow with a blank expression.]

Sam: Uh-huh.

Nate: All right, fine. Go ahead. Say it.

Sam: What if he stole the cross for himself?

Alice: Sam…

[Sam walks past Nate, still sitting.]

Nate: Not in a million years.

Sam: Victor Sullivan. The same Victor we’re talking about, right?

Nate: Yes, he’s double-crossed people in the past. But not us.

Sam: No. Not you.

[Sam points at Nate as he speaks. Nate stands up to face his brother.]

Alice: Sam, we don’t really have much of a choice here…

Nate: I know you two have never seen eye to eye—

Sam: Huge understatement.

[Sam lightly taps Nate on the chest.]

Nate: But I trust him, all right? He’s family.

[Sam sighs with a nervous smile.]

Nate: No, no, no… look—

Alice: Maybe he’s right, Sam. I met Sullivan only a week after Nathan did… and for a while, he was pretty shady… but he did teach me a few things. A bit better than you could anyway.

Sam: (scoffs) Yeah, right.

Nate: All right. Don’t start, you two. Sam, c’mon… We can count on him. I just need you to trust him too… Okay?

[Sam looks up at Nate with a stern face. Alice looks at Sam with a “It’s worth a try” expression. Nates spreads his arms with a “come on” expression on his face.]

Sam: Fine. Fine.

[Nate takes the binoculars from Sam.]

Nate: He’ll come through for us.

[Nate walks past Sam and looks through the binoculars himself. Alice walks over to Nate to stand at his left.]

Nate: Eventually.

Sam: But, I mean come on, you two have to at least just for one second consider the possibility—

Nate: There!

[Alice notices and gives a small shocked smile. Nate hands Sam the binocular and points where to look. Sam looks at a large window to see a flashing light inside. It’s Sully.]

Nate: See?

Alice: There he is.

[Nate gives Sam’s back a small slap as Sam lowers the binoculars with the same nervous expression.]

Nate: Trust.

[Nate looks at Sam with a smile. Sam looks at Nate and eyes his unzipped jumpsuit collar, exposing his tuxedo. Sam zips it up and pats his chest.]

Nate: Hey—

Sam: Just try to keep your tux clean.

Alice: C’mon, big brothers. We got a helluva lot of climbing to do.

[Sam walks away. Nate unzips his collar again.]

Nate: Thanks, guys.

[Nate follows Sam. The two jump down and make their way across a grassy cliff.]



[Nate, Alice, and Sam make their way towards a cliff. In their view is a bridge with a wooden beam underneath and some smaller grabbable cliffs down to the left.]

Sam: There’s no way up onto that bridge.

Nate: Well, there’s that exposed beam underneath.

Alice: Oh, yeah. I see it.

[Sam approaches Nate holding a grappling hook.]

Sam: Hey you think you can rope it?

Nate: Do I think I can rope it?

Alice: I’m not sure… I’d love to see you try…

[Nate takes the grappling hook.]

Nate: Hmmph. Watch this.

Sam: We’re watching.

Alice: (chuckles)

[Nate approaches the cliff and tosses the hook. He misses terribly.]

Alice: (scoffs) Wow… Wait to go, big brother.

Nate: I, uh… I missed.

Alice: (laughs)

Sam: (laughs) Well, you see, it’s… ah, it’s all in the wrist. Here, let me see it.

[Nate tosses the hook again, and this time, the anchor latches onto the beam.]

Nate: Ha. See?

Sam: Yeah, it’s not bad…

Alice: For a second attempt.

[While holding the rope, Nate walks off the cliff.]

Nate: Here we go.

[Nate swings on the rope and jumps to the lower cliffs, grabbing one.]

Nate: You see that?

Sam: Oh, like a pro!

Alice: All right, boys. Don’t let your pride consume you.

Sam: (laughs)

Nate: Your turn, sis!

[Alice jumps at the rope and grabs it.]

Alice: Whoa! Ha! That was awesome!

Nate: Yeah, I… I see you’ve finally crushed your fear of heights after 15 years in prison, huh?

[Alice swings from the rope down to the cliffs.]

Alice: Ah! (sighs) Nathan, I crushed that fear more than 2 decades ago with the help of Sullivan. Remember?

Nate: Oh… yeah… Well, don’t break another leg this time.

Alice: Not before you break one of yours.

Nate: (chuckles)

Sam: Hey, you guys done yet?

[Sam jumps off the cliff and grabs the rope.]

Sam: Whoa!

[Sam swings and jumps to the cliffs as well, bringing the rope.]

Sam: Okay. So where to next?

Alice: You boys tell me.

[Nate and Sam continue on.]



[Sam swings down to a path after Nate and Alice.]

Sam: These landings are a little more painful than I remember.

Nate Yeah, tell me about it.

[The brothers and their sister jog down the path.]

Sam: So, uh… your other wonderful finds… the ones I missed. You at least take any pictures?

Alice: Yeah, Nate. You mentioned that your wife was filming her own TV show some years back?


Nate: Yeah. I wish we’d gotten some pictures. Elena filmed some of it, but… the camera didn’t make it.

Sam: Well that’s too bad.

Alice: Yeah. I’m still really excited to meet her, big brother.

Nate: Yeah. Yeah, I know she’ll like you.

Alice: (chuckles)

[Sam crouches down and looks down the edge of their path. Alice looks as well, but turns around to face Nate.]

Nate: Anyway, I have some drawings of my finds. When we get back I can show you two.

[Sam gets up and walks away. Nate follows.]

Sam: You have drawings? What, are they up on your fridge or something?

Alice: (chuckles) That’d be funny to see…

Nate: No, I— they’re good drawings. Almost too good.

Sam: Ah… can’t wait.

Alice: Yeah…

[The brothers and their sister continue on.]



[Nate, Alice, and Sam approach a wall leading up to the window. Sam prepares to throw the grappling hook.]

Nate: It’d suck if you missed right now.

Sam: It sure would. But I don’t miss.

Alice: (chuckles) Can tell that you want him to.

Sam: (laughs)

[Sam climbs up the rope. Alice follows next.]

Sam: Gotcha, baby sis.

Alice: Thanks.

[Nate follows next.]

Sam: Here you go.


[Sam pulls Nate up.]

Nate: All right, thanks.

[Nate starts to head toward the window.]

Sam: Ah… Nathan…?

Alice: Nathan?

Nate: What?

[Sam and Alice unzip their jumpsuits and start to remove them.]

Nate: Oh. Yeah.

[Nate does the same, removing his jumpsuit.]

Alice: Don’t look at me, okay?

Sam: Yeah, yeah…

[The three throw their jumpsuits on the ground and kick them against a small wall. The brothers are now in fine black tuxedos with white shirts and bowties underneath. Alice, on the other hand, is in an indigo dress with white stitches tightened by a white waist belt and thing grey pants underneath, all topped off with black flats and a small cross pendant. Sam brushes his legs.]

Sam: Okay…

Alice: (sighs) Yeah.

[Alice removes her hair pin and lets her sleek dark brown hair loose.]

Nate: You all right?

Sam: Yeah. How do I look?

[Alice puts the old clip in her mouth and ties a small bit of her hair back with another clip on pin covered by a dark blue bow.]

Nate: Like four hundred million bucks. Let’s go.

Alice: Why? You trying to impress someone, big brother?

Sam: (chuckles) Wow, baby sis…

[Nate and Sam stop to take in their sister’s dazzling appearance.]

Nate: Holy moly. Alice, you look—

Alice: Yeah, yeah… Enough of that talk. Let’s go, guys.

[Nate and Sam exchange glances and Nate opens up the big window.]

Nate: Okay… C’mon.

Sam: All right. We’re right behind you.

[Nate jumps in the window and looks around the dark room. In the corner, on a sofa, he sees a man smoking in the dark.]

Nate: Sully?

Sullivan: Know what I love about partying with a bunch of crooks?

Nate: What’s that?

[Sully puts his cigar in his mouth and turns on a lamp to his right.]

Sullivan: Nobody cares if you smoke indoors.

[Nate and Sully both laugh as Sully gets up and removes his cigar from his mouth. Nate spreads his arms.]

Nate: It’s been a while.

Sullivan: Too long, boyo.

[Nate and Sully hug each other. Nate leads him over to Sam by the window. Sam looks a bit unsure, while Alice looks somewhat happy to see Sully again.]

Nate: You remember my dead brother and sister, right?

Sam: Victor.

[Sully approaches Sam.]

Sullivan: I’ll be goddamned. Fifteen years…

Sam: Yep.

Sullivan: Good to see you alive, Sam.

[Sully shakes Sam’s hand. Sam gives a small smile.]

Sam: Mm-hmm.

[Sully turns to Alice.]

Sullivan: My, my, my, darling. Still looking as beautiful as the last time I saw you. Maybe even more.

Alice: Oh, shut up, Vic. It’s been a long time.

Sullivan: That young singing voice gotten any younger?

Alice: Okay, big guy… (laughs)

Nate + Sam: (chuckles)

Sullivan: (chuckles) It’s good to see you alive as well, Alice.

Alice: Thanks.

[Sully and Alice openly hug each other.]

Nate: Let’s uh… try keeping them alive by getting this cross, huh?

Sullivan: Yeah, uh… about that…

[Sully starts to walk away.]

Sam: What? What about that?

Sullivan: C’mon, lemme show you something.

[Nate, Alice, and Sam follow Sully out to a balcony just above the ballroom.]

Sullivan: Take a look.

[Nate, Alice, and Sam look down to see a table with artifacts ready for bidding on. In the middle of the table, to the auctioneer’s right, was the second Saint Dismas cross.]

Nate: That’s Avery’s cross.

Sullivan: They brought it out of storage just before you guys got here.

Sam: They changed the lot order.

Alice: Shit.

Sullivan: Take a whole pile of cash to make that happen.

Alice: How long before they start the bidding?

Sullivan: Ten, fifteen minutes tops.

Nate: Well, there’s gotta be some way we can grab it.

Alice: Oh, yeah. Like that’ll be easy…

Sullivan: There is just the small matter of a few hundred eyewitnesses down there.

Nate: Okay, okay… but we just need a diversion.

Sullivan: Like?

Nate: Like, um… Like I don’t know… but there’s gotta be something.

[Sam starts to smile and chuckle.]

Alice: Hmmm…

Sullivan: Well, if the guards see us making for that cross—

Sam: What if they don’t see us?

[Nate, Alice, and Sully face Sam.]

Sam: Jesus, you guys act like you’ve never spent time in prison. If you want something dirty done… then you wait…

Nate + Alice + Sam + Sullivan: For lights out.

Nate: Yeah.

Sullivan: Where is that electrical panel for this place?

[Nate pulls out the map of the estate and lays it out on a table nearby.]

Nate: There’s ventilation… electrical… That’s it up here.

Alice: So we just gotta climb up to that room and kill the lights…

Sam: Grab the cross in the dark.

Sullivan: There will be an emergency generator.

Nate: That’ll give us a few seconds of darkness to work with.

Alice: Yeah…

Sam: Meaning… we’ll have to be right next to the cross when the lights go out.

Sullivan: Except there’s no way we can get that close without being noticed.

Waitress: Scusate, signori…

[A waitress appears behind Nate, Alice, and Sam and offers them a small snack.]

Waitress: Antipasti?

Nate: I’m all set.

Alice: No thank you.

Sam: Hi.

[Sam happily takes one.]

Sam: How are you?

Waitress: Ciao.

[The waitress leaves and Sam eyes her. Nate slaps his arm lightly.]

Alice: Sam…

Nate: Would you focus?

Sam: A waiter wouldn’t get noticed.

[Sam smiles before popping the food into his mouth and turning back to Nate and Sully.]

Sullivan: That could work.

Sam: Uh huh.

Nate: That will work. All right. All right, I’ll get to the breaker room, kill the power.

Alice: I’ll go with.

Nate: (chuckles) Fine.

Sam: You mean I’m the waiter?

Nate: You’re the best pickpocket. You head down to the floor, keep an eye on the prize, okay? Let us know if anything, uh… hinky… goes down.

Sullivan: Roger that.

Nate: All right. Listen, we’ve still got this. Ready?

Sam: Ready.

Alice: As I’ll ever be…

Sullivan: All right, follow me. We’ll cut through the cellar.

[Nate folds up the map and puts it away. Sully and Sam walk away and Nate follows.]


Alice: Gotta say, Sully, the years have been kind to you.

Sullivan: Thanks. I chalk it up to going vegan.

Sam: Really?

Sullivan: (laughs) Are you kidding me? Hell, no.

Alice: Nathan’s told us a lot about your adventures with him. Care to tell me more later?

Sullivan: Heh heh, sure thing, darling.

Alice: (chuckles) Great.

[Nate walks past some people and Sam walks out to a balcony in the open air.]

Nate: Pardon me.


[Nate follows Sam outside to see him looking down at the gardens of the estate down below. ENGAGE OPTIONAL CONVERSATION.]

Nate: What are you doing?

Sam: Just going over our exit strategy… It’s gonna get hairy.

Nate: Look, relax. We’ve pulled off tougher heists than this.

Sam: Yeah, I know, I know. I just… trying not to imagine what they’ll do if they catch us.

Nate: Sam… if things go bad, we’ll be dead long before they catch us.

Sam: That’s a comforting point.

Nate: Yeah.

[Alice walks over to them.]

Alice: Hey. You boys comin’ or what?

Sam: Yeah, we’re coming. We’re coming.

[Alice and Sam walks back inside and Nate follows.]


[Nate follows Alice, Sam and Sully downstairs and into the ballroom.]

Sullivan: Cellar’s just through there. Let’s go.

Alice: Holy moly.

[Nate follows Sam and Sully into the ballroom, filled with a sea of people in formal attire.]

Nate: Oh, this place is fancy… Of course they’d play douche European techno.

Alice: Never heard you complain about music, big brother.

[Nate walks through more people.]

Nate: Mi dispiace.

[Sully sets his cigar down on a table before approaching the door to the cellar.]

Sullivan: Here we are.

Sam: All right, let’s do this.

Alice: Yeah.


[Nate tries to open the door, but it’s locked.]

Nate: Oh hell… it’s locked…

Sullivan: Shit, it was open earlier.

Sam: Well, now what?

Alice: Can we pick it?

Nate: No, it’s electronic.

Sullivan: We’re gonna have to find another way in—

[Suddenly, the door beeps and a man in a yellow vest steps out. Nate, Alice, Sully, and Sam pretend to ignore this. Nate turns as the man passes him to see the man slip a keycard into his back left pocket.]

Sam: You see that?

Sullivan: Keycard… back left pocket.

Sam: Yep.

Nate: I’m on it.

Sam: Oh, whoa, whoa. You sure you wanna do that? There’s a lot of eyes out here.

Alice: And didn’t you say just a few seconds ago that Sam was the best pickpocket?

Nate: Never seen you defend Sam before.

Sam: (chuckles)

Nate: And anyway… I think I can handle a simple lift.

[Nate playfully slaps Sam’s left shoulder with his right arm.]

Sam: All right.

Alice: Get to it, big brother.


[Nate follows the man who starts to walk towards the crowd in the middle of the ballroom. Nate eyes the keycard, but the man walks away before he can take it.]

Sam: Oh, real smooth.

Nate: I’m not even trying yet.

Sam: Yeah, I can tell.

[Eventually, Nate successfully pickpockets the keycard from the man’s back left pocket.]

Nate: (scoffs) And he doubted me.

Alice: Nice lift.

[Nate heads back to the locked door where Sully still is.]

Sullivan: A pleasure to watch professionals at work.


[Nate scans the keycard on the door and the door successfully opens.]

Nate: Okay.

Alice: All right.

Sullivan: All right… Let’s try this again. We’ll still need these.

[Sully holds out earpieces and all 4 of them take one.]

Nate: Great.

[All 4 of them stick the earpieces in their right ears.]

Sullivan: Good luck.

Nate: We’ll be in touch.

Alice: Yeah. Stay outta trouble, okay, Vic?

Sullivan: Sure thing, darling.

[Sully shuts the cellar door and steps out onto the ballroom floor with his cigar.]

Nadine: Hands in the air.

[Sully turns around to see a woman behind him. She smiles at him when she sees him.]

Nadine: Hi, Victor.

Sullivan: Hello, Nadine. Pleasure to see you again.

Nadine: Only this time, I’ve got the drop on you.

[Nadine shapes her hand like a gun and taps Sully’s chest.]

Sullivan: Well, I guess I should be glad that’s not a real gun. Hardly recognize you outta your fatigues.

Nadine: Yeah… You know how it is. Every once in a while a job requires us to get all… “dolled up.” Looking sharp, by the way.

Sullivan: Not too bad yourself.

Nadine: Feel so out of place here. Can’t tell you what a relief it is to run into another English speaker… even if you are American.

Sullivan: You’ll have to blame my parents for that one.

Nadine: I was on my way to the bar. Can I get you something?

Sullivan: Yeah, scotch – on the rocks.

Nadine: Be right back.

[Nadine walks away and shapes her hand like a gun again, pretending to shoot with a smile.]

Sullivan: Nate. You catch all that?

[Nate and Sam are down in the cellar removing their suits. Alice removes her pendant and unzips her skirt above her pants.]

Nate: Yes, I did… sounds like a lady’s trying to buy you a drink.

[Nate removes his bow tie. After Sam removes his suit, he stuffs it in a nearby box. Alice hands her skirt to Sam to put in the box as well.]

Sullivan: Yeah. Nadine Ross is buying me a drink.

Nate: Nadine Ross…?

[Nate removes his suit.]

Nate: Wait, doesn’t she own that army-for-hire?

[Nate hands his suit to Sam to stuff in the box and straightens his collar. Alice lets her hair out and ties up her hair again the same way it was when she was in her jumpsuit]

Nate: What’s it called, Coastline?

Sullivan: Shoreline.

Nate: Yeah. Right. Thought you had a run-in with them?

Sullivan: That’s putting it mildly. Fortunately, she does not seem to be holding a grudge.

[Sam gets up and walks past Nate. Alice follows.]

Sam: We’re good to go here.

Alice: C’mon, Nathan.

Nate: All right. Listen, we’re all set, Sully. You, uh… stay out of trouble, okay?

Sully: I’ll try.

[Nate follows Sam through the cellar.]



[Nate and Alice eventually makes it to the Rossi Estate’s power room.]

Nate: Here we are.

Alice: Finally. We made it, little big brother.

Nate: Now… where the hell are the circuit breakers?

Alice: Nathan. Over here.


[Alice finds a gate guarding the circuit breakers. Nate tries to open it, but it’s locked tight.]

Alice: It’s locked up tight, big brother.

Nate: Ah, crap. Sam? Sully? You there?

Sullivan: God damn it, kid, where the hell’ve you been?

Nate: We made it. Had a few close calls, but—

Sullivan: Yeah, well if you two are going to cut the power, now would be a good time.

Nate: All right, well, We’re gonna need a minute before I can reach the panel.

Alice: Yeah, it’s locked up tight, Vic.

Sullivan: We don’t have a minute, Rafe’s about to walk out of here with your cross.

Nate: Wait, what? Rafe? Rafe is here?

Alice: Crap…

Sam: Yes, Rafe is here. And as of right now, he has the highest bid.

Nate: Well, outbid him.

Sullivan: With what? I don’t have that kind of scratch.

Nate: Sully, we’re stealing it, remember?

Sullivan: What if he calls my bluff?

Nate: (sighs) He won’t.

Auctioneer: We have ninety thousand, do I hear any more bids?

Sam: Guys, if we do not get this cross, Alice and I are good as dead.

Sullivan: Yeah? Well, if I end up with the highest bid, we’re all dead.

Nate: Sully, I need you to buy me more time.

Alice: C’mon, Sully… Please…

Auctioneer: Since we have no other bids…

Nate: Trust me.

Auctioneer: Going once… Going twice…

Sullivan: Ah, screw it.

[Sully holds up hid number paddle to bid.]

Auctioneer: Bene! We have one hundred thousand euros in the room. Thank you. Do we have any other bids?

[Rafe angrily looks at Sully and holds up his number paddle to bid again.]

Auctioneer: We now have one hundred ten thousand euros in the room.

Sullivan: In for a penny, in for a pound.

[Sully holds up his number paddle again.]

Auctioneer: That bid brings us to one hundred twenty.

Alice: (sighs) Thanks, Vic.

Nate: Don’t worry, you’ll be out of there in no time.

Sullivan: I better be.


[Nate begins to search the power room for something to break the lock on the gate.]

Nate: Okay… we just gotta smash the lock.

Alice: But with what?

Nate: Look around if there’s anything we can use.

Auctioneer: Now the bid has reached one hundred thirty thousand.

[Nate checks one location. Nothing.]

Nate: Nope.

Auctioneer: We are now at one hundred forty.

[Alice checks somewhere. Nothing too.]

Alice: Goddammit. Nothing.

Nate: Keep looking, sis.

[Nate checks another location. Still nothing.]

Nate: Nothing.

Auctioneer: Your bid, signore, takes us all the way to one hundred fifty thousand euros.

[Nate checks ANOTHER location. STILL nothing.]

Nate: Gotta be something… C’mon…!

[Alice checks another spot. STILL NOTHING.]

Alice: I can’t find anything, Nathan!

Sam: Hey man. Starting to sweat bullets here.

Nate: Yeah, gimme a sec!

Auctioneer: The bidding stands at one hundred sixty thousand euros in the room.

[Nate checks a fourth location. STILL nothing.]

Auctioneer: Signore’s bid makes one hundred seventy thousand.

[On his fifth location, Nate finally finds something useful: A crowbar.]

Nate: Yes!

Alice: All right! Bring it here. Hurry!

Auctioneer: We are now at one hundred eighty thousand euros in the room.

[Nate follows Alice and brings the crowbar over to the gate. With some strength, he successfully breaks the lock with it.]

Nate: (laughs) Gotcha!

Alice: Nice one. C’mon.

Auctioneer: Bidding has now reached one hundred ninety thousand euros.

[Nate goes through the gate and opens up the fuse box.]


Nate: All right, boys— I’m at the switch.

Alice: You guys ready?

Sam: As I’ll ever be. Victor?

Sullivan: Just a sec.

[Sully holds up his paddle one last time.]

Auctioneer: The gentlemen’s bid: two hundred thousand euros.

Rafe: Five hundred thousand! Let’s get this show on the road here.

[Rafe looks up at the auctioneer impatiently.]

Auctioneer: Uh… thank you. We have five hundred thousand euros in the room. Does the gentlemen wish to bid again?

[Rafe looks at Sully and spreads his arms with a frown. Sully chuckles and opens his arms towards Rafe before putting them down and smiling. Rafe has him beat.]

Rafe: Had me worried there for a minute, Victor. Thought I might have to kill you!

[Several people in the ballroom laugh.]

Sullivan: (laughs) Okay. Let’s ruin this asshole’s evening.

Auctioneer: Anyone else? We are going once… Going twice…

[Nearby, Sam is standing close to the stage, ready for the power to go out.]

Auctioneer: Then I shall sell it for five hundred thousand—

[As planned, the power in the ballroom goes out and all of the lights shut off, making the room pitch-black.]

Auctioneer: Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm. The backup power will come on shortly.

[The ballroom’s backup generator powers up quickly and some lights light up the ball room. Rafe looks up at the stage. The cross has disappeared!]

Rafe: It’s gone!

[Rafe turns around and notices someone walking through the cellar door as it closes. It’s Sully. Rafe is shocked and starts to push his way through the crowd.]

Rafe: Move it! Get out of the way! Stop him! Hey— Stop that guy!

[A guard stands in the way of the cellar door as Rafe approaches it.]

Guard: Fermo!

Rafe: What’re you doing! You’re letting him get away! Do you speak--!

[The guard holds up a gun in front of Rafe’s face.]

Guard: Sparisci!

Rafe: Fine.

[Rafe walks away from the cellar door while dropping his bidding paddle on the ground. He looks back at the door with a very angry expression.]








[Nate drops out of the power room into a dark section of the outside of the estate.]

Nate: Sam, tell me you got the cross.

Sam: I got Saint Dismas right here, you wanna say hi?

Alice: Ugh… Sam…

Sullivan: Yeah, we really kicked the hornet’s nest down here. Ballroom’s locked down, security’s scrambling.

Sam: Hey, Victor, where’s our getaway?

Sullivan: Come to the driveway out front… just follow the spotlights. I’ll bring the car around.

Alice: All right, we’ll see you there. C’mon, Nathan.

[Nate begins to sneak around the estate out of sight.]



[Nate and Alice stealth kill a few guards.]

Alice: Nicely done, little big brother.

Sam: How we doing, Nathan?

Nate: On our way… heading to higher ground to get my bearings.

Sam: Alice’s still with you, right?

Alice: I’m fine, big brother. Don’t worry about me.

Sam: All right, see ya soon.

[Nate continues through the estate.]





[Nate falls through a window after fighting Nadine, clinging onto a curtain and grabs some nearby bars to swing from to a window. Alice is still in the room fighting Nadine.]

Alice: Nathan! Go! I’ll catch up!

Sullivan: All right, I’m at the car. Where the hell are you guys?

Nate: Ah, just met your friend Nadine Ross. She’s lovely.

Alice: You’re telling me!

Sullivan: Yeah? Well, it’s total chaos out here. They’re trying to keep it contained, but everybody’s freaking out. I don’t wanna rush you, but hurry the hell up!

Sam: Nathan. Alice. Where you at?

Nate: Good question. You?

Sam: By the ballroom. Look for this round sign thing, it’s on the way.

Nate: Round sign thing, check. Alice, you got that?

Alice: Got it.

Sam: Good news is, I got a gun. See you soon.

[After a little bit, Alice speaks again.]

Alice: (sighs) All right, I’m on the run now!

Nate: What, you got her, sis?

Alice: No, but I managed to get out of her damn sights. She’s really good.

Nate: Good. Hurry, okay?



[Nate eventually makes his way to the round sign, but it somewhat breaks and falls a bit.]

Nate: Oh, shit!

[Some guards nearby notice and start to fire at Nate. Suddenly, Sam appears on a roof not too far away.]

Sam: Nathan! What’re you doing?

Nate: What’s it look like?

[Sam flanks the guards by firing at them with a gun from behind them and they begin to fire at him.]

Sam: Oh shit!

[Sam moves a bit downward across the roofs.]

Sam: Nathan! Catch!

[Sam tosses Nate his gun from afar.]

Nate: Wait— what? Oh crap.

[Nate catches the gun with his left hand, his right still clinging onto the sign.]

Nate: (laughs) Hey, I got it!

[Nate shoots the guards.]

Sam: Good shot, Nathan!

[Nate successfully kills all the guards.]

Sam: Nice shooting. You all right?

Nate: Yeah, hanging in there.

Sam: The hell is Alice?!

Alice: Making my way around, guys!

Sam: (laughs) Alright. Nathan, I can’t get to you from here, you got a way down?

Nate: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Sam: Okay. I’ll meet you at the driveway, just head towards the ballroom.

Nate: All right, see ya there. Alice, you got all that?

Alice: Sure did. I’m on my way right now.

[Sam leaves and Nate continues toward the ballroom.]

Sam: Victor, I’m kinda stuck here, any ideas?

Sullivan: Fastest way is through the ballroom!

Alice: Didn’t you say the ballroom’s locked down?

Sullivan: Yeah, well now that they know it’s you guys, they cleared the place out.

Sam: Ballroom it is. You get that, Nathan? Alice?

Nate: Yeah, got it!

Alice: Almost there, big brother!

[Nate continues across the estate rooftops.]



[Nate eventually finds a long cable rope from a nearby roof to a corner of the ballroom. Nate uses his pistol to zip across the cable.]

Nate: All right, here we go. Ha ha!

[Suddenly, the rope breaks.]

Nate: Oh shit!

[Nate grabs it at the last minute and swings around the corner of the building.]

Nate: Aaaaaahhhh!

[To his luck, Nate swings toward a window, breaking into the ballroom. Nate tumbles behind a display case and hears Sam’s voice.]

Sam: Jesus Christ! Nathan?!

[Nate discovers that Sam and Alice have gotten themselves into a shootout with more guards.]

Nate: Hey! How’s it going?

Alice: The hell did you just do?!

[Sam continues to shoot at the guards.]

Sam: Uh… I think I’m done with this auction, huh?

Nate: Oh yeah. Me too.

Alice: Again… You’re telling me!

[Nate helps Sam and Alice fight off the rest of the guards.]



[Nate, Alice, and Sam eventually shoot their way outside. Sully breaks into the garden with a car.]

Sullivan: Someone call for a limo?

Sam: Nathan, time to go!

Alice: Nate, c’mon!

[Nate, Alice, and Sam eventually run past the shooting guards and into Sully’s car. Alice gets in the passenger seat and her brothers get into the back.]

Alice: Vic, hurry!

Sam: Go, go, go!

Sullivan: Hang on!

[Sully drives the car through the gardens and breaks through a gate. Making a sharp right, the vehicle escapes the estate as the guards continue to fire their fund and stop to see that their targets have escaped.]


[Back at their hotel, the new Saint Dismas cross is lying flat on a table. Sam sets his drink down on the table and picks it up.]

Sam: Okay.

[Sam is ready to beak the top of the cross open with a hammer, but hesitates.]

Sam: I hope I don’t go to hell for this.

Nate + Alice: (chuckles)

[Sam breaks the top of the cross open with a smile. He looks into the hole he just made with a smile, but his smile suddenly fades.]

Sam: Shit.

Nate: What?!

Sam: It’s empty.

Nate + Alice: What?!

[Sam shakes the cross upside down and a scroll of paper falls onto the table.]

Nate: Ah, you’re such an asshole.

Sullivan: Well, he is your brother.

Alice: Hey, you do remember that I hate you, right?

Sam: (chuckles) You love me. You really do.

Alice: Yeah, only ‘cause I have to, big brother.

Nate + Sam: (chuckles)

Sullivan: All right, skull and crossbones. Very good sign.

Alice: That’s Avery’s insignia, right?

Sam: Mm hmm.

[Sam opens up the scroll of paper and reads it.]

Sam: What is this? Ah… “Hodie mecum eris in Paradiso.”

Nate: “Today you will join me in Paradise.”

Sam: --in Paradise.

Alice: I think that’s what Jesus said to Saint Dismas on the Cross…

Nate: Right.

Sam: Hold on a sec…

[Sam rotates the paper to the right.]

Sam: What about these numbers here? What do you two make of this?

[Nate and Alice look closer.]

Sullivan: Some kind of code? Or a phone number?

Nate: C’mon. They’re dates…

Alice: Yeah…

Sam: Huh?

[Nate rotates the paper to face him.]

Nate: Look.

Alice: That’s the year Avery was born.

Nate: 1699.

Sullivan: Lemme guess, the year he died?

Sam: By most accounts, yeah, but… That means we have date of birth, date of death and “Paradise.” Which means we’re looking for…

Alice: Avery’s grave.

Nate: At Saint Dismas’ Cathedral…

Sam: Exactly.

[Nate gets up and fetches his journal. Sam looks down at the paper again.]

Sam: Huh.

Sullivan: Wait a second. Hasn’t Rafe been scouring that site for ages already?

Nate: Yeah, the cathedral.

[Nate opens up his journal to a page with a map of the Saint Dismas Cathedral. He points to the symbols on the paper.]

Nate: See these symbols?

Sullivan: Yeah.

Nate: These are found on old Scottish gravestones. Right?

Alice: Okay… Keep going.

[Alice and Sully look at Nate both confused and concerned with stern faces.]

Nate: Now look at this.

[Nate opens up the map of the cathedral on top of the paper.]

Nate: The layout of this place is really unusual.

Sam: Huh.

Alice: Hmmm…

Nate: Here’s the cathedral.

[Nate points it out on the map.]

Nate: But the graveyard… is way over here.

Sam: Rafe’s been focusing on the wrong area.

[Sam spreads his hands and smiles a bit. That is actually a pretty unbelievable fact, especially through a period of 15 years.]

Nate: Exactly.

Alice: Wait… wait a second, seriously? How the hell is that even possible?

Sam: Don’t know and don’t care.

[Nate sits back down.]

Sam: Guys. We’re going to Scotland.

Alice: (sighs) Sam, wait…

Sullivan: All right, all right. Wait— wait up.

[Nate picks up the paper with the symbols again.]

Sullivan: You do realize Rafe knows you’re coming?

Nate: Yeah, we can deal with that when we get there.

Sullivan: That psycho would like nothing better than for all of you to show up. Plus he’s got Nadine and her whole army to back him up!

Alice: He’s right, guys…

Nate: Yeah, but he doesn’t have this. The biggest pirate treasure of all time is within our grasp.

Sullivan: I thought this was about saving Sam and Alice.

Nate: It is. But come on, it’s both, right? We need the treasure so we can save Sam and Alice.

Sullivan: How is Elena cool with all this? Oh, Jesus, kid.

Alice: (sighs) Nathan… Why couldn’t you just tell her about this? About us?

Nate: Look, it’s just not that simple.

Sullivan: With all that you two have been through together—

Nate: She wouldn’t understand this.

[Nate rolls up the paper and holds it in his right hand.]

Sullivan: You are not giving her enough credit.

Nate: I can’t take that chance.

Sam: Nathan, he’s right. Things have changed. Rafe’s involved now. And…

[Nate pulls out his phone to call Elena.]

Sam: I can— Alice and I can take care this on our own. Really.

Alice: He’s right, Nate. You really should leave this to us. And tell Elena everything.

Nate: Great. Well thank you for your input. All of you. Excuse me.

[Nate gets up and steps outside on the hotel balcony as he makes the call.]

Nate: Hey. Hey, it’s me, yeah.

[Sam pours himself more to drink. As he does, he doesn’t take his eyes off Sully.]

Nate: No, the reception’s lousy. Yeah…

Sam: Something on your mind, dear?

Sullivan: Look, I um, I realize it couldn’t have been easy… all those years away.

[Sam drinks up.]

Sullivan: And I’m sorry for what happened to both of you.

Sam: Hmph.

Sullivan: But it’s not his fault.

Sam: Never said that it was.

Sullivan: Took a long time for him to get out of this game.

[Alice looks nervously at Sully.]

Alice: How long, Vic?

Sullivan: About three to five years…

[Alice looks down and shakes her head.]

Alice: Oh, Christ… What the hell are we doing to him, Sam?

[Sam keeps his eyes on Sully.]

Sam: You see a gun to his head? He chose this. Okay. He’s meant for this life.

Sullivan: You really believe that?

Alice: Maybe… but are we really making the right choice here, Sam?

Sam: It’s not our choice. It’s his.

Sullivan + Alice: (sighs)

[Alice looks at Sam with “the hell is wrong with you face?”. Sully shakes his head.]

Sam: Why are you here, Victor?

Sullivan: Because somebody’s gotta keep an eye out for him.

Alice: (sighs) Sam…

[Sam and Sully eye each other with stern faces as Nate walks back inside, still on the phone with Elena.]

Nate: No, I’ll just see you in a few more weeks? Yeah. I will. Okay. I love you too. Bye.

[Sully looks at Nate with a “the hell did you just do?” face as he blows out smoke from his mouth. Alice looks at Nate with a stern and concerned face.]

Nate: Just told her that the job is gonna take a little longer than expected. Which is the truth.

[Nate looks at Sully as he speaks. Sully looks down with a concerned face.]

Alice: Oh really? What job would that be, Nathan?

Nate: Hey. Really?

[Alice just looks down with wide eyes before looking down with a stern blank expression. Nate looks back at Sully.]

Nate: All right? So come on, what do you say? Sam could still use our help.

[Alice looks up and back at Sam. Sam looks back at her with a “it’s all up to Victor” face.]

Sullivan: Well… I do hear that the weather is particularly fine in Scotland this time of year.

Alice: (sighs) All right. You said it, Victor. I didn’t.

[Sam gives a small smile as he looks up. The 4 of them raise their glasses before drinking up.]






Chapter 16 REWRITTEN


[On Sam’s bike, Young Nate, Sam, and Alice arrive at the address where their mom’s stuff presumably is.]

Sam: Well… there it is.

Alice: Holy hell, Sam. It’s huge.

Nate: Who the hell lives here, anyway?

Sam: I have no idea. But this is definitely the address. Been scoping the place out for the past few days. No one’s home.

[Sam drives the bike away from the gate to another place. A few minutes later, Sam, Alice, and Nate jump down from a fence and into the garden of the house.]

Sam: (sighs) And here we are.

Nate: Whoa… This place is humungous.

Alice: Heh, it’s always been my dream to live in a place like this.

Sam: (laughs)

Alice: Oh c’mon, tell me you never once wished that Mom and Dad owned a place this big for all of us to live in.

Sam: Okay, fine…

Nate: Where do we even start?

Sam: Eh well, we start by finding a way in. And then we can take the grand tour.

Nate: You think this place has an alarm?

Alice: I’d hope not.

Sam: Let’s try and find a way in that doesn’t involve breaking a window.

[Nate, Alice, and Sam eventually find an open window into the house and make their way around the house in search of their mother’s journals.]



[Nate, Alice, and Sam are searching for a way to climb up to an air vent and approach a book shelf in order to reach a ledge to climb.]

Sam: I think I found a way up. C’mere. Help me move this. All right, you guys ready?

Alice: Yeah…

[Nate, Alice, and Sam push the book shelf to the right. When they’re finished, a polaroid camera on the bottom shelf falls onto the floor in front of Sam.]

Sam: Oh, whoops.

[Nate picks up the camera and he and Alice observe it.]

Alice: What’s that, big brother?

Nate: It’s a Polaroid.

Alice: A Polaroid?

Nate: Yeah. You know, it’s one of those cameras that dispenses photos as soon as you take ‘em.

Alice: Neat.

Sam: Yeah, lemme see. I think it still works. C’mere. Now smile, you two, all right?

[Nate, Alice, and Sam pose and Sam takes a selfie of the three of them with the Polaroid camera.]

Nate: (chuckles)

Alice: (chuckles)

Sam: (chuckles) Don’t lose it, okay?

[Sam hands Nate the photograph of them. Nate smiles and takes it, with Alice feeling eager to see it.]

Alice: Can I see it, big brother? I can’t see it.

Nate: Hold on a sec. Gotta shake it to make it clear.

Alice: Oh. Okay.

[Nate shakes the photo to make it appear clearer.]

Alice: Wow, Nathan, it looks great.

Nate: Yeah.

[Once he could see it, in Nate’s hand was a beautiful photograph of him, his brother, and his little sister all happily hanging out together for the first time in months. Both Nate and Alice were smiling brighter in this photo than they had in a very long time, and Nate would make sure never to lose this photo.]

Sam: Okay – up here.

Alice: Be careful, big brother.

[Nate climbs up the book shelf to reach the air vent.]



[Nate unlocks the door to a study. He, Alice, and Sam walk in amazed at the amount of journals before them.]

Nate: Oh, wow…

Alice: Jackpot.

Sam: Journals galore… Well, let’s see what we find.


[Nate, Alice, and Sam begin to search the study for their mother’s journals. Nate eventually looks in a box that he pulls out from under the study’s main desk. Opening it up, he finally comes across a box chock full of journals and papers with their mother’s name on them: Cassandra Morgan. Alice immediately notices.]

Alice: Whatcha got there, little big brother?

Nate: Whoa.

Alice: Nathan, that’s mom’s stuff, isn’t it?!

Nate: Yeah… Sam.

Sam: What, you got something?

[Sam walks over to Nate, Alice, and the box they found. Sam is amazed to see that his little brother and sister found everything all in one place. Nate hands Sam the stack of books and papers.]

Sam: This is it! (laughs)

[Sam happily bops Nate and Alice on the heads with a small book, sets his backpack down, and puts the stuff on the desk to look at. Nate and Alice smile as well and Alice walks over to see what Sam is looking at. Nate looks down and notices an even bigger white journal underneath some papers with the initials “CM” engraved in black on the front. Nate pulls the journal out of the box and opens it up on top of the desk to some pages detailing the famous pirate captain Henry Avery and the Gunsway Heist.]

Nate: Riches of paradise…?

[Nate flips the page with growing interest.]

Nate: Whoa… Henry Avery… Gunsway heist…


[As Nate’s nose gets further into the book, Sam and Alice slowly looks up in interest. Alice walks over from behind Nate on his left to see what he’s looking at.]

Sam: Whoa… Oh, what do you got there?

Alice: Wow… These were all of Mom’s discoveries?

Sam: You bet, baby sis.

[Sam gets up and walks up to Nate’s right side to look in the book as well.]

Nate: I’ve never seen this one.

Sam: Yeah, me either. But that— Yeah, no, that’s definitely Mom’s handwriting.

Alice: Really?

[Suddenly, a light turns on behind the three of them. The three turn around to see an old lady aiming a gun at them.]

Alice: (gasps)

[Alice hides behind Nate.]

Old Woman: Put up your hands. Slowly.

Alice: (whispering) She’s got a gun, big brother.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, hey. There’s no need for that.

Old Woman: What is he holding?

Sam: Hey, hey, hey! You keep your gun on me.

Old Woman: Give me my journal. (coughs)

Sam: All right… All right…

[Sam takes their mother’s journal from Nate. Both Nate and Alice look at Sam sadly.]

Sam: I’m sorry, guys.

[Sam slowly hands their mother’s journal to the old lady and puts his hands up while standing in front of Nate and Alice. Nate and Alice do the same behind Sam. The lady backs away from the three with her gun still pointed directly at Sam.]

Sam: So, what now?

Old Woman: Now— we wait… (sighs)

[The old lady sits down in a nearby arm chair.]

Old Woman: For the police.

[The old lady sets their mother’s journal on a nearby table.]

Alice: The… the police…?

[Alice tightly grabs Nate’s arm.]

Sam: Yeah, you don’t want to have to deal with that headache…

Old Woman: Stop.

Sam: I mean, the hassle of ruining three kids’ lives. That’s--

[The old lady cranks and aims the gun and Sam makes sure that Nate and Alice are behind him.]

Old Woman: I really don’t want to shoot you.

Sam: C’mon lady. It was no harm, no foul, all right?

Old Woman: We all must face the consequences of our actions. Hmm?

Sam: Then at least let them go. I brought them down here so they could see our mom’s stuff. That’s it. They had nothing to do with this.

Old Woman: What?

Sam: I’m telling you that this is all on me.

Old Woman: No. Your mother’s… stuff?

[Alice releases Nates arm and the two of them nod behind Sam.]

Sam: Yeah, that— that journal… It was our mom’s.

[The old lady lowers her gun and smiles.]

Old Woman: You’re Cassandra Morgan’s children.

Sam: Uh… hi.

[Alice starts to calm down. Both she and Nate look at the lady curiously.]

Old Woman: My God. (coughs) I could’ve shot you.

Sam: Yeah, you still might, so uh… do you mind?

[The old lady sets down her gun and lights a cigarette. Nate slowly walks toward the old lady while Alice steps out from behind Sam and holds his left hand with her right hand, trying to be brave.]

Nate: You knew our mom?

Old Woman: She worked for me. As I’m sure you’ve noticed… I’m a collector of sorts.

Alice: Um… that’s sort of an understatement.

Sam: Mm hmm.

Nate: So… Mom was, like, your translator?

[The old lady blows into her cigarette and looks at the boys with a stern face.]

Old Woman: Your mother… was the most brilliant historian I have ever met.

[Nate, Alice, and Sam look at the lady with pleasantly surprised smiles. The old lady picks up the journal while looking at it. Alice nervously walks over to stand to Nate’s left.]

Alice: That’s really great to know.

Old Woman: We could’ve accomplished so much together. But then her illness it… I’m sorry.

Sam: No, it’s all right. Happened a long time ago.

Alice: Even though these two remember her better than I do, I’m just glad to know she happened to have a great friend like you.

[Sam and Nate look at Alice with curious smiles and back at the lady.]

Old Woman: (chuckles) Well… of all her discoveries… this would’ve been her crowning achievement. “Sic parvis magna.”

Alice: Greatness from… uh…

Nate: Greatness from small beginnings.

Alice: Yeah.

Sam: Sir Francis Drake’s motto. Yeah, Latin and historical figures— Those were our dinner conversations. We were ah, a weird family.

Alice: I bet.

Nate + Sam + Old Woman: (chuckles)

Old Woman: So… did she ever tell you her theories… regarding Sir Francis Drake and his heirs?

Sam: Uh…

Alice: Didn’t you guys say…?

Nate: Um… Sir Francis Drake didn’t have any heirs.

Sam: Yeah.

Old Woman: Uh-huh. That’s what history tells us. But your mother and I believed otherwise. Learning that old pirate secret is just one more adventure I have to let go. I guess there’s a lot I have to let go…

Alice: Oh… I’m really sorry, miss.

Old Woman: It’s all right. Forgive me. Ramblings of an old woman.

[The old lady closes their mother’s journal and slowly hands it to Nate.]

Old Woman: Here.

[Nate holds out his hands, but hesitates and exchanges nervous glances with Alice.]

Old Woman: It is as much yours as it is mine.

[Nate gives a small smile and takes the journal. Alice smiles a bit too.]

Old Woman: Who knows? Perhaps one day, you’ll be able to finish what she started.

[Suddenly, a loud police siren wails outside.]

Alice: (gasps) Uh oh…

[Sam walks over to the window and looks back at the lady.]

Sam: Ah… Yeah, so uh… we’re off the hook, right?

Old Woman: I’ll handle the police.

[The old lady sets her cigarette down.]

Old Woman: You found your way in. I trust you can see yourself out, hmm?

[The old lady slowly tries to get up. Nate and Alice walk over to help her.]

Nate: Here.

Alice: C’mon. We gotcha.

[Nate helps the old lady stand up. Sam grabs his backpack and puts it back on.]

Old Woman: Thank you.

Nate: Sorry about the mess.

Alice: I really hope we weren’t any trouble for you, miss.

Old Woman: (chuckles) Oh… not at all. Such good manners. You’re just like your mother, my child.

[The old lady rubs Alice’s hair.]

Alice: (laughs)

[Alice looks up at the lady with a bright smile. Both Nate and Sam look over at Alice and smile as well. Alice hadn’t smiled so brightly in a very long time.]

Sam: Well… all right, c’mon, Nathan. Alice. Let’s go.

[Nate and Alice start to walk out of the study with Sam behind them. Suddenly, the old lady puts her hand up to her chest and starts to walk slower.]

Old Woman: (gasps)

Alice: Um… Miss…

Nate: Are you okay?

Old Woman: (exhales sharply)

[Without warning, the old lady falls down dead.]

Alice: What?!

Sam: Holy shit. No, no, no, no, no, no.

[Sam turns the lady on her back and shakes her.]

Sam: Hey! Hey! Hey!

[Sam checks if the old lady’s heart is still beating, and sadly, no heart beats can be heard.]

Nate: Sam?

[Suddenly, loud knocks can be heard on the front door can be heard downstairs.]

Cop: Ma’am?

Alice: Oh no…

Sam: Ah, crap.

Cop: It’s the police! You all right?

Alice: Big brothers…?

Nate: Wait, we have to do something.

Sam: Yeah. We need to get the hell out of here.

Alice: But, Sam—

Nate: We can’t just leave her here.

Sam: It’s nothing we can do for her. All right, we have to run. If the cops find us here then there’s—

Cop: Ma’am?

Sam: Nathan! Alice! We gotta go. Right now.

[Nate, Alice, and Sam rush away while Nate looks back at the old lady, sadly still dead on the floor.]


[The knocking on the door gets even louder and there are bright red and blue lights outside of the windows. Sam looks down, worried.]

Sam: Oh shit.

Alice: Big brother, what do we do now?

Sam: Uh… Window! Window, c’mon!

[Sam opens the window. The police finally break the door open downstairs.]

Alice: (gasps) Aw, crap.

[Alice jumps out next and Nate quickly looks back worried before jumping out himself. The three are now climbing along the window sill.]

Cop: Okay. You – check upstairs. You – come with me.

Cop: Copy that.

Alice: We gotta get out of here, guys.

Sam: Nathan. Hurry.

Nate: Wait up.

[Sam, Alice, and Nate climb up a pipe, onto a roof, and Sam leaps across to cling onto a gutter pipe. Alice jumps next, trying not to scream.]

Cop: Hey, you check over by that fountain?

Cop: Don’t see ‘em.

[Nate leaps to the gutter pipe last and it cracks as he grabs it.]

Nate: Aah! Crap.

Sam: Careful.

Cop: Haven’t heard back from the guys inside.

Cop: It’s a big place. Might take a while.

Cop: Yeah.

[Sam climbs up a tall and flat roof with a window, and Alice and Nate follow. It is too high for them to reach.]

Alice: Sam, help!

Sam: I got you, sis! C’mon, jump!

[Alice jumps and grabs his hand. Sam puts Alice up on to the roof.]

Sam: See? You’re getting better at jumping.

Alice: Not the time…

Nate: Sam!

Sam: I got you, Nathan. Just jump!

[Nate jumps, and Sam and Alice pull him up.]

Sam: The chimney. C’mon guys.

Nate: Comin’.

Alice: Right behind you.

[Sam, Alice, and Nate jump onto the chimney and climb down. As they do, two more police cars arrive down below.]

Cop: Search the gardens! I’ll go look behind the house.

Sam: Ah, damn it.

Cop: Took you guys long enough.

Cop: We’re here, aren’t we? What’ve you got?

Cop: Three suspects, two juveniles. They’re on the grounds somewhere.

Sam: The front gate looks clear.

Nate: Front gate. Got it.

[Sam climbs down from the balcony edge, followed by Nate and then Alice.]

Alice: Wait up, guys.

Cop: They armed?

Cop: Don’t think so.

Cop: Let’s be careful anyway.

Sam: Hey, go slow, guys.

Nate: Okay.

[Nate jumps down the window ledges. The last one suddenly breaks.]

Nate: Aah! Agh!

Alice: Nathan!

Sam: Nathan! You all right?

Cop: The hell was that?!

Alice: Sam! Catch me!

Sam: Yeah, c’mon!

[The police turn around and aim their flashlights at Nate and Sam. Alice jumps down and Sam catches her and sets her down.]

Cop: You there! Don’t move!

[Alice and Sam help Nate up.]

Sam: Run for it!

Alice: C’mon, big brother! We gotta go!


[Nate, Alice, and Sam are running away from the cops behind them.]

Sam: This way! We can lose ‘em!

Alice: Oh God, Sam…

Cop: This is Officer Murphy, we’ve got three burglary suspects on foot. One adult male and two juveniles, one male and one female…

Alice: This is my worst nightmare… big brothers…

Cop: Freeze, God damn it!

Cop: You there! Down on the ground, hands on your head!

Sam: Oh, shit.

[Nate, Alice, and Sam head down the main path to see cops in their way.]

Cop: Stop, God damn it!

Alice: Big brother?!

Sam: Back this way!

[Nate and Alice follow Sam up a short staircase up to a door and the two jump off to lure the cops away from the path.]

Sam: Go, go, go!

Nate: Right behind you.

[Nate falls down hard, but gets back up quickly.]

Nate: Allie, c’mon!

[Alice jumps and Nate catches her as she jumps and sets her down.]

Alice: Thanks, big bro. C’mon.

[Nate and Allie continue running and following Sam.]

Cop: There! There they are!

Cop: Gotcha!

[Sam runs down the path and manages to knock one officer off of his feet. Nate and Alice follow him up the path to the house’s front door.]

Sam: Guys! C’mon! Go!

Nate: We’re right behind you! Keep going!

Cop: Call for backup!

Cop: I did already!

Alice: I’m… scared, Nathan…

Cop: One more warning! Down on the ground! Hands on your heads!

Nate: Just stay with me. C’mon!

[Nate and Alice start to run down the stairs from the front door, but a cop corners them at the bottom.]

Cop: Gotcha!

Nate: Ah, shit.

Alice: Nate, c’mon!

[Alice climbs over and jumps off the ledge of the hand rails, and Nate follows.]

Nate: Heh… Not worried about breaking your legs anymore, baby sis?

Alice: Not a good time… big brother!

Sam: Guys! Hurry!

[Nate and Alice continue to follow Sam. As they get closer to the gate, another police car arrives in front of Sam, almost hitting him hard.]

Sam: Whoa!

Alice: Sam!

Sam: Here, come on… Run!

Cop: Stop, God Damn it!

Sam: Nathan! Alice! Over here!

[The three run through a small gate to the house’s main gate and down the steps leading up to it.]

Alice: Oh, God… Sam?!

Cop: There! By the guest house!

Sam: C’mon! Run!

Cop: Aw, shit. They’re bolting!

Sam: The dumpster, c’mon! Boost Alice up, ‘kay Nathan?

Nate: Got it!

[Sam climbs onto the dumpster just left of the gate, up onto the gate fence, and lowers his hand.]

Sam: C’mon! Hurry!

Nate: Alright. Ready?

Alice: Yeah!

[Nate boosts Alice up with his hands and Alice quickly climbs up with Sam help, and both Sam and Alice lower their hands for Nate to jump.]

Alice: Alright, Nathan, c’mon! Jump!

[After climbing the dumpster, Nate grabs their hands and Sam pulls him up.]

Cop: They’re getting away!

Cop: Go back around! Back to the main gate!

[Sam jumps down, and opens his arms to catch Alice.]

Sam: Alright, sis. Jump!

[Alice jumps and Sam catches her, followed by Nate. Sam quickly carries Alice to the motorbike and puts her on the seat.]

Alice: Thanks.

[Sam gets on the bike in front of Alice and she hugs his waist tightly.]

Sam: Nathan! On the bike, now! C’mon!

[Nate gets on the bike and grabs his seat with both hands.]

Sam: All right, hold on tight, both of you!

[Sam starts the bike and floors the pedal. The bike zooms down the street and into the night, away from the house with Nate, Alice, and Sam on it.]



[After a long ride into the night, Sam stops the bike near some old warehouses and bridge with a bright city visible across a lake. Nate and Alice still look very worried behind him.]

Sam: I’d say we’re clear. How about we catch our breath for a second.

Alice: Yeah. Let’s.

[Sam turns the bike off and sits on it. Nate and Alice get off the bike to look at the city across the lake. Alice walks over to Nathan from behind and hold his right hand with her left hand. Nate looks at her for a second before looking at the city again]

Sam: (sighs) Some night, huh?

Nate: Some night.

Alice: Mm hmm.

Nate: That old lady…

Alice: You don’t… you don’t think she… um…

Sam: Hey… Hey, you two listen to me, that wasn’t our fault back there.

[Sam gets off the bike and walks over to Nate and Alice.]

Sam: I mean, that lady she—she was umm… sick. I mean, it’s okay to feel bad.

Alice: She was really nice though. I really hope she’ll be okay. At least she’ll be with Mom in heaven, right?

Sam: Hopefully.

Nate: So, what are we going to do now, Sam? Allie and I can’t go back to the orphanage. You can’t go back to your job.

Sam: Then we don’t.

Nate: Sure.

Sam: No, I’m serious.

Alice: Oh yeah? How?

Sam: We get as far away from this place as we possibly can.

[Sam starts to walk away from Nate and Alice, and the two just look at him with glum faces.]

Nate: Yeah? And how long ‘till the cops find us?

Sam: Oh, I think they’ll be looking for Nathan, Allison, and Samuel Morgan.

Alice: Yeah, that’s us.

Sam: What if it wasn’t?

[Sam faces Nate and Alice with a smile.]

Sam: Nathan, Alice-- back at that mansion… you two knew just as much about that stuff as that poor old lady. Here. I always felt that we were destined…

[Sam removes his backpack and reaches into it.]

Sam: for something great… but, until tonight…

[Sam pulls out their mother’s journal.]

Sam: I didn’t know what that meant. But this… Mom’s unfinished work… This is our chance… to restart our lives. With brand new identities.

Nate: What are you talking about?

Alice: And what do you mean by new identities?

Sam: I know some guys. Pretty good at forging papers too.

[Sam looks at their mom’s journal.]

Sam: Now as for our new name… Mom believed that Sir Francis Drake had heirs. Who’s to say he didn’t?

Alice: Wha— You mean we can— We could actually…?

Sam: Oh, yeah.

Alice: Wow…

Sam: You get it, Nathan?

Nate: (chuckles) I think so. You’re serious, aren’t you?

Sam: Nathan, Alice, we were meant for this. And I promise… all three of us together? We’re gonna go far.

[Nate and Alice look at Sam curiously. Alice suddenly smirks.]

Alice: (chuckles) Well, just as long as I’m always here to protect you both… I’m in.

Nate + Sam: (chuckles)

Sam: Sure thing, baby sister.

[After this, Sam faces Nate with a confident smile, their sister next to Sam with a smile just as nervous, but bright.]

Sam: So… what do you say… Nathan Drake?

[Sam holds out his hand for Nate. Nate looks up at Sam with a curious smile. His smile grows even brighter. His life was about to get interesting…]








Chapter 22 ENDING Scenes REWRITTEN


[Elena, Chloe, and Alice hear the crumbling coming from the mountain.]

Elena: Holy shit!

Alice: You think that’s them?

Chloe: No doubt about that!

Alice: Oh, look!

[Alice notices Nate and Sam swimming away from the mountain towards her.]

Elena: Oh, Nate!

Alice: Sam!

Chloe: Nate! You made it!

Elena: Hey! C’mon I got you!

[Elena pulls Nate out of the water.]

Elena: Are you okay?

Nate: Yeah.

Chloe: Glad to see you made it out of that, cowboy.

Alice: Sam, come on! I’ve got you, big brother!

[Elena pulls Sam out of the water.]

Alice: Ya dirty bastard. You all right?

Sam: Hell yeah.

Elena: Hey Sully. Charlie. We got ‘em.

Sullivan: Where are ya?

Alice: We’re right here.

[Alice fires a rocket into the air as she, Chloe, and Elena all look up smiling. A few minutes later, the 7 are all on their way home.]


[Nate is packing his bag with Sully, Charlie, and Chloe. Elena, Sam, and Alice are all chatting nearby.]

Sullivan: So, you got everything?

Nate: Yeah, think so. Eh, feel free to sell anything I left behind. (chuckles) Will you guys be alright?

Chloe: You know it, darling.

Charlie: Oh, yeah. I’ll always be about if you need me. But, in the meantime, Sully and I still have some deals to work out, don’t we, partner?

Sully: Lucky you work with me, pal. You sure you can manage without us, darlin’?

Chloe: It’s fine. I’ll find other work elsewhere, and I definitely need some time away from you lads to clear my head. I just hope the three of you will stay out of trouble while I’m gone, yeah?

Charlie: You know us, darling.

Nate: That’s right.

Chloe: Still, that older brother of yours, Nate… How the hell did you and your sister grow up with him?

Nate: Well, he’s been an asshole his entire life. But, at times, it’s one of the things I love about him.

Sullivan: Of course.

Chloe: Well, I still owe it to you and your siblings for the adventure. Just don’t lie to Elena ever again, you hear me?

Nate: You got it.

Sullivan: Not sure how long that’ll last.

Nate: (chuckles)

Charlie: Well, mate, I will say that your brother was a pretty fun guy to have around. He and I should definitely catch up some time, if ya know what I mean.

Chloe: Okay, calm down, Charlie. You don’t want to go breaking another one of your legs again, do you?

Charlie: Is that a trick question?

Nate: (laughs)

Sullivan: (laughs) Alright, you guys. Break it up. You sure I can’t give you a lift home?

Nate: After the last few days, I think I’d like a plane with drink service and reclining seats. Plus, uh… she and I have a lot to talk about.

Sullivan: Yeah, you do. And no more late-night phone calls about “one last time”, hm?

Nate: (laughs) Promise. Thanks, Sully.

[Nate and Sully hug.]

Sullivan: Take care, kid. Don’t be a stranger.

Nate: Thanks for your help too, guys.

[Nate hugs Charlie.]

Charlie: Oh, you’re bloody welcome. Just don’t go on anymore adventures with your siblings without telling me, okay? I always want in.

Nate: (chuckles) You know it. Thanks, Chloe. I owe you one for bringing her back.

Chloe: Take care, darling. You’re still gonna miss this ass, you know.

[Nate, Sully, and Charlie all chuckle as Chloe smirks.]

Nate: (chuckles) Right. Well, next time you’re all in town… beers are on me.

Sullivan: I’ll hold you to that.

Charlie: Don’t bloody forget, mate!


Sam: And then the bunny… it escapes anyway and it leaves little bunny surprises all over the headmaster’s bed.

Alice: Yeah. It was a dis—

Nate: Hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you two telling her?

Elena: Just about your little “magic” phase.

Nate: Oh, I hate you two.

Elena: What was your stage name?

Sam: Go on, tell her.

Nate: “Nate the Great.”

Sam: (laughs)

Alice: (chuckles)

Nate: It’s not funny. It makes sense.

Sam: In his defense he was actually-- you were pretty good.

Nate: Uh-huh.

Alice: Well, not as good as I was. Or, will be, anyway.

Sam: You still need to work on that singing voice of yours, baby sis.

Alice: Oh, shut up, big brother. (chuckles)

Elena: Hey look, Sam, Allie, it has been… an experience getting to meet you both.

[Elena extends her right hand for them.]

Sam: With a handshake?

Elena: Well—

Sam: Bring it in for the real thing, sister.

[Elena and Sam hug.]

Sam: Hey, take care of this numbskull, all right?

Elena: Yeah, I will.

Alice: Come here. Thanks for your help, Elena.

Elena: Of course.

[Elena and Alice hug.]

Alice: Good to know I’m not alone between these two morons anymore, right?

Elena: Yeah.

Alice: We should chat over lunch someday. Maybe… exchange hobbies or something?

Sam: A journalist and songwriter, huh? Pretty interesting combo if ya ask me.

Nate: Yeah, you two really would get along well.

Elena: (chuckles nervously) Um, well… Sounds fun. We should hang out sometime.

Alice: Right. Well… (singing) Winter, spring, summer, or fall… All you have to do is call…

Elena: Wow.

Nate: Right?

[Sully, Chloe, and Charlie all stop talking and look in Allison’s direction with bright smiles.]

Alice: …and I’ll be there, yes I will… You got a friend…

[Nate, Elena, and Sam all applaud Allison.]

Elena: Wow!

Nate: Alright, sis! You still got it!

Sam: Never changes.

[Sully, Chloe, and Charlie also applaud her from where they are.]

Chloe: Fabulous, darling!

Charlie: Very impressive.

Sully: You still got it, sweetheart!

[Allison looks over at them with a nervous smile before turning back to Nate, Elena, and Sam.]

Elena: You really weren’t kidding, Alice. You’re an amazing singer.

Sam: Know it too well.

Alice: (chuckles) Yeah, whatever.

Elena: And… and you’ve written your own songs too?

Alice: Eh, not too many… but yeah. Anyway, I can teach you some things if you want me to.

Sam: Sure you can. (chuckles)

Alice: Sam…

Nate + Sam: (chuckles)

Elena: Um… thanks, but… I’ve kind of got other things I need to—

Alice: Aw, c’mon. It’ll be fun. Some girl-to-girl time? Y’know.

Elena: Eh, well… we’ll see. Not much of a singer… but… it could be fun.

Nate: Think I’ve heard you do it on a few occasions.

Elena + Sam + Alice: (chuckles)

Elena: Okay, Nate…

Nate: You two are similar in too many ways.

Alice: (chuckles) And you and Sam aren’t?

Sam: (laughs)

Alice: Well, just say the word and I’ll “be there”, ‘kay sister?

Elena: You know it…

[Elena and Alice hug again.]

Nate: I’ll join ya in a sec.

Elena: Yeah. Oh boy…


Alice: I like her.

Sam: Me too. God help her, she sure seems to love you.

 [Sam lights his cigar.]

Nate: (chuckles) I know, right?

Alice: Well, kinda nice to have a little sister of my own now. You made a great choice, little big brother.

Nate: Yeah. Listen the offer still stands.

Sam: We appreciate it, but we’re good.

Alice: Yeah, we’ll be fine, Nathan.

Nate: I know, but if you feel like you’re imposing, you’re not, we talked about it—

Sam: It’s not about that, it’s not about that. It’s a little bit of that, okay, but… (sighs) I just, kind of… thought that after we found Avery’s treasure, I’d be… satisfied?

Nate: Ah.

Alice: Hmm.

Sam: Instead, I’m, ah… kinda left with this strange feeling of…

Nate: Emptiness?

Sam: Yeah.

Alice: Well, look at you. The bastard who kept pushing forward, still unsatisfied?

Nate: (chuckles)

Sam: Okay.

Alice: Well, I’ll admit, I’m not satisfied either. Gotta say, I’m still really envious of your achievements, Nate. Lord knows I’ve always looked up to you, even after all those years in prison.

Nate: Yeah, well, you know, as thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end… you’re always left with that same feeling. Sometimes, you just gotta… choose what you’re gonna keep and… what you’re gonna let go.

Sam: Well… I guess we’re just not there yet. And besides, you know, you’ve got a few ancient cities on us. And I can’t let that slide, so…

Nate: I left a couple out there.

Sam: Well, thank you. (laughs)

Alice: Leave it to us to see ‘em down next. (chuckles)


[The taxi Elena hailed honks its horn nearby and Elena waves at Nate.]

Nate: Oh—that’s, that’s our ride.

Sam: Yeah.

Nate: Ah… Sam… Allie… We’ve come far.

Sam: We sure have, little brother.

Alice: Hell yeah, we have.

Sam: Come here.

[Nate, Sam, and Alice all group hug. As they release, Alice taps Nate’s shoulder.]

Alice: Hey.

[Nate looks at his little sister curiously and she gives him a small kiss on the cheek.]

Alice: Love you, little big brother.

Nate: (chuckles) You too, baby sis. Listen, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, all right? Both of you.

Alice: Like I’d wanna do that.

Sam: Get out of here. Vamoose.

Alice: Scram. (chuckles)


[Nate leaves with Elena in the taxi. Sully approaches Sam as he watches them leave.]


Charlie: What up, fellas?

Sullivan: Got a light?

[Sam gives Sully his lighter.]

Sullivan: Really nice singing, darlin’.

Alice: Eh, well, thanks I guess. You two just can’t get enough of smokin’ can you?

Sam: Hey, you should try it.

Charlie: (chuckles)

Alice: No way in hell. (chuckles)

[Alice walks over to Chloe looking out at the water with her right hand on her hip.}

Charlie: She’s right. You two are bloody smokers.


[Alice approaches Chloe slowly.]

Alice: Hey, Chloe.

Chloe: Hm. Hello, darling. Heard your great singing back there.

Alice: Eh, been doin’ it since I was small. Really great view ya got here?

Chloe: You could say that.

[Chloe sits down on the dock edge and Alice does too.]

Alice: So… what’s on your mind?

Chloe: Well, for one thing, you and your brothers. They have a lot to learn, you know.

Alice: As if I didn’t already know. Those dirty boys. And I’m sorry… for everything.

Chloe: No need to apologize. What matters is that we’re safe now.

Alice: Right. So where will you go from here?

Chloe: Well, I did send Nate an invitation to track down another ancient hidden secret.

Alice: Seriously?

Chloe: Oh, yeah. Potentially dangerous, but it’d make a very interesting find. But, I’d really hate to go for it alone.

Alice: Hm… Well… Nathan’s told me a lot about you. You helped in his search for Shambhala and Iram of the Pillars, right?

Chloe: That’s right.

Alice: Plus, I did tell Nate and Elena that I’d definitely catch up with his achievements one day.

Chloe: Really? Well, I’d love to get to know you better too. Adventurer to adventurer. So, what do you say, Alice? You in?

Alice: (chuckles) Fill me in, sister.


Sam: No. No way, you and Nathan survived that.

Charlie: I’m serious, mate. Hit him square in the head with my own before shooting ‘em down. Lady calls me a fool before leaving.

Sullivan: You shoulda been there.

Sam: (laughs) Mmm hmm. So… Victor… Charlie… What’s next for you two, hm?

Sullivan: Mmm. (chuckles)

[Sully lights his cigar and hands Sam back his lighter.]

Sullivan: Well, before we got dragged into this… we were working on a business deal of sorts.

Charlie: Mmm hmm.

Sam: “Of sorts?” Hmm. Dangerous?

Charlie: Oh yeah. Way more dangerous than this, that’s for sure.

Sullivan: (chuckles) It’s up there.

Sam: Well, I just so happen to know a certain someone -- recently out of prison – who might be perfect for this kind of work.

Charlie: (chuckles) And who might that be?

Sullivan: Ooh… I dunno. Is he trustworthy?

Sam: More or less.

Sullivan: How’s his Portuguese?

Sam: Um… Quando o seu marido volta para casa?

Charlie: What’s that mean, mate?

Sam: How long before your husband gets home?

Charlie: (chuckles) Ya dirty bastard.

Sullivan: That’ll do. Come on.

Charlie: Hell yeah. You’re in.

[Sully walks back toward his plane and Sam starts to follow.]


Sam: Hey, you got any more of those cigars?

Sullivan: Don’t push your luck.

Charlie: Alright lads, you’re making me sick.

Chloe: Hello, lads.

Alice: Hey, guess who’s ready to go on another adventure with her new partner?

Sam: Don’t you even think about it, little sis.

Alice: Oh, I’ll show you, big brother. I’ll show you.








- Allison blowing bubbles with her niece, Cassie, at 5 years old.

- Allie looking down and holding her niece's hand walking down the street while licking ice cream cones at 7 years old.

“Yeah. Thanks for the good times, Allie.”


- Allison sitting outside in a wooden arm chair by a beach strumming her guitar and singing, all while looking in the direction of the sunset behind the camera.

“Wow. Look at her. Wonder when her next song will be finished. Well, I won’t ever forget what you’ve taught me. I promise.”


- Nate, Sam, and Allie taking a polaroid selfie.

“No way. Is that Dad? And Sam, and Allie?”






And just for the heck of it, I made Alice’s quotes when playing as her in Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer Mode. Yes, I am rewriting the multiplayer mode too, while bringing back in old characters like Jeff and Schafer, as well as new characters like Marisa Chase, Jason Dante, Robert Guerro, Vargas, and Hector Alcazar!


Character Selection:

- “You know the toughest of the Drakes when you see her.”

- “Hope your singing voice is as good as mine.”

- “Hmm. Friend of Nathan’s, I presume?”

- “Don't underestimate me. Having 2 older brothers isn’t complete torture, you know.”

- “I'll let you tag along, if you think you can handle me.”

- “I’ve learned a lot from my brothers, but I do have some tricks of my own.”

- “You think you’re on my level? Well, we’ll see.”

- “I can take care of myself, unlike my brothers.”

- “You gotta earn my trust, partner. We ain’t friends… yet.”

- “I hope you know the choice you’re making here.”

- “You have yet to impress me. Then again, I won’t beg you.”

- “Hmm. Looks like I’m the mentor for once and not my brothers.”

- “Was there really any other choice?”

- “I see that Nathan’s already put his trust in you. Won’t be as easy with me, pal.”

- “You may think I’m pretty, but my skills in combat can get pretty ugly.”

- “Don’t tell Nathan, but he’s still my role model, in spite of how witty he can be.”

- “Any friend of Nathan’s is hopefully a friend of mine.”

- “Wanna learn my ways? Let’s hope you can handle ‘em.”

- “Got some talents that my brothers aren’t even aware of, you know.”

- “Care to sing a duet with me, darlin’?”

- “Well, I look forward to our partnership.”

- “Once this is over and done with, I’ll be writing my next song.”

- “Okay. Let’s see what Nathan’s been putting you through for the past 15 years.”

- “This fearless band leader was right up your alley.”

- “You seem eager for action. Well, you made the right choice.”

- “Always locked and loaded for you.”


Match Start:

- “Your big sister’s journey begins.”

- “You guys better not forget about me.”

- “I hope this will be a journey to remember.”

- “If I were Nathan and/or Sam, what goofy but elaborate plan would be up my sleeve?”

- “Another journey, another song slash story to write.”

- “It’d be nice to walk away with some satisfaction. Now, where to find it?”

- “Time to strum up some trouble. Didn’t bring a guitar though.”

- “Singing keeps me bright, but my time in prison have given me a dark side.”

- “Let’s be smart about this, people. Lord knows the path that lies ahead.”

- “Nathan’s told me all about these bastards. How many enemies can you make in 15 years?”

- “A blast of Nathan’s past, hmm? I think I can handle it.”

- “You think I’m intimidated? Watch me and maybe you’ll be instead.”

- “Guitar-playing and singing are my greatest strengths, but, bulky weapons protect me in this case.”

- “Not sure there’s a song that’ll reflect today. Heh, said no one ever.”

- “This is Nathan and Sam’s dirty hobby. Not mine. Then again, I won’t turn it down.

- “Another day, another relentless session of bullets aimed at my head.”

- “Leave that son of a bitch Rafe for me. I’m not losing my brothers to him again.”

- “Let’s keep our definition of morality in check as we do this, yeah?”

- “If you’re gonna underestimate me, I hope you know where those thoughts will be going later.”

- “An adventurer can have confidence, but don’t let that confidence consume your sense of sanity.”

- “I doubt those amateurs are adventurers. Are they out for blood or a more modest sense of satisfaction?”

- “The blood of a true adventurer burns warmer than fire.”

- “I’m not just 20% of this whole thing. And today, I’ll show you why.”

- “Nathan’s killed thousands by now. Is treasure really worth that much blood?”

- “I’ve always wondered how Mom searched for treasure. If only she knew where my brothers and I are now.”

- “This gun ain’t a guitar and killing isn’t exactly music to my ears. Why did I agree to this?”

- “Hope can hurt all of us, but not if we trounce those who aim to take it away from us.”

- “Each member of this team matters. I just hope I won’t have to keep an eye on all of you.

- “Are we in this for treasure, blood, or the sake of killing time?”

- “I trust you guys can keep an eye on my brothers. Watch their backs and keep ‘em sane, yeah?”

- “Singing while fighting might make my voice crack… but, what the hell ever…

- “If everything goes as planned, our song of victory should be a bright one… I hope.”

- “If our team was a band, I’d totally lead. But… in spite of this violence, I’ll lead anyway. How’s that sound?”

- “Ahhh…. Some fresh air. Too bad it’ll be infested with bullets soon.


Throwing Gear:

- “A present for ya!”

- “Here, catch!”

- “Going out!”

- “Comin’ at ya!”

- “Catch this!”

- “Go nuts!”

- “Think fast!”

- “Heads up!”

- “Want some of this?!”

- “From me to you!”


Enemy Down:

- “That’ll teach you to mess with me!”

- “Looks like you need some practice!”

- “Not so tough now, are you?”

- “Stand up and fight, asshole!”

- “Awww… Did that hurt?”

- “Your allies too busy to help you?”

- “Just payin’ my dues, asshole!”

- “Too predictable!”

- “Any last words, pal?”

- “Don’t try to retaliate!”

- “Too bad for all of you!”

- “See what you’re making me do?”

- “Eat some dirt!”

- “Really not your day, is it, bud?”

- “Down ya go!”

- “Well, you tried.”

- “Damn right you’re down!”

- “Rather disappointing, guys.”

- “Stay the hell down!”

- “Well, aren’t I a threat to you!”

- “Tired, are you? Hoped so.”

- “Care to get up?”

- “I’m choking up harder than you are!”

- “You think you’re pretty damn sneaky, don’t you?”

- “Down, where you belong!”

- “On your damn knees!”

- “A train derailed!”

- “It’s okay! Let it all out!”

- “Your definition of a fight, pal?”

- “Looks like I’ve still got it!”

- “Down before Princess Drake!”

- “This is embarrassing! Seriously!”

- “Broke down your wall!”

- “I know I’m good at this, but seriously?”

- “Oops. My mistake.”

- “I know it hurts, but it hurts me a lot more.”

- “Plan on trying that again?”


Enemy KO’d:

- “Karma in spades!”

- “Sleep tight!”

- “Impressed now?"

- “Later, cowboy!”

- “Wanna get up now?”

- “Sorry, pal! It’s for your own good!”

- “Ya see that, Sam?! Nathan?!”

- “Checkmate!”

- “And… scene.”

- “Damn, that felt good!”

- “Nothing personal. Seriously.”

- “Serves you bastards right!”

- “Maybe I’m too much for all of you!”

- “There goes another one.”

- “Don’t try and escape me!”

- “Game over for you bastards!”

- “Stay down if you know what’s good for you!”

- “Clearly you know who the real Drake is now!”

- “This is your swan song, pal!”

- “Too much for ya? Or too little?”

- “I’m the predator, and you’re the damn prey!”

- “Don’t you bastards have anything better to do?!”

- “This is more embarrassing for me than yourselves!”

- “You bastards had enough yet?!”

- “This is becoming a serious joke.”

- “This Drake carries skill over pride!”

- “Clearly a fight you couldn’t finish!”

- “You see that, big brothers?”

- “Hell yeah, I’m good!”

- “You assholes could learn a lot from me.”

- “And… there goes your sanity.”

- “Got that job done.”

- “You’ve wasted my time, and your own.”

- “Got another verse for ya!”

- “Taking care of business!”

- “An interesting attempt.”

- “Now, you’ll think twice before hunting me.”

- “You and I could both be doing something better right now.”



- “That attack was 51% me!”

- “You needed my help back there.”

- “I’m always here to help.”

- “You’re welcome, partner!”

- “Finishing my dirty work, are you?”

- “Look who’s learning from me.”

- “Teamwork, pal!”

- “Pulled that off like pros!”

- “Great work! Teamwork!”

- “Told you not to forget about me!”

- “Thanks for the help.”

- “We got that job done well together.”

- “Partnership at its best!”

- “Great minds think alike!”

- “Saving me the trouble?”

- “No need to thank me! Just tell me your plan next time!”

- “Great. My work is being done for me.”

- “Looks like you beat me to the punch.”

- “Not what I had in mind, but that’ll do.”

- “Well. So much for carrying out my plan.”

- “Got ideas of your own now?”

- “I could’ve handled that alone, but thanks.”

- “We got that job done well!”

- “I did help you back there!”

- “That’s what teammates are for!”

- “Won’t ask for gratitude, but I do want some acknowledgement.”

- “I deserve some credit!”

- “The power of teamwork!”

- “Split the effort!”

- “You weren’t alone back there!”

- “Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome, partner.”

- “Twice the fire power!”


Close Match:

- “Time to bring in the big guns, guys!”

- “A stalemate, hmm? A bit more like just “stale” to me.”


Encountering a Grenade or Mine:

- “Oh, crap apples.”

- “Oh, shit!”

- “Jesus Christ!”

- “Back up! Back up!”

- “Oh, hell!”

- “Damn it!”

- “Goddammit!”

- “Oh no, no, no!”


Grabbed by an Enemy:

- “Can’t… breath… here…”

- “Losing… consciousness… here…”

- “Asshole! Let… me… go!”

- “Let… the hell… go!”

- “Losing… my… voice…”


Down from an Attack:

- “Dammit. Not feeling good here!”

- “Sister in distress here!”

- “Can someone get their ass over here and help me, please?!”

- “Save yourselves, but can you save me too?”

- “Would it kill you to NOT have ME killed?”

- “Shit. Bleeding girl here, guys!”

- “Be a darling and help me, won’t you?”

- “Need some serious assistance here!”

- “Damn bastards got me! Help me please!”

- “I’m no baby, but I still need a helping hand here!”

- “Immediate assistance here would be wise, people!”

- “Dammit, I hate when this happens!”

- “Could use your help, big brothers!”

- “Really not feeling good here, people!”

- “In some goddamn trouble here!”

- “Argh! Damn it all! I’m down!”

- “Could use a helping hand over here!”

- “Christ! They got me down here!”

- “Crap, crap, crap!”

- “Been flanked! Need some help here!”

- “Oh no. I’m bleeding!”

- “Argh… Really not my day, is it?”

- “Voice… fading… here…”

- “Nate! Sam! Anyone?”

- “Ah, hell! This… isn’t good…”

- “Losing… my voice here, people!”

- “Goddammit, I’m not going to make it here!”

- “Somebody please help me!”

- “Please! Help a girl out!”

- “Son of a bitch got me down here!”

- “C’mon, pick me up, goddammit!”

- “Agh… the hell just happened?!”

- “Can someone please pick me up?!”

- “Need a picking up here!”

- “Hurry please! I’m bleeding!”

- “I’m right here, people.”

- “Need a pair of crutches here!”


Revived from an Enemy Attack:

- “Thanks. Means a lot.”

- “You won’t regret this.”

- “I won’t let you down, partner.”

- “God bless your soul, buddy.”

- “Thanks a bundle.”

- “I’ll return the favor if I can. Promise.”

- “You’ve got a friend in me, pal.”

- “Really needed that. Thanks.”

- “Owe you one, bud.”

- “The remedy of friendship. Thank you.”

- “Next time you’re in distress, I’ll try and be there.”

- “Don’t tell my brothers about this, okay?”

- “Ah… My voice is back. Thanks.”

- “Thank god for you.”

- “Ah… much appreciated.”

- “Alright. Time for some karma.”

- “Knew I could count on you.”

- “You know a valuable team member when you see ‘em.”

- “Still a bit sore, but I’m up. Thanks.”

- “This’ll do… for now.”

- “Hope I didn’t waste your time.”

- “Okay. Got a new plan, and I hope it works.”

- “My voice needs resting, but thanks.”

- “Saved my life, pal. I’m really grateful.”

- “Whew… Thanks!”

- “Your survival’s always more important to me than my own.”

- “Almost died praying you’d leave me to save yourselves.”

- “You’re as selfless for any team member as I am!”

- “Shoulda saved yourself, but thanks!”

- “I’m up. Thank you.”


Respawn from being KO’d:

- “They WILL see what I’m capable of.”

- “Prepare for a song of vengeance.”

- “NOT a fight I plan on losing.”

- “Time for a dose of bitter, bitter karma.”

- “Those bastards have some serious karma coming for them.”

- “Could call that a failed fist-fight I had as a kid. We can do better.”

- “Alright, big brothers. Rub it in. I’m waiting.”

- “Nathan and Sam never taught me how to get out of that. No matter. I can teach myself.”

- “Guess I really needed Nate and Sam on that one.”

- “I can hear my brothers laughing their heads off right now. Better prepare for a beating later, boys.”

- “How in the hell is Nathan’s wife okay with this?”

- “Years of bloody gun battles over some goddamn treasure? Way to go, Nathan.”

- “Still not sure if this is better than all those years in prison.”

- “Maybe I should rest my voice for a bit.”

- “Should’ve paid more attention to Sam and Vic’s acrobatic lessons.”

- “I’d still give anything to be an ordinary girl sometimes.”

- “I really oughta give Nate and Sam the same kind of treatment for dragging me into this shit.”

- “Could be writing my next song right now… But, for some stupid reason, this shit comes first.”

- “Mom always told me school would be better than being in an army. Never doubted her for a second.”

- “Alright, bright side, Alice. This is how you spend time with your goddamn brothers.”

- “Something my brothers lack? Patience. I’m kind of starting to lose mine as well with this entire thing.”

- “I made a life-long promise to protect my brothers. Who knew this is what I’d have to do to keep it?”


Reviving an Ally:

- “God… The hell did they do to you?”

- “You’re going to be fine. C’mon.”

- “Ah man, let’s hope I remember how to do this.”

- “Come on, stay with me, bud!”

- “Let’s make this quick, partner.”

- “Lucky for you, I’ve got time for this.”

- “Let’s hope this is worth my blood.”

- “This isn’t my best fix, but it’ll help you for now.”

- “Shit! Okay, c’mon.”

- “Let’s get you back on your feet, yeah?”

- “Lucky for you, I’ve got experience patching up my brothers.”

- “Lemme see. Goddammit, those bastards are gonna pay.”

- “You aren’t goin’ down like that.”

- “Help is on the damn way.”

- “We need you. Now more than ever.”

- “Seems like I’m always saving your asses.”

- “C’mon, I’ll patch you up.”

- “You’ve still got strength in your voice. Now, c’mon.”

- “If they’re gonna mow us all down, you won’t be alone.”

- “God gives you strength, pal, just like me right now.”

- “Ah, ah, ah. What did I say? Each member of the team matters.”

- “Don’t rely on me too much now. I’m not always this generous.”

- “Quit your squirmin’. C’mon, lemme have a look at you.”

- “Lucky for you, I was right up your alley.”

- “Alright, hold still. This should keep you going.”

- “I ain’t a doctor, but I am a guardian angel.”

- “Had to break my own leg as a kid to learn first-aid.”

- “Let’s get your train back on track, hm?”

- “Shh shh… It’s okay. Big Sister Alice is here.”

- “Any friend of Nate’s is a friend of mine. C’mon.”

- “A good soldier never leaves anyone behind.”

- “Was saving this for myself, but you’re more important.”

- “Would’ve taken medical school if I hadn’t been raised in an orphanage.”



- “Watch my back, will you?”

- “Could use some back-up!”

- “Alright, you ready to help?”


Match Victory:

- “Like what you see now? (chuckles) Hope so.”

- “What other outcome were you expecting?”

- “Wow. We actually sent them packing. Way to go, partner.”

- “No ‘I’ in ‘Team’, but definitely one in ‘Victory’”!

- “Think you can’t really sing? Well, don’t. Everyone can and now’s the time.”

- “An unforgettable victory that earns you some trust.”

- “You and I were the stars of this show, partner!”

- “You’d make my brothers proud.  I know I’m proud of you.”

- “Great job. Next time we go through shit like that, I need my guitar to taunt them in song.”

- “I’m not one to take all the credit. I seriously owe this victory all to you, pal.”

- “I’d say that WE did it, but 51% of all that was totally me.”

- “Time to sing them a song of their sweet, sweet defeat.”

- “Lyrics of victory are beyond me right now. You got any up your sleeve, partner?”

- “At least I didn’t have to slam a guitar over their heads. Better used for their song of defeat.”

- “Another round won fair and square. (chuckles) Not sure how that makes sense logically, but whatever.”

- “I’ve told my brothers that little sisters can be leaders. (chuckles) You did help me though.”

- “Well, I’ll be sure to mention our teamwork in my next song writing.”

- “This victory would make a great song or story. What do you say I write both?”

- “Was losing really an option?”

- “Wow… you really know your way around a mess like this. I’m gonna guess that Nathan taught you all that.”

- “Impressive. I assume Nathan took good care of you all those years.”

- “Looks like we did it, big brothers! Now to deal with both of you.”

- “Well, well, well… Game set and match for all of us.”

- “Got your own guitar ready? I let you do the honors with our victory song, in 3, 2, 1… go!”


Match Loss:

- “Ah well, not one of my finest moments.”

- “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

- “No trust given this time, but I still believe in you, buddy.”

- “Ugh. Losing to an army like them? Not a very happy girl here.”

- “I know you can do a lot better than that, partner. I know you can.”

- “Well, that was more than unfortunate.”

- “Really sad violins aren’t my instrument, you know.”

- “There are songs of losses, but I don’t plan on making this loss one of them.”

- “Who’s at fault for my own pain? My brothers? Or myself for actually listening to them?”

- “My voice cracked too many times. Well, there’ll be other songs.”

- “Well, that could’ve gone worse. Right? Least I didn’t bring my guitar.”

- “Guess I need to have a serious talk with Nathan and Sam later.”

- “Can’t write a song in a bad mood like this. Or maybe I can, I don’t know.”

- “Does Nathan feel any remorse after a fight like that, even when he wins?”

- “Never thought Nate would deal with bastards like these all on his own. Dammit, they’re good.”






- The name Allison is of Greek word “aletheia”, meaning “Truth”.

- Sam claims to be the one who taught Nate and Allison all of their "moves" used in-game.

- Allison alternates between referring to Nate as “Nathan” or "Nate". On a few occasions, she will call him "brother", "little big brother", or even "cowboy". The name “little big brother” is a potential reference to the LittleBigPlanet series, with Uncharted already having representation LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet 3 with a costume based on Nate's desert clothing from Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

- Unlike Nate and Sam, Allison alternates between refering to Sully as “Victor”, “Vic”, “Sully”, or “Sull”.

- Alice was originally meant to be played by Christine Lakin or Ashley Johnson, who had previously provided the voice and motion capture of Marisa Chase in Uncharted Golden Abyss and Ellie in The Last of Us respectfully. The role was recast with Annie Wersching in the older role and Hana Hayes in the younger role, who had both previously worked with Naughty Dog on The Last of Us as Tess and Sarah respectively. With Troy Baker cast as Sam, and Brandon Scott and Merle Dandridge also returning after The Last of Us, both Hayes and Wersching were particularly happy to return in this game.

- Along with Sam, Alice is the first of Nate's family members to be seen in the Uncharted series. This could be seen as a retcon, or it could be that Nate never talked about his brother and sister due to survivor's guilt.

- Oddly, along with Sam, Alice wasn't mentioned by Katherine Marlowe along with their mother and father in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

- In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, after Sam, Allison is playable throughout the second half of Chapter 5. This marks the first time where a character other than Nate is fully playable in the single-player campaigns. Previously, the characters of Elena Fisher and Victor Sullivan were playable during boat sequences in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, respectively; however, control over these characters was limited.

- Nate's daughter, Cassie Drake, is later playable in the Epilogue, and photos in the album show one photo of Allison blowing bubbles with her niece and another photo of Alice looking down and holding her niece's hand walking down the street while licking ice cream cones.

- Allison is approximately 2 years younger than Nate and 7 years younger than Sam, putting her age at roughly 37-38 by the events of Uncharted 4.

- According to Nate, he had introduced Alice to Sully shortly after meeting him. Due to Nate and Alice spending a lot of time together, both of them learned what they could from Sully before her and Sam's “deaths”.

- Alice and Sam seem to be on much better terms later, starting a working relationship.

- In Chapter 1 of Uncharted 4, Alice claims to be scared of heights. She still shows some signs of that grown up, in spite of her bravery and denial.

- Due to the amount of time she spent imprisoned, next to Sam, Alice is somewhat out of touch with modern society, as proven when she refers to a cell tower as a "radio tower" in Chapter 6 of Uncharted 4.

- As a kid, and even as an adult, Allison has a very small Boston accent next to Sam's. However, Nate does not.

- Annie Wersching relaxes her voice considerably when playing Allison Drake, while Hana Hayes lowers her voice a bit as Young Alice. The pitch used in both portrayals as Allison Drake is somewhere between that of Tess's voice from The Last of Us and Kaitlyn Dever's vocal pefrformance of Cassie Drake in the game's Epilogue.






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