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The Amber Jade Chimera is the nineteenth treasure that can be found in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


The Amber Jade Chimera is found in Chapter 3 - Borneo. The treasure itself is located above the exit out of the camp with the jeep in it. To get there having climbed back up the rope, the player should not walk forward up the staggered steps ahead, but instead jump to the platform to the right. Following the pathway as it curves rightward, the player should keep an eye on the white bricks on the left wall. They can use these to climb upward, and then jump to the horizontal wooden beam behind. Swinging across a couple of these beams leads to a large fallen log that bridges the area below. Walking rightward along the log, and then moving forward, the player should jump across a previously-tread pathway below to another platform. The treasure should be sitting near a fallen barrel on the right.

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