"Progress demands sacrifice."
— Asav

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2017 (aged late 40s to early 50s)


India Flag (Flat) Indian







Nadine Ross (formerly)
Orca (formerly) †


Unnamed wife [1]

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Dark brown (greying)

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Rebel Leader

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Usman Ally

Asav was a ruthless warlord, and the leader of a group of rebels. He serves as the main antagonist of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.


"A former doctor turned insurgent leader, Asav and his ragtag band of rebels stir up trouble across his homeland of India. Obsessed with toppling the Indian government, he directs his men to loot ancient sites to fund his war effort, all while keeping one step ahead of the Indian army. Intelligent and pragmatic, his quiet demeanor belies a sadistic streak he keeps tucked away for special occasions."
— Official Uncharted: The Lost Legacy bio.

Little is known about Asav's background other than that he was training to be a doctor before he became a rebel. He is well read in Hoysala culture and the old kings of India. One of his soldiers says Asav is married, but he wears no rings and doesn't mention a wife at all. In order to build his army, he used his charisma to convince social outcast and weak-willed people in India to join his insurgent army to overthrow the ''tyrannical'' Indian government like all terrorist leader would do.

Asav had a brief partnership with Nadine Ross, and though it is never specified, based on his interactions with her in The Lost Legacy it was presumably a romantic one, though it ended badly.

After months of unsuccessfully fighting the Indian government, Asav began hunting for the Tusk of Ganesh so he could use it to rally people to his cause but in fact, he intended to spark civil war by trading the Tusk with the a military-graded bomb from Shoreline to destroy an Indian city, which can cause mass chaos. During the chaos, he can rally up people by promising order and prosperity under his rule in which he will amass enough desperate people to build a large army strong enough to topple Indian government.

Samuel Drake was intentionally put into his rank by Chloe as expert to solve the way to get the Tusk but in fact he tried to slow Asav down by making him runs into a wild goose chase. At the same time, Sam's partner, Chloe Frazer, called Nadine to help locate the Tusk.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (2017)

Main article: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Chloe: "Uh. Can I just say... you were not joking about Asav. I mean... wow, he looks so unassuming."
Nadine: "Right? That's exactly what he wants. Pretty sure his glasses are an affectation."
Chloe: "To make him look harmless, or smart?"
Nadine: "Both."
—Nadine and Chloe discussing Asav

Chloe and Nadine enter the active war zone to steal an artifiact that is the secret to locating the Tusk of Ganesh inside Asav's main base.

The two break into his high-rise and observe his stolen artifacts, and even ivory trade, before breaking into his safe and stealing the Disc of Ganesh. However, Asav returns to the top floor with armed men. He is surprised to see Nadine but nonetheless warmly greets her, though he slightly mocks her for losing Shoreline and working with a thief like Chloe. After Chloe reveals she has the disc and fails to bargain their way out, Asav orders them executed. Nadine and Chloe manage to escape via the rooftops until crash landing in the river.

Asav litters the Western Ghats with his men, and Ross and Frazer notice him entering with his convoy.

While making their way to the aqueducts, Asav has his men posted outside and hunts Chloe and Nadine in an APC. Though it seems they escape his sights, Asav rams through the wall they were climbing, giving him the opportunity to steal the disc back. He explains his goals whilst referencing the old kings of Hoysala, and prepares to execute Chloe. Nadine escaping distracts him and a fight ensues. To Frazer's surprise, Asav is a fearsome opponent, and she cannot gain the upper hand until Ross sneaks up from behind, but Asav still throws them through a brick wall and into the aqueducts.

After Chloe and Nadine fall into the river, Asav ambushes and captures them along with Sam. They enter a puzzle room that depicts Ganesh being struck by Parashurama and losing his Tusk. He forces Chloe to solve the puzzle with Sam and Nadine's lives on the line, and doing so reveals the Tusk of Ganesh. Asav readies the chamber to detonate and drown the three, though this gives them the opportunity to escape.

Asav has sold the Tusk to Shoreline in return for a military-grade bomb that will be detonated in the heart of an Indian city, in order to spark a civil war that will erase the bloodline of the new kings as well as creating chaos for him to take advantage of so he can build an army large enough to topple the government through the mass of desperate people. He boards the bomb in a train, but Chloe and Nadine have already re-directed it to a broken bridge. By now, Asav violently fights Frazer and Ross and states to them that when he gets rid of them he will buy another bomb to continue his cause. With some struggle, the two pin him down beneath the bomb. Knowing that he will die, he gloats to them that more people will rise up to his cause and he will be the martyr for the rebellion. The train then falls off the bridge, causing the bomb to detonate, killing Asav, and presumably ending his rebellion.

Single-player skins and variants

  • Asav
  • Asav (Train)


"You see, to rule a people, you must first sow chaos."
— Asav

Asav, despite his outward soft-spoken appearance, is a ruthless warlord obsessed with the cleansing of the Indian bloodline which he perceives as weak due to the young king showing mercy to his enemies and ending the rituals of the old king - the bloodline of Asav's people.

Regardless of his own immoral line of work, Asav regards Chloe with disdain due to her being both a thief and foreigner to India. Hypocritically, despite his claims of preserving his people's legacy, Asav has almost no care for his culture's artifacts or history. He has robbed artifacts from their homeland, destroyed ancient Indian archeology (that even Chloe or Nadine would not do), and his selling the Tusk for a bomb proves Ross' claim that Asav wanting to preserve his culture's heritage was false. He is only a war profiteer concerned with his own interests.

However, Asav showed some form of respect for Chloe due to her courage, knowledge of his people's culture, and her success in locating the Tusk of Ganesh. Asav had gone insane near the end of his life and didn't care about his own death as long as he could kill Nadine and Frazer.

Asav revels in violence while also trying to portray himself as civilized and fair, but he can never strike the perfect balance, which in turn makes him come across as very unpredictable. He's also intimidating in the way he looms over Nadine and Chloe, physically taking up space in an attempt to rattle them.

Skills and Abilities

Asav is brutal and efficient in hand-to-hand combat, easily overpowering both Chloe and Nadine fighting him as a cohesive unit. Asav's restricted and controlled fighting stance comes across as barely held together, his sadistic tendencies simmering just beneath the surface. It isn't until the finale where he's backed up against a wall that Asav bears down on Chloe and Nadine with his full strength.


  • Asav is similar to Zoran Lazarević, the main antagonist of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
    • Both have their own personal armies; Lazarević has his own private army, and Asav has his insurgents.
    • Both captured the protagonists at the moment where they're about to open the way to the treasure, and forced the main protagonist to open the way while threatening their friends' lives; Lazarević forced Nathan Drake to work alongside Harry Flynn in opening the gateway to Shambhala while holding Chloe and Elena at gunpoint, and Asav forced Chloe to solve the puzzles needed in order to reveal the Tusk of Ganesh while holding Nadine and Sam at gunpoint.
    • Both were defeated, but not killed by the protagonists, and were left by them to die; Lazarević was beaten to death by the Shambhala Guardians after Nathan Drake defeated him by shooting the explosive resin near him, and Asav was killed by a bomb explosion after Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross defeated him in hand-to-hand combat near the bomb, causing the bomb to crush his leg, leaving him to die as the train fell off the bridge and the bomb detonated.
  • Asav is one of, if not the most, toughest antagonists to be fought in hand-to-hand combat in the series. Like Nadine Ross in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Asav is capable of taking on two people at once, in which he easily overpowered Chloe Frazer and even Nadine Ross herself single-handedly until he was either caught off-guard by a double team, or was being restrained by Nadine, allowing Chloe to attack him.



  1. Ambient dialogue in Chapter 4 - The Western Ghats

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