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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Multiplayer)

Gabriel Roman led a group of highly trained South American mercenaries. their first name is Gabriel Roman's mercenaries but later Roman's second-in-command Atoq Navarro killed Gabriel Roman and became new leader of mercenaries and changed name and new name is Atoq Navarro's mercenaries. They, along with the treasure hunter. group of mercenaries is founded by Gabriel Roman to serve as security in the search for El Dorado. They were the most common enemies of Nathan Drake during the later chapters of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune during his search for the fabled gold, sent patrolling constantly to eliminate him.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

At some point, Gabriel Roman approached Atoq Navarro and they both became treasure hunters but later Roman and Navarro found the all of the mercenaries in his command in streets in South America as beggars, and they hired the beggars one by one and trained them to become highly trained mercenaries.

Roman was aware that his rival, Victor Sullivan, was close to finding the treasure along with his good friend, Nathan Drake. Roman wanted compensation for money Sully owed him. He needed mercanaries of soldiers to help his excavation of El Dorado, and someone with knowledge of the treasure's history. He chose Atoq Navarro as his second-in-command, who had studied the fabled gold and knew much about it. Navarro is his best man in a team of highly trained mercenaries native to his homeland and the mercenaries are trained by Gabriel Roman. With a large ocean tanker, countless weapons and vehicles, but before Roman was sure that these men would be proper for the job. He aided Navarro and other troops to aid in finding El Dorado as well as capturing Sully and Nate. Navarro was made to lead the mission. Unbeknownst to Roman, Navarro had his own agenda and was not planning on letting him have El Dorado. The mercenaries remained truly loyal to Navarro only, following Roman's orders as long as Navarro saw fit.

The mercenaries proved to be less useful than Roman had hoped, as Nate and his allies continued to defeat and escape the mercenaries sent after them. They could only hold back when Eddy's pirates are sent in instead.

It is unknown what happens to the mercenaries after Navarro's death, but it is probable they continued to be organization.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • Dutch
  • Blaine
  • Javier
  • Dillon
Several of the mercenaries appear in Uncharted 2 as multiplayer skins.

Dutch and Blaine are unlocked at levels 70 and 80 respectively.

Javier is unlocked after the purchase of the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune multiplayer pack.

Dillon appears in the Sidekick Skin pack.


Chapter 3 - A Surprising Find

Chapter 13 - Sanctuary?

Chapter 14 - Going Underground

Chapter 15 - On The Trail Of Treasure

Chapter 19 - Unwelcome Guests

Chapter 20 - Race To The Rescue

Chapter 21 - Gold And Bones

Chapter 22 - Showdown


Weapons-AK-47 AK-47: The standard assault rifle in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-PM-9mm PM-9mm: A standard pistol found in Drake's Fortune and Golden Abyss.
Weapons-M4 M4: An elite assault rifle in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-SAS-12 SAS-12: An elite shotgun found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-M79 M79: A powerful grenade launcher found in Drake's Fortune.
Weapons-92FS-9mm 92FS-9mm: An elite standard pistol found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-Desert-5 Desert-5: An elite and very powerful pistol found in the Uncharted series.


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