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Blaine MP skin

Blaine, as he appears as a selectable skin in multiplayer mode.

Blaine is one of Navarro's mercenaries from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

In Drake's Fortune Edit

Blaine is seen once in Chapter 21 - Gold and Bones where he is in the cave with El Dorado. After Navarro shoots Roman, Blaine and another mercenary lower the statue onto a net so it can be airlifted to their tanker. Soon after, the Descendants flood the room and, along with his fellow mercenaries, Blaine is killed by them as Navarro escapes with Elena. Other than this one appearance, there are many mercenaries very close in appearance to Blaine that can be seen throughout the game.

One such occurance is in Chapter 21 - Gold and Bones where a mercenary with a hat and pocketed vest stands outside and is surprised by Drake clinging on to El Dorado and warns Navarro. 


Blaine is available as a free multiplayer skin in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves when the player reaches level 80 (XXX). He is a silent skin.

Appears InEdit

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune:Edit



  • Despite being referred to as "Blaine" by Naughty Dog, his name is misspelled as "Blain" in multiplayer.
  • In Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Blaine has nothing on his leg while in Uncharted 2 Multiplayer he has a leg holster.

A Blaine look-alike is astonished by Drake.

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