Brutal Expert
U1 Silver Trophy


Kill five enemies in a row with a brutal combo

Medal value

40 medal points


Silver Ps3 silver trophy

Brutal Expert is a medal/trophy available in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

It is awarded when the player has killed five enemies in a row with the brutal combo attack. As with all Drake's Fortune trophies, the trophy is only awarded when the 1.10 title update has been downloaded, and is not retroactive.

It is worth forty medal points and/or a silver trophy.


  • A good level to try this one is Chapter 1 - Ambushed. Upon arrival of the pirates, shoot them until the part were they board the ship, but do not press PlayStationSquare, PlayStationTriangle, PlayStationSquare so rapidly, as it will allow your opponent to counter punch. Instead, hold PlayStationSquare for half a second, then press PlayStationTriangle and hold it, then move on to the last button. Do this for five times in a row to get the trophy.