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Chapter 12 - At Sea

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"Huh. Somehow I imagined it...bigger."
— Sam and Nate approaching the island
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Walkthrough
Chapter 12 - At Sea



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At Sea is the twelfth chapter in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. There are 13 Treasures, 6 Journal Entries, 2 Notes and 2 Optional Conversations to find in this chapter.


After renting a boat, Nathan Drake and his brother Samuel Drake speed through the Indian Ocean to a small archipelago that Nate had found in a series of clues from a puzzle earlier. Sam decides to celebrate the peaceful moment at sea but Nate is still recurring from breaking his marriage vows and his friendship. Sam tries to reassure him by claiming that bringing home Avery's treasure would change their minds.

Nate and Sam arrive at the archipelago and spots a watchtower of sorts on one of the two larger islands. They arrive at the top and upon pressing a button a series of arrows appear all throughout the island chain. Nate and Sam follow the arrows to a subterranean cave on the largest island. They discover lavish ruins with caved-in entrances, forcing them to climb around to find another way in. Once they enter the ruins, they find the place where the concept of Libertalia was conceived and created. They then enter another chamber where upon completion of a puzzle reveals the statues of the eleven pirates who founded Libertalia. Realizing that a statue of Avery was missing, they exit the chamber to find a humongous statue of Avery emerging from the other larger island.

They returned to their boat and travel to the other island and find a storm brewing. Once they arrive at the island containing Avery's statue, they notice that the statue is holding a spyglass but is not looking through it. Nate climbs the statue, looks through the spyglass and spots a bigger island out in the distance, presumably the location of Libertalia. Before Nate and Sam could set off, they spot Shoreline ships arriving, prompting them to immediately leave for the Libertalia in the midst of the brewing storm.




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