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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Walkthrough
Chapter 13 - Marooned
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"Marooned" is the thirteenth chapter in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


After being ambushed at sea by the Shoreline boats, Nate wakes up and finds himself marooned on the island. Nate tries to call out for Sam, but he is nowhere to be seen. Nate treks through the island, while facing the heavy storm. As he traverses the island, he continues to call out for his brother, but there's still no answer. After climbing several walls, he eventually falls off a wall and lands into a small cave, where he rests until the storm settles.

After waking up again, he exits the cave and spots a flashing light in the distance. Figuring it must be Sam, he pulls out his light and flashes it back. He continues trekking the island trying to reach Sam. Along the way, he encounters several Shoreline thugs. After fighting his way through them, he continues his search.

As he climbs several walls, he discovers a piton attached to a corpse. He grabs it and uses to scale cliffs with. He eventually finds Sam. Intent on finding the treasure, he insists on pressing on, but Nate stops him and tries to convince them that maybe what they're doing isn't worth it and should think of a more reasonable way to save Sam. However, Sam feels very strong about finding the treasure, and will not stop at nothing until he does.

The two continue to search the island and eventually, the reach the paradise that is Libertalia.


Find Sam

After the cutscene, head up the path on the left close to the beach. On your right is a fallen tree, which you need to climb over. Then, make your way back down to the water level. Because Nate is injured, he cannot jump while climbing. Ahead of you are rocky walls. Climb them, then head forward, turn right around the right rock sticking out over the waves of the water. Hug the wall to your left and scour along the edge.

After dropping down, search the trunk on the beach, then turn around and head under the fallen tree. Climb onto the rocky platform to the right and head around to the left side of the large rock. Climb up behind this rock, then drop down on the other side and head forward. Sneak along the wall after the ground gives out, then climb up the wall in front of you.



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