"Well, you're looking awfully good for a corpse."
— Nathan Drake to Victor Sullivan
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Chapter 13 - Sanctuary




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"Sanctuary?" is the thirteenth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


Nate and Elena arrive at the monastery by jet ski. Once there, they face Atoq Navarro's mercenaries, who have overrun the area. Fighting their way through the monastery and surrounding jungle, they come across the body of one of Eddy Raja's pirates impaled on one of the spike traps that Nate first encountered back on the Kriegsmarine island.[1] Elena wonders why Raja or Navarro's men would set up traps when they are at risk of triggering them. Nate rightly points out that they wouldn't. Elena questions whether the Spanish had made them hundreds of years earlier, then Nate tells her to look more closely at the spikes, as they have been clearly made from the metal of their plane, indicating that they were made very recently by some unknown presence. Nate also points out that something had been chewing on the pirate in the trap, and notices odd two-toed footprints on the ground. He surmises from the deathly silence around them that they are being watched. He quickly puts the thought out of his mind, and they continue to press on to the monastery.

They eventually come into a large plaza, containing a large church and a library, along with several other empty buildings. They begin to have bad feelings about the place, and insists they hurry up and find Sullivan so they can get out of there. They hear the mercenaries discussing Sullivan, who is being held in the library. They shoot their way in, and confront Sullivan about his supposed death. He shows them Francis Drake's diary, which he had placed in his shirt's breast pocket, allowing it to stop the bullet from killing him. However, Sullivan comments that it "still hurt like a son of a bitch." He then tells Nate that Roman and Navarro have been making him translate the books in the library, looking for clues to the treasure's whereabouts. Deciding to buy time until Nate arrived, Sullivan had sent them chasing a red herring on the other side of the monastery.

After assuring Elena that they will not leave her behind again, the three decide to go for the treasure. Sullivan tells Nate that there may be more to the library than meets the eye, and after solving a statue puzzle, Nate opens a secret passage, leading down into another library. Nate solves another puzzle and opens a passage to the "land of the dead," the labyrinth of catacombs beneath the monastery. He tells Sullivan and Elena to wait in the hidden room where they will be safe, claiming that he will make much less noise than all three of them. He carries a walkie-talkie to communicate with them, and Elena's warns him to be careful. They close the door back up, and Nate heads down into the "land of the dead."


Dodge the laser sights

After getting off the jet ski, head around the corner and bust your way through a gate. You will be confronted a few of Eddy's pirates. Take them down, then run across the bridge going into the forest. After passing through the forest, you will be confronted by Navarro's mercenaries. Be mindful of the guys with laser-sights. Roll to avoid their line of sight.

Major battle: 1st courtyard

Continue pressing on until you reach an area below where two mercenaries are seen talking about Sully. Take them out, then jump down to take out two more that appear. Head into the large plaza. The place is swarming with mercenaries, so prepare for a fire fight. After all of these guys are defeated, look for a passage with stairs. Go up and turn right to enter a room with a path at the top. You will need to climb your way up there, bust your way through the door, make your way to the other side of the wall to find a way in for Elena. Look for the large pile of dynamite and shoot it to blow open a hole for Elena to get through. After that, head up to the winch. After you attempt to lift it, Elena will try to hold it open, while you head underneath the door to brace it open.

Major battle: 2nd Courtyard

Once you both slide under the door, run down into the large courtyard. You will be confronted a several more mercenaries. Watch out for the guys with M79s. After taking these guys out, head up the stairs on the left side of the library.

Major battle: inside the library

Once inside, you will once again engage in another firefight with the mercenaries. After taking them out, a cutscene will trigger. Watch out for the laser sights and grenade launchers. Take out the enemies on the high lever first. Having a M79 will be quite handy here. Drop to ground and get behind the closest cover and quickly eliminate all of the forces in this library.

Statue puzzle solution

After the cutscene, you will need to solve a statue puzzle. When looking at the diary, you will see that there are four statues named: Mother, Luke, John and Mark. Their names are labeled beside a direction of the compass. Each statue must be rotated to face their respective directions. When done correctly, a bookcase will turn sideways, revealing a secret passage. Head down there and you will come across another library. There is another puzzle to solve here. Head right towards the levers. You will need to rotate both levers to unlock the passage to "the land of the dead."


Number Treasure Location
1 Golden Turtle This treasure can be obtained in two ways: 1) After getting off the jet ski, jump into the water and swim to the ledge behind the waterwheel and go behind the waterwheel. The treasure is on the small ledge against the broken bridge. 2) After defeating the pirates, jump from the bridge near where it's broken, to the ledge below.
2 Silver Inca Cup After viewing the cutscene involving the deathtrap being made of the airplane parts, the treasure can be found under the dilapidated staircase. You'll find it on some rocks in the water, directly underneath the staircase.
3 Jeweled Silver Cross This one is found in a little room near where you shoot the large pile of exploding barrels.
4 Silver Toothpick This one can be found to the right of where you first enter this area. You'll likely need to kill all the enemies before being able to get it. Jump over the stone railing to get it.
5 Gold Spanish Chalice Starting from where you first came into this area, go down the ramp and make a left past the large staircase, all the way to the wall, then turn left again to the corner where the rubble is. If this treasure is missed in this chapter, you can find it again in Chapter 20 - Race to the Rescue in the same place.
6 Silver Coatimundi Head through the large tunnel to reach a small little area, where you'll find the treasure in the corner.
7 Golden Cup and Cover It is in the room where you have to invert the torches to open the secret passageway. It is in the section of the room to the right of the main painting.



Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 13 - Sanctuary?

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 13 - Sanctuary?


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