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On the Trail of the Treasure
On the Trail of the Treasure




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"Now I just need to get past these goons without getting noticed."
— Nate to himself

"On the Trail of the Treasure" is the fifteenth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


Nate makes his way back through the monastery, fighting more of Atoq Navarro's mercenaries along the way. As he advances, he is contacted on his walkie-talkie by Sully, who along with Elena, has been reading through the books in the library where Nate left them. He informs Nate of a secret "gallery" above the church that will reveal the location of the treasure vault. Nate does some climbing and manages to find the gallery, a small room at the top of the chapel. After more climbing and crossing a bunch of platforms above the sanctuary, he gets to the gallery and inside, he opens a window bearing the symbol used by the Spanish to mark their treasure vaults (two crossed keys passing through a heart). From the window, he is given a clear view of the graveyard behind the church, and a mausoleum marked with the same symbol; the same mausoleum that Sully had previously sent Roman and Navarro to on a "red herring."

After informing Sully of the situation, Nate climbs down the outer wall of the church, as Sully creates a distraction that gets Roman and Navarro out of the mausoleum. After crossing the graveyard littered with goons, Nate meets up with Elena and Sully in the mausoleum, where he once again turns to Francis Drake's diary to solve a puzzle, which opens up a secret passageway. Nate and Elena enter, but a trap is sprung as Sully follows them. Nate pushes him back into the mausoleum as the door slams shut. Sully informs Nate over his walkie-talkie that he is fine, despite being "knocked on his ass." With no way back, Nathan and Elena have no choice but to press on.


I. Search for the gallery

After exiting the building, head up the stairs. The entrance is on the right, but is locked, so you must go left to the corner and climb up. There's some slightly lengthy jumping and climbing sequences, but it's a fairly straight-forward one. Once you reach the monastery, drop down and get ready for a short firefight. Quickly duck into cover at the arch on your left to pick some of them off. Then head into the hall and crouch behind a box in to pick the rest off. It can also help to fire from the ledge before dropping down. There are five mercenaries; the two closest have 92FS-9mm's, and the others have M4's. They're actually on a couple of separate platforms, so only the first two will be on the same as yours. You'll know you defeated them all when Sully calls Nate.

Jump forward across the platforms until you reach the room at the end with wooden platforms. Carefully jump along them and then walk down the stairs. Continue moving along, up the stairs, to the left, then to the right. Jump diagonally to the outcrop, then jump along and climb up the vine into the monastery again, where there is another firefight, but shorter. Immediately take cover when you drop in. There are only two guys, so take your time. One has a SAS-12, the other has a M4. There's not a lot of room, especially on Crushing, so take them out before they charge your position.

II. Cross the platforms

A difficult platforming sequence awaits you ahead. Go to where the mercenaries came from and jump to the next wooden platform, then jump to the outcrop on the wall, and quickly jump over the next three to the one on the next pillar. Jump back to the wooden platform, then turn and jump the chandelier, then jump to the next wooden platform, and then the next. Jump to the outcrop on the pillar, shimmy around, and then jump to the next wooden platform.

Jump to the next, but instead of heading to the chandelier, turn to your left and jump to the outcrop on the pillar embedded in the wall. Shimmy and jump until you reach a wooden platform, then carefully follow it and very carefully jump to the little bit of the next platform sticking out (it's easy to over-shoot). Walk over to the key on the wall and jump on it to pull it down. Retrace your steps back to the wooden platform right before you jumped to this area, then jump to the chandelier you haven't crossed yet. Cross it, turn a little to the right of the hanging bones and jump to the next platform. Jump again, and carefully follow it around and jump to the next. Follow it and jump up to the second key to pull it down.

Drop down, and then jump up to the outhand on the pillar just to your left, embedded in the wall. Shimmy around it to the chain. Jump to the chain, swing and jump to the little outcrop, then jump backwards to the new stain glass platform. Go inside and find the window with the heart and crossed key, then watch the cutscene that follows.

III. Enemy encounter - graveyard

After the cutscene, drop down and shimmy around. When you reach the vine leading down, Roman and Navarro leave their base, after which you can slide down to the ground. Prepare for a slightly longer and harder firefight.

There are several things to know here, first of which is that there is a Dragon Sniper on the boxes in front of you. You can use it to take out at least one sniper all the way over by the fence opposite your position and one all the way on the right, along with a mercenary with a M79 behind another fence and one with a Desert-5 over to the left at the top of the stairs. The other enemies are three mercenaries with 92FS-9mms and one with a SAS-12, who won't appear until the fight starts. Also, at least one of the mercenaries will most likely try to walk up the stairs all the way at the end to your position, so be mindful of that.

First, pick up Dragon Sniper and take over behind the pillar to the right of the first big hole in the fence. Take aim with your pistol and try to headshot one of the guys closest to you or at least kill him before they begin shooting back. Next, focus on the other one you didn't kill, who should be relatively out of cover. Do it quick, because the others will still be shooting and that one has a good angle on you.

By this point, the mercenary with the M79 should be out and shooting, so try to take him down. Things get less organized now, so just take aim. There should still be one sniper and someone all the way over on the left stairs with a Desert-5. Once they're all dead, make your way down and pick up any ammo you need and head towards those stairs where the mercenary with the Desert-5 was.

Slowly make your way up, and duck into cover quickly, as they will notice you. You can also quickly pick up the Desert-5 if you wish. On Crushing, it's best to run back to the bottom of the stairs and take cover behind the pillar on the right side, and let them come to you. There are four mercenaries, two with a SAS-12, two with a M4. After taking them all down, head up to the little build and head inside.

IV. Puzzle solution

To advance, you will have a little puzzle to solve here in the room. Examine the symbols you see in the room and compare them to what you see in the diary. You only have to turn the scallop, the snake and the arrows. Turn the scallop so that the wider end is facing down. The snake must have its head pointing left. The arrows must be rotated so that they're pointing up. A cutscene triggers and then you'll move on to the next chapter.


# Treasure Location
1 Gold Inca Figurine At the very beginning of the chapter, instead of heading up the stairs, go to the right, and it should be in the grass.
2 Golden Bird Vessel Once you take out the first batch of enemies and Sully contacts you, head forward, but turn left before the room with the wooden platforms. It should be on the floor at the edge.
3 Golden Spanish Goblet After re-entering the monastery and defeating the two mercenaries, go to where they came from, a room on the right and it should be in there.
4 Jeweled Golden Cross After opening the secret gallery and jumping in, head to right and it should be in the corner.
5 Silver Skull After taking out the enemies after exiting the secret chapel, it is between a small house and the wall, opposite of the hole. The wall is the one the sniper and the guy with the M79 were.
6 Golden Inca Mask Before entering the building after taking out all the mercenaries, head right and it's hidden behind some grave stones.

Trophy opportunities

Trophy How to obtain
Expert Fortune Hunter If you've gotten all the treasures so far, you should get this trophy in this chapter.
50 Kills: 92FS-9mm As it's your pistol of choice for this chapter, it may pop up. As with all the other weapons used, it may or may not pop up as you go along. The chapter isn't all that long, but there is a good bit of shooting, so it may be worth it to replay for those weapons.
50 Kills: M4 There are plenty these found in the chapter, especially in the graveyard where you fight a whole bunch of mercenaries.
50 Kills: SAS-12 This weapon first appears in Chapter 13, so you may have a greater chance of obtaining the trophy if you use it in the previous chapters, then more in this chapter.
30 Kills: Dragon Sniper This weapon only shows up once.
20 Kills: Desert-5 This weapon also only shows up once.



  • The cutscene where Nate tells Sully to create a diversion is not included in the list of story cutscenes from the game menu.


Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 15 - On The Trail Of The Treasure

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 15 - On The Trail Of The Treasure