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Treasure Vault




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Chapter 15 - On the Trail of the Treasure

The Treasure Vault is the sixteenth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Plot synopsis

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher arrive in the treasure vault, a labyrinth of walkways, stairs, and dead ends. Nate notices several roman numerals have been engraved into metal plates and set into the ground, each one bearing a directional arrow. Following the roman numerals scrawled on the corner of Francis Drake's map (II, V, VII) he moves through the vault, along the way glimpsing strange human-like forms running in the distance.

As he and Elena progress, Eddy Raja, accompanied by several of his pirates, blast through a door at the back of the vault. Eddy tells Nate that the "last man alive gets the gold," before ordering his men to kill them. Nate and Elena fight their way through the pirates, moving upwards as they advance. They eventually find themselves in a small room at the top of the vault.



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