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Chapter 16 - Where Am I?




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Where Am I? is the sixteenth chapter of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


Nate wakes up and finds himself in Tibet, dressed and recovered in a home with Tibetan people. Nate doesn't understand the people so most of the time he is simply guessing what they are trying to tell him. After he wakes up, a Tibetan man asks him to follow him. Nate interacts with the people and animals of the Tibetan village. Nate knows nothing about where he is or who are those people, but that isn't the least of his troubles... After following the stranger to a house at the end of the village, Nate finds Elena waiting for him, and a man named Karl Schafer welcomes him. He is then told to go with the man who had brought him there, named Tenzin, to find his expedition in the ice caves.


There really is no need for a walkthrough, just roam freely in the Tibetian villege, interact with people and pet yaks (wich also gives you a the beast mode medal if you pet them all). If you want to get this over with, just follow Tenzin and he will lead you to the next chapter, Chapter 17 - Mountaneering.

First Appearances


  1. Ram's Head Thogchag
  2. Bronze Buddha Statue
  3. Singing Bowl


  • If at any time the player throws a punch during the walk with Tenzin to Schafer's house, Nathan will clutch his side in pain.
  • You are free to greet the villagers in this mission. They will not be reluctant to meet you. Walk towards a unoccupied person and press the action button. You may shake hands with them or simply wave.
    • The two kids hiding behind a small wall can also be interacted with. Nathan comedicly scares them, putting his hands near his face as a clown might. Niether child feels particularly threatened by this however, nor is there any sort of reward for doing so.
  • If you go into the house through the hatch, Nate will ask where a telephone is.
  • You can interact with the two kids playing soccer.
  • You can pet the yaks in this mission. Petting all of them will earn you the 'Beast Mode' medal.
  • If you interact with a yak near its rear, Drake will sniff.
  • If you walk by some of the yaks, Drake will ask them if they know English.
  • At the beginning, when you go to the cliff where the mountains are, Nate will say "Let's see if we can get our bearings... Okay, those are... mountains."
  • When you see the boy and his mother talking, you can press the square button and Nate will tell the boy to listen to his mother and to be a good boy.


Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves - Walktrough - Chapter 16 - Where am I?

Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves - Walktrough - Chapter 16 - Where am I?