"Drake, if we don't make it out of here, I just want you to know... I hate your guts."
— Eddy Raja to Drake before fighting the descendants

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Walkthrough
The Heart of the Vault
The Heart of the Vault




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Chapter 16 - The Treasure Vault

"The Heart of the Vault" is the seventeenth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


Nate and Elena arrive into a small circular room at the top of the treasure vault. Expecting to find El Dorado, they instead discover the remains of Francis Drake. Nate is clearly disappointed that Drake never found the treasure, and leaves his ring with the body, saying "So much for greatness. He wasted his life for nothing."

Nate and Elena start looking for a way out, as the distant screams of Eddy Raja's pirates begin to echo through the vault. Nate boosts Elena up to a broken ladder, where she climbs up to the room's upper level. She tells Nate that there is a rope attached to an old hoist, but discovers that it is stuck as she attempts to swing it out to Nate.

As she attempts to move the hoist, Eddy and Prakoso back into the room, clearly terrified. Nate greets them, gun in hand, but their tense reunion is interrupted by nearby roaring and the screams of Eddy's dying pirates. Nate asks Eddy what's happening, to which Eddy replies, "We're dead. We're all dead." A human-like creature grabs Prakoso and drags him down into a hole. More of these creatures (known as "descendants") begin to pour into the room through holes in the floor, and Nate and Eddy are forced to work together to stay alive. The two open fire on the descendants.

During the firefight, Eddy kills a descendant whose body falls into one of the holes. Proud, he moves to the edge of the hole and proclaims, "Don't mess with Eddy Raja." Another descendant then reaches out of the hole and pulls Eddy in. Despite Nate's best efforts to save him, Eddy is bitten in the neck and pulled down into the hole. Nate is faced with several more descendants that appear. He continues to fight alone until Elena manages to move the hoist and get the rope out for him to climb up. The two run down a passageway, pursued by the descendants. They eventually pass through a large metal doorway, which they close and seal shut behind them. With the descendants roaring outside, Elena is the first to notice their location; they are in an upper control room of a long abandoned German submarine bunker. Nate runs up to the window and spots a submarine sitting in a dry dock far beneath them.

Elena discovers an elevator that can take them back to the surface, however it will not work until they find a way to restore power to the bunker. Noting the extreme athletic skill it will take to climb down the pipes to the ground, Elena decides to wait in the control room while Nate heads into the bunker.


You begin by pressing L2 to look up, then go over and hoist Elena up, after which a cutscene will begin.

The firefight that ensues from it is short, but can get quite troublesome if you don't realize that the genre has changed. Rather than being an aim and shoot battle, you must run around and blind fire at the descendants. They'll charge at you and move around too fast to get a good bead on them most of the time. You have a good amount of ammo and weapons so don't be afraid to go a little wild. The best gun is, funnily enough, the Moss-12 Shotgun, generally taking out the descendants with one shot, if you're close enough. Which is really the best strategy. They'll have to charge at you to hit you, which is their only method of attack. They may jump on you, in which case you'll have to shake them off by shaking the controller. Keep running around, blasting them if they get close. If you run out of shot gun shells, pick up some more ammo or an AK-47 and keep shooting.

Eventually Eddy will go down, leaving just you and the descendants. The shotguns should be back, so run to them and pick them up. Before too long, Elena will finally get the rope out, so quickly climb up. Now you begin running down a cave. This part should be fairly straight forward; just shoot them if they get close to conserve ammo, and keep running. It'll be over after a bit, and then the chapter ends.


There are no treasures in this chapter.

Trophy opportunities

Trophy How to obtain
50 Kills: AK-47 Not much to do here, but if you need either the AK-47 or the Moss-12 trophy, this is a good place. A very easy way of gaining this trophy is to kill the "slippery naked people" (according to Nate's journal in Uncharted 2) with the AK-47. Eddy Raja will help you out at first, but once he dies, you're on your own, making this much easier, as you can fully kill them yourself. There is an infinite spawn of ammo and enemies here, so avoid getting onto the hoist until the trophies have been earned.
50 Kills: Moss-12 Again, not much to do. Use the Moss-12 to defeat the enemies while following the above method and the trophy should pop easily.


  • It is unclear why, but there is always a chance of a hardlock (a crash that causes the entire system to freeze) in the tunnel at the end of the level, always in the exact same place. A worker at Naughty Dog claimed that they had known about it, but couldn't fix it because they didn't know what caused it. The only known way to cut down the chances of it happening is to pause and unpause repeatedly during Nate's line and the beginning of Elena's line.



Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 17 - The Heart Of The Vault

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 17 - The Heart Of The Vault