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Chapter 19 - Siege




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Siege is the nineteenth chapter of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


Tenzin's village is attacked by Lazarevic and his soldiers. Nathan and Tenzin must protect it and find Karl Shafer who is currently holding the dagger. They must fight through the village encountering normal troops and soldiers armed with M32-Hammers.


As you make your way through this chapter you must protect Tenzin's village from Lazarevic's attack. Head down the hillside, taking out the soldiers you meet along the way. Use grenades generously to make quick work of your enemies.

Get into the next area and enter the building. Use it as cover against the enemies in the courtyard also avoiding the turret in the building across the way.

After clearing many of the enemies in the courtyard out head to the left of the turret and climb the ladder to reach the upper level and flank it. Take the gunner out and head over to the turret so that you can turn it against his friends in the area.

Head a little further and get behind a stone wall to avoid the rockets that are being fired by the soldier perched above. Make taking him out your priority as getting hit by one of his shots means certain death for you. After he's been taken out clear out the rest of the enemies in the area before following Tenzin to a door he must unlock for you to continue.

Climb the ladder in the building Tenzin gives you access to and defeat the enemy at the top of the ladder inside. Grab the minigun and use it against the enemies congregated outside of the building you're in before moving to the next area.

Look out for the RPG firing enemies all around the next section with the elevated huts. Take them out along with the assault rifle wielding enemies and move on to the next section.

Eliminate the soldier with the riot shield by shooting the shield itself enough times that he drops to the ground. Run up to him and use the melee attack to take him down. Take down the other soldier before making your way to Tenzin's house

Head over to Tenzin's house and climb the ladder inside to end the chapter.


  1. Amber Skull Bead
  2. Antique Ghau
  3. Bell Thogchag


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Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves - Walktrough - Chapter 19 - Siege-0