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Unwelcome Guests is the nineteenth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Plot synopsis

Nathan Drake, fighting through the Descendants, manages to activate the electrical switches that deliver power to the rest of the bunker. He escapes the generator room, trapping the Descendants inside.

Heading back the way he came, he finds that the power has turned on a projector, showing footage of the German expedition. The footage shows the El Dorado statue, along with one of its victims. A man has been chained to it, and is attempting to attack the camera, behaving exactly like the descendants.

On the table beside the projector, Nate finds a letter: the last testament of Francis Drake. In the letter he explains that the treasure bears a "terrible curse," and that it was he who destroyed the Spanish ships in an attempt to stop it from ever leaving the island. Nate realizes that the treasure also affected the Spanish hundreds of years ago. Through centuries of inbreeding, they became the descendants that were currently roaming the island.

Pushing on, Nate arrives in the control room beside the one that he left Elena Fisher in. He finds that she has been captured by Gabriel Roman and Atoq Navarro. Roman thanks Nate for leading him to El Dorado, and they leave. Navarro's mercenaries, now bearing protective helmets, enter the bunker and try to kill Nate, but they soon get caught up fighting the descendants. Nate fights through both descendants and mercenaries before climbing a ladder that takes him back up to the monastery above.



  • Glitch: If one quits out of this chapter and return to the menu, it'll say you're on "The Bunker", but won't have to do it over again.

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