"It's just I don't go around wearing endangered species on my feet."
— Nathan Drake to Jason Dante

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Walkthrough
Nate and dante looking at bridge
Name "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"
Treasures 4
Previous chapter "I'm Telling You... It Was Drake..."
Next chapter "No Prison Tats"

"You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" is the first chapter of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.


The story flashes back to two weeks earlier. Nathan Drake and his partner, Jason Dante, journey through the jungle on foot after their jeep gets stuck in mud.

After climbing some cliffs, they come across a ridge with a rope bridge. Before crossing the bridge, they spot some charcoal rubbings on the bridge's columns. Nate rubs them, revealing them to be symbols relating to the secrets of the Kuna. After collecting all four symbols, he puts them together. Dante asks what it is, to which Nate replies that it's not Mayan or Aztec, then claims it could be Muisca, except that they never migrated north of Columbia.

Dante has more to show Drake, so the two press on, climbing more cliffs and several other structures. They discover a small shiny turquoise glyph, which has a style matching the symbol at the rope bridge they crossed earlier. They come across a structure with a gully at the top that they need to reach.


After the cutscene, before following the path ahead, turn around and take a photo (Peligro: Odessa Mining Company), then go ahead and follow Dante until you trigger the next cutscene. Snap another photo here (Rope Bridge: Secrets of the Kuna). The head up the cliff and drop down, head left to pick up a treasure. Continue following Dante until you reach the bridge and do the first two charcoal rubbings. Use the touch screen to rub the charcoal from the papers to reveal a hidden symbol from both. Cross the bridge to the other side and to the left is another treasure. Rub the next two charcoal papers to reveal the remaining symbols. After that, you must put them together to solve the mystery. Using the touch screen, rotate each piece until they are in their correct orientation.

After the cutscene, drop down and approach the log. As you cross, you must carefully balance yourself by rotating the Vita system. Look at the meter at the top to make sure your are in the middle range. Continue following Dante until he spots a turquoise glyph. After climbing, head left and pick up another treasure, and then take another picture (Olocupinele Pictoglyphs: Secrets of the Kuna). Scale the ruins and and about midway up, go left to collect the turquoise glyph. Then head back and climb up, leap across the rocks, then climb along the ledges, and keep pressing on until you trigger the cutscene leading to the next chapter.

First appearances

  • Jason Dante's jeep


  • It is revealed that the last time Nathan Drake took a scenic route, he woke up behind the Taj Mahal naked.
  • The chapter's title is a quote from Jason Dante.


Uncharted- Golden Abyss 'Chapter 1- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' TRUE-HD QUALITY

Uncharted- Golden Abyss 'Chapter 1- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' TRUE-HD QUALITY