This page contains a list of memorable quotes from Chapter 1 - A Rock and a Hard Place in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


"I did not tell half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed."

Marco Polo

On his deathbed

Nathan Drake: What's going on...?

Nate looks around

That's my blood... That's my blood, that's a lot of my blood...

Nate looks to the window


Things begin to fall

Oh God. (scream)

Nate falls and is hanging in the end of the train

Oh crap.

The Lost Fleet

Harry Flynn: Buy me a drink, sailor?

Nathan Drake: Harry Flynn?!

Both: Hey!

Nathan Drake: What the hell are you doing here?

Harry Flynn: I'm looking for you, mate.

Nathan Drake: Uh-oh. Should I be flattered, or worried?

Harry Flynn: Maybe a bit of both.

Nathan Drake: (laughs)

Harry Flynn: C'mere - I've got a job for us.

Nathan Drake: Really?

Harry Flynn: A client is willing to part with a huge sum of cash if we 'acquire' a certain object for him.

Nathan Drake: All right, I'm listening.

Harry Flynn: Now - you're not gonna like this.

Nathan Drake: Oh, no. No, you're out of your mind.

Harry Flynn: Yeah, just - hear me out for a sec-

Nathan Drake: Flynn, we both know two people who were killed trying to lift something outta this place.

Harry Flynn: And one who made it out.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, barely.

Harry Flynn: I can't do this without you, Drake.

Harry Flynn: You're the only one who's cracked it.

Harry Flynn: And you know better than anyone, it's a two-person job.

Nathan Drake: No, no, no - three, actually.

Harry Flynn: Right. And speak of the devil - here she comes now.

Nathan Drake: Wh-?

Chloe Frazer: Chloe Frazer

Nathan Drake: Nate. Drake. Nathan Drake.

Chloe Frazer: Hello, Harry.

Harry Flynn: Chloe here's one of the best drivers in the business - she'll take good care of us.

Nathan Drake: I bet.

Harry Flynn: All right, look - I've got it all figured out. We go in through the sewer -

Nathan Drake: Loving it so far.

Harry Flynn: That put us in the courtyard. From there we scale up the wall, run across the rooftops, and just drop into the exhibit hall. Bob's your uncle.And what is worth all this trouble, I hear you ask...?

Nathan Drake: I didn't, but go ahead. That's it? An oil lamp?

Harry Flynn: Yeah.

Nathan Drake: It's worthless. I don't get it.

Chloe Frazer: Neither do we. That's why we tracked you down.

Nathan Drake: Well, it sounds like you're working for a nutcase. Some collector, who's got too much time and money on his hands. And by the way, this - is not worth any of it.

Harry Flynn: But there's more... How's your 13th-century Latin, mate?

Nathan Drake: Where'd you get this?

Harry Flynn: 'Borrowed' it from the files of the nutcase.

Nathan Drake: "In Trebizond we were set upon by thieves. Father, Maffeo and I were robbed of our greatest treasures..." This was written by Marco Polo.

Chloe Frazer: Yes, that much we were able to work out.

Harry Flynn: Unfortunately, the rest of its nonsense.

Nathan Drake: Wait, hold on... "So that it should not fall into the wrong hands, I concealed my great sorrow in the unlikeliest place. The light of the Great Khan shelters the fate of the thirteen."

Harry Flynn: See what I mean? It's just gibberish.

Chloe Frazer: He's talking about the lost fleet.

Nathan Drake: Yeah...

Harry Flynn: Hello, someone want to fill me in?

Nathan Drake: Marco Polo leaves China with 600 passengers and fourteen ships, loaded down with treasure from Kublai Khan. Now, he lands in Persia a year and a half later with only one ship left, and only eighteen passengers. Now, he recorded every detail of his journey. but he never told what happened to all those ships, and the passengers.

Chloe Frazer: So - so, somewhere out there - there are thirteen ships, loaded with the emperor's treasure, waiting to be found.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, and that is what your client is after. Look at this lamp. It's covered in Mongolian script - it must've been a gift from Kublai Khan.

Harry Flynn: "The light of the Great Khan…

Harry and Chloe: shelters the fate of the thirteen."

Nathan Drake: Marco Polo hid something inside this lamp. Something that pinpoints the site of the lost fleet.

Chloe Frazer: So... we're dicking this guy over, right?

Nathan Drake: Damn straight!

Harry Flynn: Absolutely! You're in, then?

Nathan Drake: What the hell. What could possibly go wrong?

Mostly Professional

Chloe Frazer: Hello. Well, so much for foreplay.

Nathan Drake: You mind telling me what the hell is going on?

Chloe Frazer: You mean with Flynn?

Nathan Drake: Yeah, you mighta warned me.

Chloe Frazer: And miss the look on your face? Anyway... you haven't exactly made yourself easy to find.

Nathan Drake: Talk about making yourself easy...

Chloe Frazer: Oh, you're not jealous... Let's not forget who walked out on whom, after all. You don't get to be jealous.

Nathan Drake: Now, wait a minute, Chloe.

Chloe Frazer: If it makes you feel any better, me relationship with Flynn is strictly professional.

Nathan Drake: Really?

Chloe Frazer: Mostly professional. When i figured out he was actually onto something, I thought you'd want to be in on the action.

Nathan Drake: So what's the plan?

Chloe Frazer: Just like we said. We pull the heist, we find the ships, and make off with the treasure.

Nathan Drake: With Flynn.

Chloe Frazer: Mm-hm.

Nathan Drake: And then?

Chloe Frazer: And then, we split the take three ways, and you and I just disappear. Together, this time.

Nathan Drake: I see...

Chloe Frazer: Until then, he can't know about us.

Nathan Drake: He's gonna be pissed.

Chloe Frazer: He's gonna be fine. Trust me.

In-game Quotes

While climbing up the train

...It's ok... it's ok... come on...

After the train explode at the soldier

Nathan Drake: Karma's a bitch.


  • The train (first appearance)
  • Beach Bar (first and only appearance)


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