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Race to the Rescue is the twentieth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


Nathan Drake contacts Victor Sullivan over his walkie-talkie after escaping the bunker. He tells him that Roman and Navarro captured Elena. Sully then tells Nate that he's pinned down in the monastery courtyard. Nate comes to his aid, and after clearing the area of Atoq Navarro's mercenaries, the two enter the church. After fighting through three more waves of mercenaries, Nate uncovers a secret passage underneath the altar.

Knowing that he cannot let the cursed El Dorado leave the island, Nate once again enters the catacombs beneath the church, with Sully close behind.


After climbing the ladder, head over to the church and prepare for a shootout. Watch out for the sniper and the guys with grenade launchers. You must fight your way through several of these goons before entering the church.

Once you enter the church, you must fight your way through three more rounds with the mercenaries. Again, be mindful of the sniper and grenade launchers. After that is over, head to the front of the altar and press the triangle to trigger the cutscene.


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