"It's magnificent... the craftsmanship. I never seen anything like it before."
— Roman describing the treasure

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Walkthrough
Gold and Bones
Gold and Bones




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"Gold and Bones" is the twenty-first chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


Nate and Sully move through the deserted catacombs and arrive in an open cavern beneath the graveyard. Roman is inspecting the El Dorado statue, which stands beneath a large hole in the ground above. To his right, Navarro is holding Elena at gunpoint. As Nate and Sully enter, they are ambushed from behind by two of Navarro's mercenaries. Roman turns to greet them, and orders them to drop their weapons. As they do, Roman tells them he will be "with them momentarily," and turns back to the statue.

As Roman admires the statue's magnificent craftsmanship, Navarro tells him that it's only a shell, and that the real treasure of El Dorado lies inside. Roman opens the "statue," which is now revealed to be a sarcophagus. Inside, he finds human remains. Before he can turn to Navarro for an explanation, he falls victim to El Dorado's "curse," an airborne virus that within seconds causes him to lose all reason and become aggressive like the descendants. As he runs to attack Navarro, Navarro shoots him in the head. Navarro then orders his men to airlift the statue out of the cavern, and they lower it into a net which is being suspended by a helicopter.

As Nate tries to reason with him, Navarro reveals his true motive: money. Having known about the virus all along, he used Roman's resources to get him to the island. Now, with Roman dead, he plans to sell the virus "to the right buyer." As he leaves the cavern with Elena, the descendants begin to swarm in. Nate and Sully take the opportunity to overpower two of the mercenaries, taking their weapons in the process. Nate sets off after Navarro, while Sully remains in the cavern providing covering fire for him. Nate manages to grab the net that holds the statue beneath the helicopter as it takes off. As they fly off the island, Nate is spotted by a mercenary on the ground who radios Navarro on the helicopter. Navarro orders one of his men, Dillon, to shoot Drake. As Dillon fires out through the open door, Elena kicks him out of the helicopter. He continues shooting as he falls, and accidentally hits the pilot, Javier.

With Javier dead, the helicopter plummets toward Navarro's boat. Nate drops off of the statue and lands at one end of the boat, while the helicopter crashes at the other, hanging precariously over the edge. With Elena unconscious, Navarro climbs out of the wreck and orders his men to kill Nate.


This chapter is pretty simple. You and Sully make your way down through the deserted catacombs, and then you will trigger the cutscene of Navarro betraying Roman, and making off with the treasure. Once gameplay resumes, you will be carrying a SAS-12 shotgun. Run down the path to your right, and shoot any descendants that get in your way. Then run up the path to the helicopter, shooting the mercenaries along the way. Just jump onto the helicopter to trigger a cutscene leading to the final chapter. Just make sure you don't take too long to reach the helicopter!



  • Goof: In gameplay, if you look at Roman's corpse, his body is positioned differently, and there's no blood on his head.


Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 21 - Gold and Bones

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 21 - Gold and Bones