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Chapter 21 - The Atlantis of the Sands

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"You killed Sully!"
Nate during his hallucination

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Walkthrough
The Atlantis of the Sands


8 (five in this chapter plus three available from the previous chapter)


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The Atlantis of the Sands is the twenty-first chapter in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The chapter contains five treasures, although the game lists it as having eight. This is because the three treasures from the previous chapter can be gained at the beginning of it.


After arriving in Ubar, Drake and Sully begin to explore the city. They stumble upon a water fountain that Drake drinks out of, amazed that water system still works. However, the two notice a solar eclipse, and suddenly Sully is shot dead by Talbot. Nate, overcome with rage, chases after Marlowe and Talbot but first he must confront Marlowe's agents who appear to have been possessed by the spirits of the Djinn. They will hurl explosive fireballs at Nate that can cause serious damage. Once defeating them, ride down the elevator Marlowe and Talbot went down in. After descending, chase after Talbot who will then disappear around a corner.

Nate then mysteriously transports to Cartagena, Colombia and a swarm of spiders chase him through the city. Run down the street and jump across the rooftops to escape. Nate ends up cornered on the rooftop where he was saved by Sully when he was a kid, but Sully is the one pointing the gun at him instead of an agent. Either shooting Sully when prompted to or waiting until Sully shoots Nate will make Drake reawaken back in Iram of the Pillars, where Nate will encounter more Djinn who arrive down the elevator.

After taking out the Djinn in the elevator and a courtyard, Nate sees Sully in a room up ahead but he disappears behind a closed door. In order for it to open, Nate must push down on a lever that will fill the pool up with water. Nate's reflection will move on its own to help him turn the wheels to open the door. A bright light appears in the pool of water and Nate examines it, only to be thrown through the roof by his reflection. Nate reawakens in the same room, now with dead bodies of the people who lived in the city.

He exits the room and heads downstairs to the underground water system where Marlowe and Talbot are.


I. Head through the doors, using a quick diversion to acquire Treasure #94 when the main staircase branches into 2 paths, then head down the steps on the right. Collect Treasure


This is actually from Chapter 20- Caravan

Chapter 21 treasures start from here. (edited by Dymism)

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