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Uncharted: Golden Abyss Walkthrough
Chapter 22 - Chew The Hide Off A Rhino
Name "Chew the Hide Off a Rhino"
Previous chapter "Without a Paddle"
Next chapter "Keep Your Head Down"
"Chew the Hide Off a Rhino" is the twenty-second chapter of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.


Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan make their way through the rainforest and fight Roberto Guerro's army.



Note: Theses collectibles are listed in the order they are found in the chapter.

# Collectible Location
1 Charcoal Rubbing (Sete Cidades Marker Stone) After taking down the first few enemies at the start of the chapter, search the vine-covered wall to the right of your initial position next to the pond for a short stone that has a symbol you can rub.
2 Charcoal Rubbing (Huacatani) At the beginning of the chapter, there are a few enemies in front of a large wall with arches you must pass through. Head through the rightmost arch and you'll find some large steps leading up to a platform that overlooks the following area. Here, you can rub a short stone.
3 Jade Carving (Emblem of Omatihictoya) From the platform where the previous item is, you'll spot a glittering treasure across the way. Hop onto the low wall here and leap across to this area and pick up the carving.
4 Jade Carving (Emblem of Teochicatol) After the turret segment, don't follow Sully. Explore the far right side of the turret, over the stone. The treasure is in the weeds.
5 Jade Carving (Emblem of Mahuaquiotex) After taking out the turret, look for a rope on the left of the path, by a patch of sunlight leading up to this carving when Sully starts talking.
6 Charcoal Rubbing (Chilhopotex) After swinging over a pit with the rope and hop down a ledge. You'll see a patch of sunlight on a wall on your right. Here, you can rub a short stone.
7 Mystery Item (Spanish Horse Bit) As you follow the path into the jungle, Sully climbs a wall. Ignore him and slip through the small doorway to the left of it. Chop through the bamboo at the end of the path to find the item.
8 Mystery Item (Temocazuti) As you follow Sully across numerous handholds, you'll approach a platform that you can traverse. After leaping from this platform to more handholds, drop down right away, and you'll find the item here.



Uncharted- Golden Abyss Walkthrough Gameplay Part 22 · Chapter 22- Chew the Hide Off a Rhino

Uncharted- Golden Abyss Walkthrough Gameplay Part 22 · Chapter 22- Chew the Hide Off a Rhino