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Chapter 22 - The Dreamers of the Day

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"Not as nice as the one you two wrecked four years ago but, it'll do."
Sully showing Nate and Elena his new plane

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Walkthrough
The Dreamers of the Day




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Chapter 21 - The Atlantis of the Sands

Chapter 22 - The Dreamers of the Day is the twenty-second and final chapter of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


Marlowe and Talbot are spotted at the central system underneath Iram of the Pillars. Jump across a gap and kill all of Marlowe's agents on the bridge.

Once they are defeated, enter the room across the bridge. Nate discovers Sully is alive and he was actually suffering from hallucinations from the water he drank. After the cutscenes finishes, head to the room where there is a dual-lever Nate and Sully must pull to descend. Continue onwards to a door that must be opened by Nate and Sully. Inside they will encounter more of Marlowe's agents. After defeating them, continue following the path that will lead Nate and Sully to a crate with weapons and diving gear in it. Open the next door and cross the bridge to the central system.

A cutscene will play and now Nate and Sully must escape the crumbling city. Defeat Marlowe's agents on the bridge and enter an elevator that will need both Nate and Sully to operate. Climb up the ladders while defeating the agents that attack. Once at the top, a cutscene will play.

Nate and Sully must now jump across moving floor pieces. After successfully jumping up to a safe point, Talbot will attack Nate. A fist fight begins but Talbot has a knife. When prompted, tap Circle or Triangle when the icons appear when fighting Talbot. Eventually, Talbot will bring his knife down on Nate. Tap Circle quickly and if done successfully, Sully will shoot Talbot in the shoulder with a Para 9. The ground shakes violently, sending Nate over the edge of the precipice with the Para 9. Climb up the cliff and, when prompted, shoot Talbot before he can kill Sully.

Once Talbot is dead, climb up to Sully and jump across a gap. The final cutscene will play.


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