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Chapter 24 - The Road to Shambhala




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The Road to Shambhala is the twenty-fourth chapter of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


Drake and Flynn must work together to get the bridge working.


The chapter begins with a puzzle but it's a quickie so you'll get through this in no time at all. All you have to do is simply turn all of the daggers on the wall to face down. This raises the false Cintamani Stone in the center of the room.

After encountering Lazarevic and Flynn again you'll be working hand in hand with Flynn as you make your way across the large chamber to activate the bridge so that everybody can cross. Drop down to the lower level and start trekking in that direction. You'll be boosting and likewise get a boost from Flynn along the way.

Continue climbing and jumping your way over to the other side to reach a room with a symbol puzzle.

The puzzle in this room requires you to simply match the symbols in Drake's journal with those on the rotating cylinders.

These are the symbols needed for the cylinders on the right as you face the door you entered from.k

These are the symbols for the cylinders on the left as you face the door you entered from.

Turn the wheel that emerges from the floor to extend the bridge so that the rest of your party can join you. As you do so a pair of Yetis appear to give you hell. Survive their attack long enough for Lazarevic and the others to arrive and save you and Flynn.

As Lazarevic and company turn against you again and you enter Shambhala the chapter ends.


  • If you attempt to attack Flynn, he will counterattack you and take away some of your health. If you repeat the same process, you will soon die.
  • The scene where Nate and Flynn fight against the Guardians, is similar to the scene of the chapter "The Heart of the Vault" where in a similar way Nate and Eddy Raja against the Descendants.  


  1. Bronze Garuda
  2. Toad Censer
  3. Eight Emblems Pendant

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