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Chapter 25 - Broken Paradise




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Broken Paradise is the twenty-fifth chapter of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


Drake, Elena and Chloe have escaped Lazarevic's grasp and must find the Stone before he does.


You start out running from Lazarevic's men after the Guardians have killed the soldiers holding you. Run through the ruins and try to dodge incoming fire. You will come to a platform so jump onto it. A cutscene will show an RPG soldier getting tackled by a Guardian. He will fire his weapon and break the brace that is holding the platform in place. It will start sliding down a path and you then regain control of Nate.

Shambhala 5


Stay away from Dragan that has jumped onto the platform. The platform will eventually crash and another cutscene will show him speared on a tree branch. Jump off into a small courtyard and find the AK 47, 92fs, and grenades. There is a treasue on one of the statues that you climb across, shoot it and it will fall. Two Guardians will appear armed with crossbows. If you value your life, don't ever stand still. Shoot at them constantly. A good, if risky, idea is to make them charge at you and unload bullets into them. Try to stay on the run. Eventually, one will die so take his crossbow. On Crushing, it can take 3-4 shots to kill one. Be ready to kill a third one that throws resin explosives. After finishing them all off, go to the alcove and climb up to the top. Jump to the vine and continue until you reach the area where the Guardians came from. Use the sap to make your way through the obstacles, but make sure to stand clear of the explosion. When you get inside, jump from the pole to the wall and jump back into the room. Shoot the sap and move through until you reach a large courtyard. Go to the end of the courtyard and you will find a door with a broken weight. Before you can do anything, about a dozen soldiers appear. One sniper, one RPG trooper and one heavy weapons trooper. They will also have a few other relatively normal soldiers. I recommend stealthing the two guards who are patrolling near the giant, fallen pillar. Do your best to try and surprise the more difficult soldiers with heavy firepower, especially the one with the GAU. After you have done that, two Guardians will appear. Kill them and open the gate. I recommend you don't try to use the mini gun against them because they can just kill you quickly with their crossbows. After going through the gate, drop off the ledge and three soldiers will be walking away from you. Do not try to stealth kill any of them. Instead, look to the top right and you will see a specialist with a grenade launcher. Kill him first, then there will be about 3 heavies with SAS shotguns, the 3 normal soldiers, and a sniper. After you kill them, 2 more heavies and a specialist come including another sniper. Kill them, climb the wall they came from, and drop down the hole. One heavy and 3 soldiers will appear. There are two options to killing them. You can kill them normally, or shoot the sap near them when they first appear. This will kill them all instantly. Push the wagon to get up a ledge, you will then be at the temple stairs. A treasure is right there when you climb up, so look behind you. Go up the huge stairs then, find the soldiers and Guardians fighting inside. There will be one heavy trooper and a couple of skull heavies, some shotgunners, and other troops.There are about 6 or 7 guardians, 2 of them throw the explosive resin, the others are archers. Its better to sit back and watch them kill each other off, the guardians win most of the time. When the first 3 die 4 more come, 2 archers and 2 resin bomb throwers. After you kill them all, make your way up the stairs the guardians come from and then you will reach the end of the level.


  1. Phurba Thogchag
  2. Clay Yamantaka Head
  3. Gold-Leaf Statue Head
  4. Fibula Thogchag
  5. Unusual Bronze Mask
  6. Mani Jewel Thogchag
  7. Wooden Vajrapani Mask
  8. Bronze Statue Head


  • Glitch: The sounds for when the RPG man fires and destroys the platform are out of sync.

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