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Chapter 26 - Tree of Life
Tree of Life




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Tree of Life is the twenty-sixth and final chapter of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


With Elena heavily injured and Chloe looking after her, it's up to Nate to head down to the Tree of Life and stop Lazarevic once and for all...


The level begins with Nate having to go down into the Tree of Life. A cutscene will play once you reached the tree. After Lazarevic drinks the resin he becomes almost immune to bullets, even more than the guardians of Shambala. First of all, take the M4 ammo, you'll need it.


Nate in the cavern at the base of the tree of life.

Second, run and then pose yourself above Lazarevic, and when he gets close to the resin, shoot it and it will damage him. There will be times that Lazarevic will run at Nate and choke him. At this point, mash the PlayStationSquare button to punch him in the head. After a few punches he will let you go, and in certain places he'll throw you. The place is filled with gaps that can kill Nate, so keep an eye out for them. By the third time he gets angry, Lazarevic will start to throw multipule grenades at you, so try to dodge them. Eventually Lazarevic will go down, resulting in a cutscene. After the cutscene ends, Shambhala will begin to collapse and you must run across a collapsing bridge to reach Chloe and Elena. Once crossed, a Guardian will sneak up on Chloe and you must shoot him quickly to save her. After this, the ending cutscene will play and you will have beaten the game.

The video below shows an easy way to beat Lazarevic:

Uncharted 2 Easy way to beat Lazarevic on Crushing difficulty01:45

Uncharted 2 Easy way to beat Lazarevic on Crushing difficulty


There are no treasures in this chapter.

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