Nathan Drake: "I don't know what you're talking about, old man."
Victor Sullivan: "Hey, don't call me that."
―A young Nathan Drake denies pick-pocketing Victor Sullivan
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Walkthrough
Greatness from Small Beginnings
Chapter 2 - GfSB




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Greatness from Small Beginnings is the second chapter of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


This level takes the form of a flashback, set 20 years before the events of Uncharted: Drake's Deception, when a 15-year old Nathan Drake arrives at the Museo Marítimo located in Cartagena, Colombia and enters the museum looking for Francis Drake's ring. He enters the exhibition called El Pirata Francis Drake, “The Pirate Francis Drake”. Nathan eventually finds the ring in a display case on the 2nd floor.

Nathan notes down information and sketches the object in his journal, when a young Victor Sullivan walks in. Nate hides beside a display case and watches Sully insert a key into the display case's lock. As closing time approaches, Museum Guards grab Nate and throw him into the street. Nathan spots Sully outside the front entrance, and pursues him along the streets of Cartagena, where the player learns how to hide and use cover. Sully enters a building, and Nate climbs up to peek through the window.

Sully gets another cabinet key cut and places it in his wallet. Sully leaves, and Nathan follows, seeing Sully meet up with Katherine Marlowe. As the couple stop at a merchant's booth, Nathan pickpockets Sully for his wallet. Nathan walks away slowly, until Sully appears, asking for his wallet back. The two engage in a conversation, with Drake at first denying he has the wallet. Sully is not fooled, and Nate hands it back, but not without taking the key.


I. Nate's journal (tap Select to open it) contains a picture of the display case that he is seeking, though there's no immediate hurry to reach it. Feel free to study the other exhibits (press up on the D pad when the prompt appears) and be sure to collect Treasures #3 and #4. You can actually unlock a Trophy by interacting with almost every exhibit in the museum before you approach your goal. Examining the appropriate display case in the upstairs gallery triggers a cutscene.

II. Your objective outside the museum is to tail Sully without being detected. You can achieve this by using the cover system (follow the prompts as they appear) and by maintaining a safe distance when no suitable hiding spots are available. Collect Treasure #5 directly outside the museum, then grab Treasures #6 and #7 before you follow Sully into the meat market. Approach the door and press triangle to pass through it.

III. Climb the drainpipe and Nate will automatically transition to swinging when you reach the horizontal bars; on the final bar, hold L towards the nearby ledge and tap X to jump when you have sufficient momentum. From here, traverse to the right to arrive on a lintel beside the second window along to see what Sully is up to.

IV. After the short cutscene ends, climb to the right. When the pipe breacks, swing over to the balcony, then run to the far side to track Sully's movements. Collect Treasure #8 from beside the potted plant, then jump over to hang from the other side of the balustrade. From this position, tap X while hanging from the sign to transition to the opposite side. On the rooftop, jump onto the Hotel Arrecife sign and collect Treasure #9 at the top. Press O at slow, regular intervals to safely return to street level. On the ground, head up the nearby steps, then follow Sully and his female companion across the square.

First Appearances


  • Emerald and Diamond Ring - Look inside the barrel of the third cannon along as you walk through the first room of the museum.
  • Antique Coin Purse - Found behind a potted plant in an alcove next to the staircase leading to the upper level of the museum.
  • Antique Colombian Soup Ladel - On the streets outside the museum, this Treasure is hidden in a doorway to the right of a battered blue car. Collect this before you follow Sully.
  • Pottery Chimu Vessel - As you follow Sully into a crowded shopping area, look for the Mercado Estupendo and Frutas stores to your left. This Treasure is located on a stall directly opposite.
  • Ancient Chupicuaro Figure - Before you approach the meat market where Sully is standing, follow the road as it turns to the left and climb the narrow steps to find the Treasure on a locked gate.
  • Shamanistic Jaguar Head - Positioned on the balcony beside a potted plant as you follow Sully after his visit to the locksmith. Collect it before you jump over to the sign.
  • Antique Colobian Table Knife - This is found in the "O" of the "Hotel Arrecife" sign. Climb to the top of the sign and collect this Treasure before you drop down to the street below.


  • Should you look at all the display cases in the exhibit (before getting kicked out), you can earn the Quick Study trophy.


  • This is the first flashback regarding Nate's childhood to be shown , the same Nate would later be shown , when Marlowe drugs Nate and forced him to reveal the location of Ubar.
  • Samuel Drake , Nate's thought deceased brother who appears in the sequel A Thief's End does not appear , indicating that he may be in prison , when this chapter takes place. Oddly Nate doesn't even reference him in this chapter , as he is still alive and is only years away from his presumed death in the second chapter of A Thief's End Also this chapter takes place approximately three years after the first chapter in A Thief's End.
  • Oddly, Sam is not even mentioned in a later chapter in this game , but his parents are mentioned . When Marlowe interrogates Nate about his past.

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