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Uncharted: Golden Abyss Walkthrough
Name "Nothing But Some Old Bones"
Treasures 3
Previous chapter "No Prison Tats"
Next chapter "Why's the Building On Fire?"

"Nothing But Some Old Bones" is the third chapter of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.


Nathan Drake and Marisa Chase make their way back to their Jeep.



Turquoise Glyphs

# Title Location
1 Aspect of Xichilticon At the beginning of the chapter, you have to pull off a diving attack on an enemy from a cliff above. As a result, you will earn this glyph.
2 Aspect of Temopichlitec When the bridge breaks, leap to the handholds of the cliff, but go right instead of left, and you'll find it.
3 Aspect of Pocatexcatil After covering for Chase with the Dragon Sniper rifle, DO NOT go down to meet with her yet. First, drop down the ledge before the gap and use the handholds to ascend to an area under the sniping point with this glyph.

Charcoal Rubbings

# Title Location
1 Neuva Galicia Carving After the first sniping segment, head across the gap and run down the path. To your right is an alcove with some bamboo. Cut your way through this with Nate's knife, and climb to the platform that has more bamboo. Chop this down to find this rubbing.

Mystery Items

# Title Location
1 Land Deed This item is pieced together as part of the main storyline of this chapter.
2 Sextant As you travel down the tire-rutted road with Chase, you'll encounter your first enemy with a Moss-12. Search the right side of the path here for a wall with handholds. You'll find this item at the top.


# Title Location
1 Equipment Right when you reach the area with the trucks and Chase's jeep, look for the first two red barrels on the right. You can snap a photo of these, but DO NOT go past the truck because that will trigger the cutscene, thus ending the chapter.



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