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A Surprising Find is the third chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. It covers Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan's discovery of a German U-boat in the middle of the jungle and Elena Fisher's return.

Plot synopsis

Nate is eager to start exploring the U-boat, U-857 but Sully is cautious and stays behind. Before investigating, Nate gives him Francis Drake's diary to hold on to while he searches the U-boat. Nate explores the submarine, noting that "something horrible" had happened inside due to there being blood everywhere, and soup. He finds a body with pockets full of Spanish gold, shortly before arriving in the captain's quarters. He finds the captains body, which has been "ripped to shreds." Nate finds a Kriegsmarine map which shows the location of an island that the Spanish took the El Dorado statue to, along with a smaller hand drawn map that shows the island in detail. As he tells Sullivan of his discovery over his walkie-talkie, Sully is cut off.

On his way out, Nate accidentally activates a torpedo. He swims out of the submarine to safety, only to discover Sully is being held at gunpoint by Gabriel Roman, Atoq Navarro, and his mercenaries. Roman informs Nathan that Sully owes him a lot of money. Drake is forced at gunpoint to relinquish the Kriegsmarine map to Roman and Navarro, although he keeps the second map that he found. Roman, not quite satisfied, feels that Sully needs a "reminder" and aims his .38 revolver at Nate. As Sully tries to discourage him by telling him that Nate has nothing to do with it, Roman shifts his aim to Sully without hesitation and shoots him in the chest. As Sully falls to the ground, the U-Boat explodes, catching Roman and Navarro off guard and knocking them over. Nate glances at Sully's motionless body before running back into the jungle unarmed. He runs into Elena, who greets him with a punch to the face for leaving her behind. He informs her that Sully is dead, before telling her that they have to escape. She gives him a PM-9mm pistol and the two fight their way back through the temple, killing several of Navarro's mercenaries, before escaping in a jeep.


Cutscenes in this Chapter


  • The events between this chapter and chapter four were later explained by Naughty Dog when they created an extra chapter called Strip Search at PAX East 2010.
  • Glitch: Sometimes Sully won't be heard on the radio when Nate is scaling the cliffs.
  • Goof: In gameplay, if one looks at the U-Boat after it explodes, it'll be undamaged.
  • Sully would appear to be shot and killed again in Uncharted 3, Chapter 21 The Atlantis of the Sands. Though it would be revealed to be part of Nate's hallucination from drinking the tainted water.


First Appearances

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