Elena: "Hey, are you happy?"
Nate: "Yeah, of course."
―Nate and Elena share a moment together
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Walkthrough
Chapter 4 - A Normal Life
U4 Chapter 4



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A Normal Life is the fourth chapter of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


Nathan Drake examines the files about the Malaysia salvage job Jameson gave him before keeping them away inside his drawer. He goes around his attic where his workplace is located and reminisces on the different adventures he underwent in the past by looking at the mementos he had kept from those adventures. He picks up a toy gun and happily replicates his past life by shooting at placed targets. He is called to dinner by his wife Elena, who is working on an article in the living room.

Nate stops playing, goes downstairs and picks up the food Elena had cooked for them. Nate and Elena talk about their day and what they had accomplished as they eat dinner together. When Elena starts to talk about her article concerning the smog in Bangkok, Nate slowly drifts away from reality and remembers his past life as a treasure hunter and clearly misses the adventure. Elena wakes him up from his daydream and Nate incorrectly guesses what her article was about.

Elena realizes that Jameson asked Nate about the Malaysia job and Nate dismisses Elena's push for him to take it who is implying that it's not as risky as their previous exploits. Elena suggests Nate to call up an old friend whom Nate hasn't seen since their journey in Yemen three years prior but Nate angrily refuses, driving Elena away. Nate, concerned about his actions, tries to earn Elena back by 'playing her for it'. Elena disagrees as he hasn't even played it but Nate joyfully challenges her and she accepts. They boot Elena's home console and Nate plays her game but fails to beat her high score. Elena mocks a surprised Nate who keeps on implying he should've won. As Elena continues to mock him, Nate cuddles her and they share an intimate moment. She asks Nate if he is happy and he says yes, but Elena neutrally replies "ummm" when Nate asked her the same thing and they kiss.

Later that night, as Nate was working overtime in his office, he was visited by Sam, whom Nate thought was killed in a prison breakout fifteen years ago in Panama. Nate is overjoyed and embraces Sam and curiously asks how he survived. Sam implies that doctors patched him up and he was locked away for life for Vargas' murder. Before Nate could learn about how he escaped, Sam asked him what he had missed in the past fifteen years. Nate recalls his past exploits and tells them all to Sam. Just as Nate realizes that he hasn't told Elena about his brother, Sam tells Nate of how he had escaped prison.


After putting away the file on the Malaysia Job, guide Drake on a walk down memory lane, inspecting all of the relics stashed away in his attic. These are items from previous Uncharted games, and at the far end of the room (from where you begin) is a cardboard box containing the St. Dismas Cross and a white book.

Inspect these items if you wish, then collect the toy pistol from the holster hung on the partition. Practice your aim on the various targets around the room (a Yeti, an El Dorado Ancient, a Djinn and Zoran Lazarevic) until Elena calls up to you. Use the hatch in the floor to descend into the house and make your way downstairs.

Pick up the two bowls of food off the counter to trigger a cutscene. Once it ends, enjoy some old-school PlayStation 1 gaming by playing a round of Crash Bandicoot. Completing the level will trigger another cutscene and end the chapter.


Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End - Walktrough - Chapter 4 - A Normal Life

Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End - Walktrough - Chapter 4 - A Normal Life

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There are no collectibles for this chapter.


  • Nate's attic is filled with a lot of memorabilia from his past adventures. These include Drake's diary (with bullet hole) and the Spanish doubloon from Drake's Fortune; the resin and Nate's journal from Among Thieves; and the ring decoder and Nate's journal from Drake's Deception.
  • Other memorabilia include those that weren't directly collected over the years. These include Nate's jacket and Nate's scarf from Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3, respectively.
  • Nate's gun holsters from the previous games can be seen hanging at one end of the attic and a playable toy gun is placed in it.
  • One of the targets that are hung in the attic for Nate to shoot at with his toy gun resembles Gabriel Roman.
  • The St. Dismas cross found in Panama fifteen years prior can be found in a box in the attic along with Nate's mother's journal.
  • A miniature statue that resembles the statue Nate climbed on in Uncharted 2 can be viewed in the attic.
  • A photo of Nate, Elena, Sully and the treasure Sully had mustered from the ending of the first Uncharted can be found within Drake's diary. The sky in the photo indicates it was taken the morning after the first game ended.
  • A photo of Nate and Tenzin can be found within Nate's journal from Uncharted 2.
  • A letter from Chloe Frazer can be found within Nate's journal from Uncharted 3.
  • Nate and Elena's wedding photos can be viewed in an album in their bedroom and they are also found in picture frames all over the house.
  • A camera found in Elena's workplace shows that Nate and Elena have been vacationing in the time between the events of Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4.
  • This chapter contains a playable sequence of Crash Bandicoot, a game previously made by Naughty Dog.
  • In the kitchen, you can go to the fridge and grab a soda and press triangle to drink it.