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Plane-wrecked is the fourth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. It cover's Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher's arrival on the pacific island.

Plot synopsis

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher are travelling in Victor Sullivan's plane to an uncharted island in the South Pacific; the location marked on the map that Nate discovered inside the U-boat and supposed location of the El Dorado statue. Elena films their approach with her camera, recording for a new episode of her show. Without warning, they are hit by an anti-aircraft fire which destroys one of their engines. Nate tells Elena that they must bail out, and to look for parachutes while he desperately tries to keep control of the plummeting plane. Elena finds two parachutes. She jumps, with Nate telling her that he will be right behind. In his hurry to get off the plane, he leaves the map behind. He jumps and opens his parachute, only to discover that it has been pierced and has a hole in it. He plummets to the jungle below.

Nate awakens to find himself dangling from a statue, still strapped into his parachute. He cuts himself loose and ventures into the jungle, heading towards the distant column of smoke rising from the wreck of his plane. Following several gunfights with Eddy Raja's pirates, he eventually finds the front end of the plane in an encampment and is relieved to see that the map is still in one piece. He also discovers that several spike traps have been set throughout the jungle, which impale anyone unlucky enough to trigger them. Navigating through the jungle, and around these traps, he arrives at the wall of a large fortress, and with no other way in other than up the walls, he starts climbing.


  • The events between chapter three and this chapter were later explained by Naughty Dog when they created an extra chapter called Strip Search at PAX East 2010.
  • This is the PSN downloadable demo but only 3/4 of the chapter
  • Shooting the spike traps will also trigger them.


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