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Shiva light beam solution

Players will make their way to the top of the Shiva statue and turn the mechanism, triggering a beam of light that fires across the chasm. A large structure will also lower down about midway. Chloe can use this to grapple across.

  • Turn the central statue so that the beam of light is split, shooting to both sides of the room.
  • Head to the left, past the first statue, and jump across the gap. A second statue is there that can be rolled up a small incline. Begin to roll this.
  • Nadine will come across to the first statue whereupon she will assist Chloe in lining up the light beam so that it strikes Chloe's statue and then reflects up to the ceiling.
  • Jump back across the gap and head to the opposite side of the room.
  • Rounding the corner, a short set of stairs leads up to a broken statue. Pick up the mirror and hand it to Nadine, who will then stand in the statue's place on the pedestal, holding it aloft.
  • Head to the last statue, past Nadine's position, and roll it up the small incline so that light from Nadine's mirror reflects up to the ceiling. A central beam of light will now beam down to the lowest chamber. The puzzle will now be complete.