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The Drowned City




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"The Drowned City" is the eighth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher swim through the waters of the ruined city on a jet ski.


Nate and Elena swim out of their crashed jeep into a nearby city, which has become largely flooded over the years. Elena shows Nate what she has been filming with her video camera, pointing out a building in the harbor that all cargo coming off ships must have went through. She surmises that the El Dorado statue must have went through there too. Nate notices a small motorboat in front of the building, and decides that it is their best chance of escaping the island, telling Elena that the treasure and the truth about Francis Drake "is not worth dying over."

The two set off through the drowned city on a jet ski, along the way wondering what happened to the Spanish colony. Elena remembers stories of a cursed Incan treasure, saying that "something bad happened here." Nate laughs it off as superstitious nonsense, but Elena points out that "a whole colony doesn't just up and vanish."

Once they reach a drop-off point at the building. Nate hops off the jet ski. Elena decides to stay and keep watch over the jet ski, while Nate goes on to figure out a way to get them to the tower. He explores the area, fighting several of Eddy Raja's men. He eventually comes across a winch and unlocks the gate blocking the path to the tower. Elena pulls up in the jet ski and Nate hops on. The two make their way to the tower.


You start off in the water that Drake dropped the car into. Swim to the shore and then you can either shoot the remaining goons attacking you from the cliffs, or just run along and fight the goons in the area ahead. Elena will be with you, so it helps to sometimes let her draw fire for you. Once the goons are dead, find the chain switch and go through the gate that it opens.

The gate will lead you to a dock with a jet ski. After the cut-scene, get on the jet ski and start down the river. Enemies will attack you from the buildings on the side of the river. The key to surviving enemy attacks is a) to blow up any and all barrels you see, and b) to drive slowly and use Elena's grenade launcher to blow them up as soon as you see them. Just remember, while you are aiming with Elena's launcher, you cannot move. Use this tactic until you get through the river surrounded by buildings.
Drowned City Concept Art

Concept artwork of the drowned city

You will hop up a ramp and enter a port. Drive the jet ski to your left and find the dock. Press PlayStationTriangle to get off the jet ski.

As you get off the jet ski, Drake's attention will be drawn to a cable between a tower and the side of the port; you need to get to. Head towards the tower where the cable is bolted down, killing the goons who pop out.

Follow the ruins until it leads you up a staircase. At the top of the stairs, turn right and start jumping between the balconies of the buildings. Use the balconies and windows of the buildings to reach a chain switch. Use the switch to open a gate that will allow the jet ski to get farther into the ruined city.


  • Decorated Silver Ring
    • Immediately after entering the first area where the enemies are, head to the right to pick up the next treasure. It's in the corner by some plants.
  • Silver Frog
    • This treasure is located amongst the ruins just past the pirate with a M79. Go into the ruins covered by a veranda and search by a pile of stones.