"You gotta get to that tower. I'll meet you back at the customs house."
— Elena to Nate
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Walkthrough
Chapter 9 - To the Tower
To the Tower




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"To the Tower" is the ninth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


Nate and Elena push through the groups of Eddy Raja's pirates in the drowned city, searching for a way into the Customs House, the harbor building where a motorboat has been moored. Nate moves ahead and makes his way up a tower which is connected to the customs house by a cable. Using the cable as a makeshift zip-line, he slides through a large hole in the customs house roof. Once inside, he opens the door for Elena.


You start out on the jet ski, as in the previous chapter. Elena still has an M79 to take care of the enemies. Head up the river killing any enemies in your path. There are also explosive barrels in the water, so take care of those as well. Continue to head upriver until you reach a gate, at which point Nate will tell Elena to shoot the chains. Do so and the gate will fall, allowing you to continue.

Once you're inside, dock the boat and Nate and Elena will split up. Make your way through the ruins and kill the enemies that attack. There is a hole in the wall on the east side, and you must swim to the other side to continue. Be careful, as there will be enemies attacking and you cannot shoot while swimming. Once on the other side, kill the remaining pirates to continue. You should see a small set of stairs; climb them to continue. There is an open ledge which is reachable by hanging by a wall. Jump to it and then continue on the platforming trail until you make it over the closed gate.

Once you hit the ground, go into cover immediately, as there will be a pirate with a Moss-12 who will shoot at you. Again you must kill the pirates to continue. Be careful not to go out into the open, as there is a pirate with an M79, ready to tear you to pieces. If you enter cover right at the doorway, he will be easy to kill. Once you've killed all the pirates in the area, continue to an open doorway and head inside. There are a few pirates in here, so take them out.

After that, you should see a chain hanging close to a wall and a lever mechanism next to it. Activate the mechanism to bring the chain over for you to climb. Once at the top of the chain, jump to the platform adjacent and then go to the left until you see protruding blocks. Climb them and continue along the path until you reach another chain mechanism. Activate it to bring the chain to the other side, and then climb it to reach the platform above. Another pirate will appear, so kill him to continue and then go around until you reach the stairs. Climb the stairs to get to the top and you will see an opening at the edge. Press PlayStationTriangle and you will descend the wire to reach the other side. After this, you will hear Elena's voice telling you to let her in. Go to the door downstairs and shoot the lock off to unlock it, then open it for her. The next chapter will begin from here.



  • If one waits too long the open the door for Elena, she will get shot and killed.


Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 9 - To The Tower

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 9 - To The Tower