Charted! - Hard
U1 Gold Trophy


Finish the game in Hard Mode

Medal value

100 medal points


Gold Ps3 gold trophy

Charted! - Hard is a medal/trophy in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

It is awarded when the player has finished the game in hard mode without changing the difficulty. As with all Drake's Fortune trophies, the trophy is only awarded when the 1.10 title update has been downloaded, and is not retroactive.

It is worth one hundred medal points and/or a gold trophy.


I recommend you do some trophies. By doing so, you gain points which release weapons and other things in the bonus menu. Do this when you are with most of the trophies in the game released, you probably should have released "Super Slow Camera". This greatly facilitates an hour when the shooting starts, linking this mode, you can hit enemies more easily, that due to the speed of movement of the characters. So when you're playing at that level, I recommend you use and abuse of this feature. Recalling also that entering the weapons menu, you can choose the weapons it wants anytime you want, besides having the ammo will. Whenever you put a weapon, hit the X several times, it had granted several bullets from the same gun (it's like if you took ammunition on the floor).

REMINDER: If you pass the game on Hard, but not in the easier levels, automatically trophies at the lower levels will be released.

Al Pacconi (talk) 03:48, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

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