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Christopher Condent
Hyoung-nam-pirate Christopher Condent
Biographical information


Plymouth, Devon


September 1718
Libertalia, Madagascar


England flag English







Henry Avery (formerly) †
Adam Baldridge (formerly) †
Richard Want (formerly) †
Edward England (formerly) †
Anne Bonny (formerly) †
Joseph Farrell (formerly) †
Thomas Tew (formerly) †
Tariq bin Malik (formerly) †
William Mayes (formerly) †
Yazid al-Basra (formerly) †
Guy Wood (formerly) †


Unnamed brother

Physical description

Hair color:


Series information

Appears in:

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
(mentioned only)

Christopher Condent, also known as Billy One-Hand, was a pirate captain and one of the original founders of Libertalia.



During a trip across the Atlantic Ocean, Condent killed an Indian crew member who threatened to ignite the ship's powder magazine. Shortly after, the crew captured a merchant ship, the Duke of York. After a dispute, the crew split up between the two ships, with Condent elected captain of the newly acquired vessel.[1]

Condent was in Nassau on the island New Providence when governor Woodes Rogers arrived to deliver the 1718 Kings Pardon, and eradicate the piracy that plagued the region.[1]

Condent, along with other like-minded pirates, refused the pardon and chose to flee to the Cape Verde Islands. There, he seized a merchant ship carrying valuable Portuguese wine from Madeira.[1]

The crew then sailed to Brazil, where they captured a few Portuguese ships. During this time, Condent gained a reputation for cutting the ears and noses off of his prisoners.[1]

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016)

After establishing Libertalia alongside Henry Avery and ten other pirate captains, tensions grew and eventually a civil war broke out. Edward England, out of retaliation for his home being ransacked and burnt on Condent's orders, killed Condent's brother. Condent called for a truce via a letter to Adam Baldridge, which went unanswered. Like the other captains, Condent was poisoned and killed by Avery and Tew.


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