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City of Brass Statue.

City of Brass (also known as Ubar, Iram of the Pillars, and Atlantis of the Sands) is a multiplayer map featured in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. [1] It is based on Chapter 21 - The Atlantis of the Sands from the single player campaign.

Description Edit

The map is based on the lost city of Ubar and takes place on a raised platform in the city. At the centre of the map is a fountain with two holes in the ground on either side of it. The holes are later revealed to be lifts.

City of Brass Layout

Environmental factors Edit

At both sides of the map there is a hole and near the middle of the match the platforms will activate and players will be able to get an RPG-7 or a M32-Hammer.

Treasure chests Edit

It is known to have one treasure chest on the east of the map.

Weapons Edit

  • RPG-7 - Located on one of the platforms that rises part way through the match.
  • Mag 5 - Located up on a ledge over looking the central courtyards on one of the buildings.
  • SAS-12 - On another ledge overlooking the central courtyard, opposite the ledge with the Mag-5.
  • M32-Hammer - On another platform that rises part way through the match, opposite that which contains the RPG-7.


  • City of Brass is the only map that cannot be played on any co-op mode.

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