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"Elena Fisher. Last year's model."
— Elena Fisher, introducing herself to Chloe Frazer for the first time

Elena Fisher
Elena U4
Status Alive
Appears in Uncharted: Eye of Indra
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Drake's Trail (Now Defunct)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (motion comic)
Uncharted (comic) (Appears on the cover)
Uncharted Toyota Advert
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Through Panama by Elena Fisher
English voice actor Emily Rose
Japanese voice actor Yuko Nagashima
Motion capture actor Emily Rose

Elena Fisher is an American journalist, TV personality and Foreign Correspondent. Amy Hennig commented that she created her to be the 'female version of Drake', not the 'damsel in distress, and more than a love interest. By the events of Drake's Deception she is married to Nathan Drake. Elena is voiced by Emily Rose, who also provides her motion capture.

History Edit

Elena Fisher was born in Florida according to Naughty Dog bios and Official game guides, but the rest of her childhood is unknown, and her parents are not mentioned, but it can be assumed that she grew up comfortably from Chloe's comments on 'picket fences' and her general views and personality, (which can be seen later in the article). Elena eventually gained fame by taking part in a reality show on TV, and she eventually began hosting one of her own. Her TV show is successful and it airs on a premiere cable network, yet despite this, it still has a small budget. Because of this, Elena hosts the show herself, while her producers manage costs.

Biography (1984-2007) Edit

Elena is a bright and self-reliant investigator of historical mysteries. After coming in second on a popular survival reality show, Elena parlayed her 15 minutes of fame into hosting a cable adventure/archaeology show, "Uncharted." She is a true survivor with an array of unusual skills, most of them learned while researching and hosting her program.

Despite having a never-give up approach to life, she has yet to find the big story that will put her on the map as a serious journalist. It was when her show funded an expedition to recover Sir Francis Drake's coffin, buried at sea off the coast of Panama centuries ago, that Elena and a fortune hunter (and future husband), Nathan Drake were launched into an adventure beyond expectations, that threw them together into a fight for survival. By Uncharted 2 though, Elena graduated from tabloid reporter to a legitimate investigative journalist, and now tracks stories in some of the most dangerous and war-torn corners of the world. She is still as stubborn and tenacious as Drake is, and determined to such a degree that it is both her greatest virtue and her greatest fault.

Uncharted: Eye of Indra Edit


Elena as she appears in Eye of Indra

Elena appears very briefly in Eye of Indra. She is in the final episode of the motion comic where Nathan and Sully are watching her show on TV at a beach resort, following Nate's ordeal with Pinkerton and reunion with Eddy Raja. Nate explains to Sully how he is meeting with Elena to discuss cost arrangements for his expedition to find Sir Francis Drake's coffin.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (2007) Edit


Elena in Drake's Fortune.

Elena first came to prominence in a popular reality show on TV, which scored her dream job: presenting her own archaeology TV show. Although the show is successful and it airs on a well-known cable network, the budget is small, with Elena not only producing and hosting the show, but operating all of her own equipment. This brought her to the attention of treasure hunter Nathan Drake, who saw an opportunity to con her TV show into paying for an expedition he had planned; to recover the coffin of Sir Francis Drake off the coast of Panama. He agreed and Elena accompanied Nathan to record the discovery.

Pacific OceanEdit

"Yeah, it's like a camera.You just point and shoot, right?"
— Elena

Their salvage vessel was then attacked by pirates. It was only the intervention of Victor Sullivan that allowed Elena and Nathan to escape from the sinking boat. After flying back to Panama, Elena contacted her executives and asked for a camera crew so that, despite being over budget, they could continue to film, stating that it could be "the biggest story of the year". Sully believed that having Elena come with him and Nathan on their adventure to discover El Dorado would jeopardize the mission, and Nathan reluctantly agreed; Nathan and Sully left in their boat while Elena was still on the phone.

The AmazonEdit

Elena, however, managed to follow them, eventually running into Nathan while he was on the run from and Atoq Navarro's mercenaries. She helped Nathan escape to a jeep and they soon flew off to the island where El Dorado was believed to be held.

Parachuting In Edit

Nate and Elena eventually reach the island, however, flak from anti-aircraft turrets begin to explode in the air around the plane, forcing the both of them to leap from the plane. This separates Nate from Elena for two chapters of the game.

The FortressEdit

Upon crashing and fighting through many pirates, Nate makes it to a fortress, where he discovers Elena's parachute. But once he finds her, a group of pirates capture him and put him behind bars inside the fortress. Elena breaks Nathan out in time, as Eddy Raja is proposing to work together with him, by attaching a hook to the bars and using a jeep to pull the wall down.

Exploring Deeper Edit

Elena and Drake fight through several more waves of pirates, and soon after discover a Jet Ski. While Drake wants to use it to get off the island, Elena chides him for giving up so easily, and wants to use it to go after El Dorado instead. Drake says that he doesn't want Elena's "bullet riddled corpse" on his conscience, but Elena says that he shouldn't use her as an excuse. He relents, but only if 'this time he gets to drive'.

They travel through the flooded city on the island, eventually reaching a monastery, where they solve puzzles and defeat enemies before encountering the Descendants. After escaping they find themselves in a strange Nazi docking area, as Nate travels to the other side alone in search for the power to the elevator, Gabriel Roman and Navarro capture Elena, taking her away.


Nathan finally encounters Elena with the help of Victor Sullivan. Navarro holds her hostage as Roman opens El Dorado, and is infected with the curse. After the cave fills with Descendants as El Dorado is being airlifted away Navarro takes Elena onto the helicopter, however unbeknownst to them, Drake had jumped onto El Dorado. A mercenary attempts to shoot Drake off, but Elena acts quickly, kicking the man out of the helicopter, causing him to shoot his gun at the pilot and crash land on Navarro's tanker ship. Elena and Navarro being the only survivors, Drake fights Navarro and pulls Elena out of the wrecked helicopter. As Navarro stands to kill them both, Drake pushes the helicopter off the side of the boat. A rope tangles around Navarro's leg, bringing the helicopter, Navarro, and El Dorado to the bottom of the sea.

Nate remarks that he's 'sorry we're leaving empty handed' to which Elena replies she managed to 'save' one small thing. Sir Francis Drake's ring. She puts it around Nate's neck and holds her hand on his chest. As they lean into a kiss, Nathan and Elena are interrupted by Sully who managed to get a boat and some treasure. As they sail off into the sunset, Elena warns Drake that he still owes her a story, after her camera was destroyed earlier. Drake assures her that he's "good for it."

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009) Edit


"Why tear up the city, you know? It just doesn't make any sense."
— Elena discusses Lazarevic with Nate

Since the events of the first Uncharted, Elena has become an investigative journalist, and has been tracking Zoran Lazarevic's movements for some time. She is determined to reveal to the world that Lazarevic survived a bombing raid and is active again. Her search has brought her and her cameraman Jeff to the war-torn streets of a city in Nepal.

While trailing Lazarevic, Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer run into Elena and Jeff in Nepal. Nate proposes they take Elena and Jeff with them despite Chloe's remarks. The four of them head to a temple that will reveal the location of Shambala with Elena expressing her frustration with Nate searching for treasure yet again. At the temple, Nate orders Elena and Jeff to wait outside while he and Chloe explore the temple. While Nate and Chloe discover the location of Shambala, Elena and Jeff are spotted by Lazarevic's soldiers and are caught in a crossfire with Jeff being shot in the abdomen.

Nate and Chloe return and save Elena and Jeff from the soldiers. Nate decides to carry the injured Jeff while Elena and Chloe cover them as they navigate their way through the streets filled with Lazarevic's soldiers. They enter an apartment building to let Jeff rest. As Lazarevic and Harry Flynn begin to catch up to them, Chloe is forced to switch sides to save her own life.

As Chloe is escorted to a train depot by a soldier, Lazarevic enters the room, and coldly executes Jeff in front of Elena, traumatizing her. Lazarevic forces Nate to reveal the location of Shambala or else he will kill Elena. Flynn searches Nate and retrieves the map revealing where Shambala is. Lazarevic and his troops exit the room and orders Flynn to execute Nate and Elena. Elena, however, punches Flynn in the nose, allowing her and Nate to escape.

For the UWiki

Elena helping Nate board the train.

Once they reach safety, Nate decides to go and rescue Chloe. Elena decides to help, despite Nate not wanting her to get hurt. The two of them head to the train depot and scout the peremiter. Nate proposes and plan: he will sneak down and rescue Chloe from inside the train while Elena steals a nearby jeep to use as a getaway car. However, this plan does not go accordingly and Nate is pinned down by Lazarevic's soldiers while the train departs. Elena arrives with the jeep and saves Nate. Nate still plans to rescue Chloe and they give chase to the locomotive train. Elena brings the jeep side-by-side with the speeding train while Nate hops aboard at the last second. He looks back to see Elena stop the jeep for she can not continue on.

The HimalayasEdit

"Just come back in one piece, okay?"
— Elena talks with Nate

While Nate attempts to rescue Chloe, Elena follows the train tracks, which eventually leads her to the wreckage that Nate had caused. Somehow, she makes her way to the village where Nate is recovering, and while Nate is passed out, she becomes friends with Karl Schafer, Tenzin, and his daughter, Pema.

After a few days, Nate recovers from his gunshot wound, and begins to walk through the village with Tenzin. Tenzin brings Nate to Karl Schafer's home, where Elena is sitting with Pema. Nate and Elena are overjoyed to see each other again, and embrace. Elena brings Nate to meet Schafer, who, like Nate, once went on an expedition to find the Cintamani stone. Schafer explains that the stone isn't merely a gemstone, but it grants its owner immeasurable power. Nate assumes that this is only a myth, but Elena isn't so sure, citing Lazarevic's actions to get the stone. Schafer realizes that Nate needs more evidence, so he sends him and Tenzin into the mountains to find the remains of his expedition. As Nate prepares to leave, Elena kisses him on the cheek, telling him to come back safely.

While Nate is away, Lazarevic ambushes the village. Elena manages to gather the children into a secluded area, but by the time Nate and Tenzin return, she is extremely shaken and upset. She informs Tenzin that Pema and Schafer are in the middle of the war fare, and tells Nate that this massacre is their fault. Nate tells Elena to stay with the children, and to keep them safe.

Tenzin and Pema are reunited, but Schafer was captured. Elena and Nate commandeer one of Lazarevic's jeeps, and begin to pursue Schafer. However, the two are eventually gunned down and thrown over a cliff. The two survive, and Nate deduces that Lazarevic and Schafer are somewhere inside a monastery. Nate and Elena begin to quietly make their to the monastery.

Nate and Elena work together to find Schafer, but their search is in vain. By the time they find him, he's dying. The two rush to his side, and Schafer charges Nate to recover the Phurba, find the entrance to Shambhala, and destroy the stone before Lazarevic gets it. Schafer dies, and Nate decides that whether the stone has mythical powers or not, Lazarevic can't have it. Elena decides it would be better for the two of them to split up, with Elena looking for the entrance and Nate recovering the dagger. Nate is reluctant to let Elena go, but tells her to lay low and be careful.

Elena manages to find the entrance, and Nate manages to recover the dagger. However, once they reach the doorway to Shambhala, they're cornered by Lazarevic. Lazarevic threatens to kill Elena if Nate doesn't cooperate, but Nate insists that if he does, Nate will still give him nothing. Lazarevic realizes they're at an impasse, but then he brings in Chloe to use as bait. Without much choice, Nate complies and leads Lazarevic, Flynn, and their men into the city.


"We're standing in the middle of Shambhala and you're questioning what's possible?"
Elena argues with Chloe

Once inside Shambhala, Lazarevic orders Nate, Elena, and Chloe to get down on their knees. Flynn, however, manages to persuade Lazarevic to spare Chloe. As Nate and Elena are about to be shot, the group is attacked by the city's Guardians. Elena, Nate and Chloe manage to escape the scene. Elena and Nate decide to try to outrun Lazarevic and destroy the stone, while Chloe refuses. Elena tries to persuade Chloe, insisting that they'd be saving the world if they stop Lazarevic. Chloe reluctantly complies, and the trio make their way to the central temple.


Elena wounded by Harry's grenade

Once there, Nate quickly realizes that the Cintamani stone isn't actually a gemstone, but the sap from the tree of life. Flynn reveals himself, a gunshot wound in his chest. Elena takes pity on Flynn, offering to help him. Flynn rebuffs her request, and reveals he's holding a grenade. It explodes, and Flynn is killed.

Elena, who was standing nearby, is seriously injured from the blast. She tells Nate and Chloe to stop Lazarevic, but Chloe insists that they take care of her first. Nate eventually leads them to a path that will take them back to the main entrance. Nate tells Elena to not give up, and orders Chloe to get her out of the city while he takes care of Lazarevic.

Nate and Elena in the Mountains

They share a kiss and watch the sun together...

After Nate destroys the tree and leaves Lazarevic to the Guardians, he makes it back to the entrance, where Chloe and Elena are waiting. As the city falls to ruin, Nate picks up Elena and the three manage to escape. By the time they reach the Monastery, Elena has lost consciousness, making Nate think she has died from her injuries. He begins to break down and cry, begging Elena to survive.

Returning to the Village, Elena recovered from her injuries, with Sullivan taking care of her. Chloe, realizing that Nate is in love with Elena (which he doesn't deny), decides to walk away. Sullivan escorts Elena outside, commenting on how restless she's become. Sullivan decides to go after Chloe, leaving Elena with Nate. The two stand over Schafer's grave, Elena thinking that Schafer would have approved of Nate's actions. Unsure of where they'll go from the here, Nate kisses Elena. Elena asks Nate how scared he was that she was going to die and laughs at his response; one in which he was not very scared. He admits a fear of clowns and they bicker as the scene fades out.


Elena is also a playable character in the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer. Elena is given instantly when starting the game, however Winter Elena can be bought using in game currency later. UDF Elena (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune) was released in the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack. Wetsuit Elena (from the first mission of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune) was released in the Sidekick Skin Pack.

2009-2010 (Nate and Elena's Separation)Edit

Nate and Elena marry in unknown circumstances. However, Nate's phobia of commitment and lust for adventure places great strain on the marriage, and the two separate, becoming estranged. Elena keeps her wedding ring, and Victor Sullivan looks after Nate's without his knowledge. Elena also becomes a foreign correspondent. By the time of Drake's Deception, she is stationed in Yemen.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (2011) Edit

"You are the worst liar!"
— Elena to Nate

Yemen Streets Edit

Elena Nate U3

Drake and Elena in Yemen's streets.

Since the events in Uncharted 2, Elena Fisher has become an international news correspondent, and has been stationed in Yemen for some time. Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan discover that Sir Francis Drake made a stop in Yemen on his quest to find the Atlantis of the Sands. Since the two needed to get into Yemen quietly and without opposition, Sullivan called Elena to ask for her help, as Drake was reluctant to speak to her. When Drake and Sullivan arrive in Yemen, Elena gives them permits and talks to them happily as they exit the airport. But Drake and Elena begin to argue over their sudden arrival and over Elena's wedding band. Nate is more interested by the fact that she is still wearing her wedding ring from their estranged marriage. She claims 'it helps in this part of the world' and tells him not to flatter himself. Nate just smiles, knowing she's not being entirely honest with him. But Elena suspects that Nate is not being honest with her, and is worried about his obsession with Sir Francis Drake's expedition. She also voices her concern about Sullivan, and that Nate shouldn't make him run across the globe for him.

Elena takes Drake and Sullivan on a walking tour through Yemen, with the Old Quarter as their targeted destination. In order to dodge the city's guards, the trio climb up to the roof tops. From there, Sullivan spots Talbot walking through the town. Drake pursues him, and is eventually cornered by Marlowe's guards. Once Nate defeats the guards, Elena leads Sullivan and Drake into a courtyard.

The WellEdit

"...but you... you're gonna keep going aren't you?"
— Elena at Nate
Elena begs

Elena asks Nate to stop looking for Iram.

Coincidentally, the courtyard contains a well that contains the coordinates to Iram. While in the catacombs, the three discover a hidden chamber with messages written on the walls, warning about the dangers of Iram and the desert. Nate deduces that these messages were written by Sir Francis Drake. Elena herself makes the connection that even though Sir Francis Drake knew where Iram was, and despite his mission from the Queen, he chose to drop the search and sail home. Elena pleaded to both Sullivan and Drake that whatever treasure they found, if any, was clearly not worth it. Neither Drake nor Sullivan listened.

Once the three make it out of the catacombs, Nate is drugged by Talbot, and he runs off. Nate is eventually captured by Marlowe, and Sullivan soon thereafter. During Nate's abduction, Elena organized a rescue mission in order to save Sullivan from Marlowe.

The Cargo PlaneEdit

"Déjà-vu, right?"
"Haha, yeah!"
— Elena and Nate as they approach the plane's wheel.
Whoo! Kiss plz

Elena and Nathan Drake after he escapes from the Cruise ship.

Drake managed to escape his captors, and returned to Elena. Elena was overjoyed to see Nate, believing him to be dead. She runs to him and hugs him fiercely, holding him for a time. Nate says that he 'thought this was frowned upon' (physical contact in Yemen) referring to when Sully went to hug Elena when they arrived and she told him that the country frowned upon it and they shouldn't as not to attract attention. She tells him to 'shut up'. She leads him to the sofa and pulls him on to her lap. She updates him on Sullivan's situation: he, Marlowe, and her crew are in a convoy heading into the desert. Marlowe had a two day start, so catching up to them on foot or motor vehicle would be impossible. Elena discovered that an airplane would be making a supply drop to the convoy, so she planned on sneaking onto the plane, dropping in on the convoy, and rescuing Sullivan on her own. However, she and Nate decided to save Sullivan together. Since the plane wasn't taking off until dawn, Elena insisted Nate rest. Nate asked Elena if she planned on rescuing Sullivan by herself, to which she replied she'd do anything to save him. Nate deeply appreciated that. She started to stroke his hair while he, exhausted, tries to say he likes the way she thinks but can barely get the words out due to his fatigue. Elena simply responds, 'I know'. As he drifted off into sleep, he took Elena's left hand (the one with the wedding band on it), and apologized, with Elena simply responding 'I know' again.

Cargo Plane Both

Elena and Nate at the Airstrip.

The next day, Nate and Elena make their way through the airstrip to the cargo plane. Eventually, they make their way to the plane. However, Nate jumps over a fence that Elena cannot pass, and refuses to help her over. Nate explains that after Elena almost died in Shambala, he could not risk it again. Elena understood, and fled the area via a nearby jeep.

However, Drake was soon spotted by Marlowe's men, and the plane began to take off. Elena used the jeep to catch up to Nate, and drove him close enough to the plane for him to jump on. She doesn't appear again until the final mission.

The AirportEdit


Nate and Elena before Nate shows Elena his wedding ring...

After Nate and Sullivan returned from Iram, they returned to the airport in Yemen. Sullivan returned Drake's wedding ring, and advised him that real "greatness" was what someone does with the hand they're dealt. He then gestured to Elena, who had arrived at the airport. Elena stated that she was sorry about Drake losing Sir Francis Drake's ring, which Drake said was "all right" because he traded it for "something better", letting her see that he was wearing his wedding ring. They embrace, laughing to themselves with happiness. When they break apart Nate put a hand on her cheek and say's 'Let's get out of here, huh?' Elena nods happily and they take each other's hands before making their way back to Sully. Sully laughs as the couple make their way over to him. He then surprises them by telling them to follow him, ignoring the plane in front of them. The two follow Sully to and see a new seaplane, similar to his one in U1. Sully remarks that it is not 'as good as the one you two wrecked four years ago, but it'll do'. Elena and Nate are surprised and delighted by Sully's idea of a new plane. They make their way to it with Sully wondering if he still knows how to fly the damn thing. Then Elena asks the obvious question she posed to Nate four years ago. 'This has parachutes, right?'. The scene pans out as they discuss this question.

Other MediaEdit

Uncharted: Drake's TrailEdit

Elena Fisher is the only proven character to appear in Drake's Trail. Regardless, she is the most important character, besides the player (the detective) themselves. She gives the detective Nate's address of which to pursue him, not going herself because she was too busy filming the final episode of the season for her show 'Uncharted'. Once the player had located Drake's location, he reports back to Elena, who thanks him and says she will get onto it. (Drake and Sully do not actually 'appear', only being mentioned.) Most of it is lost though.

Uncharted Toyota AdvertEdit

Elena appears at the end of a small 50 second commercial for the Toyota, the 'Jungle Run' part. Drake is seen running away from 3 other fortune hunters and upon reaching a cliff, he is trapped. Then Elena appears with the Toyota and offers him a rope to climb up with. They load the Idol into the Toyota and drive off. The slogan, 'You In?' appears.

Uncharted ComicEdit

Elena does not actually appear in the comic, but was originally intented for it, appearing on the first original cover for the comic book. The author said to IGN he would use her for the next one, as he has stuff he wanted to do with her but couldn't put into the comic at the time.

Drake's Fortune (Motion Comic)Edit

Uncharted (Film)Edit

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Elena Fisher minion

Elena appears as a downloadable minion for Nathan, and also has her own icon.PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Apperance in 'America's Next Top Model'Edit

Strange as it seems, Elena was used as a task for the aspiring models, the latter having to act as Elena in a collection of scenes, and they even designed their own taunts, which will soon be available to the character of 'Elena Fisher' in U3's multiplayer mode.[1]


Elena's appearance varies slightly between games, but typically she's a woman of shorter stature (about 5'2", and a head shorter than Drake, assuming Nate is 5'11), has a slim, athletic figure, blond hair (that she keeps back in a messy pony-tail bun with a few stray hairs that hang in front of her face), an angular face with grey/blue eyes (in the first 3 games) and green/hazel eyes in the 4th. She also
Elena Fisher Picture

Elena Fisher in Drake's Deception

develops a tan in the third game and her chest size has noticeably increased.

Her clothes mature over the course of the game series-- in the first Uncharted she wears purple and white tank-tops, baggy cargo shorts that drop at her knees, and sneakers. By Uncharted 2, where she has become an investigative journalist, she has matured and wears a white button up shirts and dark jeans, and when she's in the mountains she dons a ski/winter jacket.

In the third game, her outfit color varies, but she continues to wear a button up collared shirt and khaki pants.

Naughty Dog commented that they tried to make Elena look like the 'Girl-Next-Door' look, to give her that pretty, but not overly glamarous image, ready for any sort of danger she should face and they built up her original renders on this idea.

Developer CommentsEdit

Sze Jones: Lead Character Artist (On Uncharted 3 Development): "Elena has gone through a lot of emotional and physical challenges on her adventures with Nathan Drake. Her eyes were made with slightly higher transparency and glossiness to let them show her inner emotions and her feelings for Nate.

Her subtle cheek blushes and slightly larger pupils give her a loving appearance, and accentuate her protective nature and her willingness to sacrifice herself in order to protect others.

The biggest technical challenge with Elena was to establish her skin tone and the specularity of her hair in contrast with the other characters. Countless modifications to her skin were made against extreme lighting conditions in order to find the perfect balance of shader settings and textures to support the right look."


Elena Fisher is the "female version of Drake" as creator Amy Hennig puts it; she is just as charming, intelligent and tenacious as him, and can hold her own when climbing or under fire. The two have the same sense of humour and cavalier attitude toward their opponents, but she tends to be more compassionate towards others (such as when Harry Flynn is dying). In this way, she completes Drake and acts as his emotional crutch and moral compass when Nate is at a loss. She is also slightly tomboyish, being very ready to dive head first into situations, whether it be a dirty tomb, or an ocean, just like her counterpart.

At the best of times, Elena is an upbeat, optimistic, and a cunning woman, driving Nate to keep moving forward. She'll banter and make jokes with him, which helps Nate get through his problems. When he hits rock bottom, Elena is the one to push him forward in order for him to reach his goal or to "save the world". While this attitude sometimes annoys Nate's associates, Nate takes Elena's advice to heart, and values her input above all others, always agreeing with her, as seen against Chloe in Shambhala and even Sully, when he wants to leave her again.

Elena becomes a much better strategist over the course of the games, and instead of running into situations like she did in the first game, she is more prone to stand back, wait, and strike at the most opportune moment. She also helps Nate plan ways into sneaking into restricted areas and taking out opponents, seen with the Cargo Plane, even showing a higher level of intelligence in this regard compared to Nate, adding more to their combined arsenal.

She seems to display the 'White Bread, Picket Fence', image Chloe dubbs her with, showing a naive idea towards morality, simple ideas on Good and Evil, wanting to settle down later in the series, and an idealistic nature. However, it's this that can sometimes be her weakest suit. In the case of Harry Flynn, she showed him compassion and offered him redemption. This peace offering unknowingly put her into harm's way once Flynn revealed his grenade, which nearly killed her when it detonated. After this experience, Elena became much more reluctant to put herself or the people she loves into danger, as shown with Nate's competition for the City of Ubar against the ruthless Katherine Marlowe and Talbot, and shows an extreme care and tenacity, again like her husband, even going so far as to go into an enemy filled Airport alone for her unofficial father-in-law.

She appears to be one of the only rivals to Nate's intelligence, mastering many languages, including Tibetin and Arabic, and working out puzzles with him, instead of relying on him like his other friends. She has an knowledge of history like Nate, being genially interested in it, unlike e.g. Sully, who is after the gold. She can track down Nate, actually catching up with him after he left her at a dock. Not only does she share his intelligence, but she also seems to share his charismatic edge, winning over Schafer and Tenzin in a short time, Chloe, who was originally at odds with her and eventually capturing Nate himself, he even marrying her by U3.

At the worst of times, Elena will become much more aggressive, cynical, and trigger-happy. Oftentimes her cynicism comes out when Nate has hurt her or abandoned her, and she'll openly display her anger through verbal quips or punching Nate. However, this aggression quickly absolves when he returns to her, showing she is quick to forgive the people she cares about.

Elena has proven herself to not only be a skilled fighter, managing like Nate to instictively pick up a weapon and use it, again showing the 'female Nate', in her but she boosts Nate's personality by either cheering him up and joking with him when he's feeling low, or defending Nate and fighting alongside him. Nate becomes a better person in her presence, acting more chivirous and heroic, and example being Nate risking his life to save Jeff, a man he barely knew.

Elena has come to understand Nate better than anyone, being the only one who manages to work out Nate's true motivations for his competition with Marlowe and obsession with Drake's ring, within minutes of meeting with him again, quite unlike his other companions who kept asking Nate what he was after; Elena just knew. She will finish his sentences for him, such as at the Train Yard and even understand what he means without him actually saying anything, suggesting a bond far deeper with him than any other person; them being, in a sense, the same character.


Nathan Drake: During her first adventure with Nate, Elena did not fully trust Nathan originally, but when he fled on the boat with Sully, Elena was angry with him, and she even punched Nathan in the face; Elena was also sad with the "death" of Sully. As the game progresses though, she and Nate become closer. They both bail each other out of some pretty bad situations. When everything is said and done, Nate and Elena lean in for a kiss which is interrupted by Sully. By the events of the second game, their relationship seems to have changed. When Nate and Elena are reunited again, she seems to show bitterness towards him, because Nathan Drake in fact left her behind because he did not want her to be killed because of his dangerous life and his love for her. She also seems to get defensive when Nate shows concern for Chloe and won't understand why Nate cares so much about her even after she pulled a gun on them. As the second game goes on, their love grows and giving in to their feelings, finally kiss for the first time. Between Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 Nate and Elena were seemingly married. This is indicated during the third game when Nate states that she is still wearing her ring and Elena answers that it helps in this kind of country (Yemen) to keep unwanted admirers away, though she is wearing it because she still loves him. Unfortunately at some point before the events of Uncharted 3 the relationship broke again, one of the reasons being the grenade injury she sustained, from Harry Flynn in Uncharted 2, which nearly killed her, the fact of Nathan Drake's dangerous and agitated life being a risk to her safety (his attempt to protect her because of his love for her) and the obsession with Drake's ring which becomes his life which she does not want to be a part of. Despite this she still seems to understand him more deeply than the rest of his companions. This is shown in the way she easily works out his true intentions for hunting Drake's trail with so much determination when she calls it an obsession and pleads with him to stop. However their relationship is once again rekindled near the final scenes of the third game after Elena assumes him to be dead after his abduction by Rameses, and finds, to her obvious relief, him, alive, leaning by her door. But it peaks when Nate loses his ring (Francis Drake's) in the quicksand. Elena tells Nate she is sorry he lost his ring (the one Marlowe took with her into the sand), but he shows his hand, his wedding band on it, saying he traded it for 'something better', choosing her over his treasure hunting lifestyle (the ring of Sir Francis Drake representing this) and confirming they are now married.

Victor Sullivan: In U1 Sully sees Elena as little more than one of Drake's flings. He calls her 'the girl' instead of her real name. But by the end he starts to warm to her helping Nate rescue her from Atoq Navarro. He finally starts calling her by name. By Uncharted 2 they have become a relationship like father and daughter. They usually joke around and tease each other. It seems like Sully says things to purposely get to Elena, for example, calling her stubborn, even though she is, it still seems to annoy her. By Uncharted 3 Sully looks upon her as part of his and Drake's personal family, the dysfunctional thing it may be. She cares for him like family telling Nate not to endanger Sully due to his obsession when they talk at the Airport in Yemen. Sully himself suggests that they contact her to get into Yemen, even though Nate appears unwilling to talk to her, due to his guilt about leaving her to go after his obsession. Sully does so hoping to repair their relationship. When they get there, with Elena's help, Sully goes to embrace her and supports Nate in his quest to solidfy their relationship again, saying things like 'she's still wearing it' in reference to their wedding band and finally finding and returning Drake's wedding ring to him telling him, essentially, to get his act together and not to lose his love, Elena and to reunite their little family.

Chloe Frazer: Initially, Chloe and Elena are at odds over their feelings for Nate. Elena's judgment changes after Chloe wants to leave an injured Jeff, Elena's camera man, behind after he is wounded, and seems to show hostility towards Chloe. When Chloe turns on them to protect her cover, Elena is against Nate's determination to rescue her, but still helps him when he tells her why she did it. At the end of the game, the two women bond when they cooperate in Shambala in which Elena is nicknamed "Sunshine" by Chloe. By Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception It is unknown if Chloe and Elena still kept their friendship, but at the end of Chapter 10 - Historical Research she is worried that Chloe and Cutter were involved on Nate's dangerous travels, hinting that she has a hard friendship.

Charlie Cutter: Despite not appearing together, Elena seems to have some knowledge about Charlie. When Sully spots Talbot in Yemen with Charlie's Journal she tries questioning Nathan what Charlie has to do with it. She later questions again how Charlie is involved and then thinks he's dead when she is informed he was working with them before having to pull out due to breaking his leg in Syria.

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Weapons-92FS-9mm 92FS-9mm: An elite standard pistol found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-PM-9mm PM-9mm: A standard pistol found in Drake's Fortune and Golden Abyss.
Weapons-M79 M79: A powerful grenade launcher found in Drake's Fortune.


Media Year Voice Actor Motion Capture Actor Notes
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 2007 Emily Rose Emily Rose First Appearance
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 2009 Emily Rose Emily Rose
Uncharted: Eye of Indra 2009 Emily Rose N/A Episode 4
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 2011 Emily Rose Emily Rose

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  • Elena's e-mail address, as seen in Drake's Trail, is
  • The only revealed works of Elena prior to Drakes Fortune is a segment known as Architects of the New World, the fourth episode of her show.
  • Elena can speak Tibetan and Arabic.
  • Elena is the only other controllable character besides Nathan Drake in the single player campaigns of the series, though she is only playable on the jet ski segments in Drake's Fortune and when she helps Nate onto the cargo plane to rescue Sully in Drake's Deception.
  • In the first two games, Elena tries and fails to successfully capture her adventures on camera.
  • In Among Thieves, Elena shows she can fluently speak and understand the Tibetan language and has rudimentary Arabic language skills in Drake's Deception.
  • In her original character design, Elena was a brunette with brown eyes. Some of the older Drake's Fortune trailers show her as a brunette with a different hairstyle.
  • Elena, along with Drake and Sully, appeared in Gamers Heart Japan for a few seconds of footage. She created a heart with her hands. She wore the same clothes as in Among Thieves. This could be referenced to them being the 3 leads in Uncharted.
  • She can be seen wearing a ring or a wedding band on the ring finger of her left hand in the official Drake's Deception trailer. Indeed Nate and Elena seemingly got married after Uncharted 2, which becomes more or less clear during the events of the third game.
  • Elena seems to be a little bit clumsy, as at least twice in the game she knocks something down. For example, she kicks a ladder off when she is supposed to kick it down to Nate.
  • Elena is a playable character in the Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception multiplayer. You can purchase her skin when you are level 5. There is also her tank top outfit from the first game, her reporter outfit, and her winter outfit both from the second game. Her wetsuit skin from the first game is available now as well.
  • In Among Thieves, Elena's name, picture, and phone number can be found in Drake's journal among those of several other women, some pressed flowers. Her phone number is 720-526-142# (the last number being obscured by a smudge). 720 is an area code from Colorado, indicating that this might be where Elena lives.
  • Elena Fisher was originally conceived to be a Spanish character, the writer of the Uncharted series said. The adventure's female protagonist was originally conceived as "Elena Vargas," and originally, writer Amy Hennig wanted Claudia Black, the voice of Chloe Frazer in Uncharted 2, to voice her.
  • In the first three games Elena's eyes appear to be blue/gray while in Uncharted 4 a thiefs end, her eyes are green.
  • She appears in the most chapters, besides Nate, in Uncharted having the record of 19 in Drake's Fortune.
  • She is the only character in Uncharted to appear in Drake's Trail.
  • She and Nathan Drake are the only characters to appear in the Uncharted Toyota Adverts.
  • She is absent in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, making it the only Uncharted game in which she does not appear in.
  • Her character model was used for an early design of Ellie in 'The Last of Us' in the early motion capture stages.
  • Elena is estimated to be 5'4 based on her actor's, Emily Rose's, own height.
  • She bears a huge resemblance to Elle Holloway from the Silent Hill series
  • It is possible her full name would be Elena Drake after Nathan Drake's legal last name as they are married. It is unknown if she will take on his name, the reason she didn't before, maybe being due to the enstrangement they suffered.
  • Elena and Nate share scars on the left side of their bodies, Elena's from grenade shrapnel and Nate from his bullet wound, both inflicted by Harry Flynn.
  • In the cutscene after Chapter 15 - Sink or Swim the phone she has is a BlackBerry Bold.
  • Elena, Nate and Sully are Official Judges for the PlayStation Uncharted Audition competitions.
  • Elena is the first voice ever heard in the entire series of games in Drake's Fortune.
  • Nate and Elena appear together on the Visitors passes for those who visit Naughty Dog.
  • Elena and Nate build up the rescues in the series, trying to rescue both Chloe and Sully.
  • If the player looks really close at Elena's face during the cutscenes in Uncharted 3, they will see a few healed cuts, bruises and marks across her face which were gained in Uncharted 2. The same goes for Nate as well.
  • It appears that Nicole Pearce's appearance in Watch Dogs was inspired by Elena.


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