Error syncing models is an infrequent and usually fixable error that can occasionally affect the Uncharted 2 multiplayer.

Error message

As with all multiplayer error messages, the message appears as the player attempts to connect to the multiplayer. If this error appears, the player will be unable to connect until the error is resolved.


For most players, the error can be fixed by:

  1. Going to the "Game" icon on the PS3 XMB bar.
  2. Going to the "Game Data Utility" icon and pressing PlayStationX
  3. Use PlayStationTriangle to delete all Uncharted 2 data. (Ensure that you don't delete any other games). This will delete all Title Updates and LiveData updates.
  4. Restart Uncharted 2 and allow the game to reinstall all the Title Updates. Then, enter multiplayer. While you are connecting, the game will have to sync all previous LiveData updates, a process that will take several minutes.
  5. All DLC will have to be downloaded again as it will be deleted with the Game Data. If previously purchased, it can be found for free in the PSN store, provided you are logged in with the same account that you purchased it with.

WARNING: Only delete data from the "Game Data Utility." Deleting games from the "Saved Data Utility" will delete your save files.

Despite doing this, players may still receive the error. Naughty Dog have said that they have no other suggestions to fix the error, and to attempt the above fix multiple times until it works.


The problem can occasionally be fixed by attempting to connect to multiplayer a second time.

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