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Explosive Shell Expert


Increase M32-Hammer and RPG-7 ammo



Required level


Booster slot


Explosive Shell Expert is a booster in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It increases M32-Hammer and RPG-7 ammo depending on the level of the booster.


Level One

M32-Hammer pickups come with an additional shell.  To upgrade to level two, you must earn 5 Fire In The Hole medals.

Level Two

Effects of Level One and RPG-7 pickups come with an additional rocket.  To upgrade to level two, you must earn 15 Fire In The Hole medals.

Level Three

Effects of Level Two but M32-Hammer pickups come with two additional shells.


  • When you first get the booster, use explosive kickbacks such as Quick Boom, Cluster Bomb, or Mega Bomb to help get Fire In The Hole medals quicker.
  • At levels 2 and 3, coupling Explosive Shell Expert with the RPG!!! or Hammer Time kickbacks significantly increases their killing power.

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