Drakes coffin 1

The coffin in the beginning of Drake's Fortune

Francis Drake's coffin is an object featured Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Sir Francis Drake was apparently buried at sea inside this coffin over 400 years ago.


The coffin was found by Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher off the coast of Panama, and was the first clue to track down El Dorado. Using the coordinates imprinted on Francis Drake's ring, which pointed towards the location of the coffin, Nate discovered that Drake had faked his death. The date on the ring was also 29 January 1596, a day after his supposed death.

The coffin was marked with the coat of arms of Drake: the shield cut in half by a wave, with a star above the wave and below it.


  • Francis Drake's lost diary
  • Drake's coat of arms, set into the coffin.
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