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General information

Weapon class:

Grenade Launcher

Weapon type:

Break-action grenade launcher

Magazine capacity:

1 Round

Maximum ammo:

13 Rounds

Appears in:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

First found:

Chapter 21: "Without a Paddle"


The GP32-BND is a weapon in Uncharted: Golden Abyss.


The weapon is similar to M79, and fires one grenade with each shot.

It first appears in Chapter 21 - Without A Paddle when Victor Sullivan uses it against Guerro's Army. It next appears In Chapter 32 - There's No Turning Back. The GP32-BND has a max ammo of 13 rounds and a magazine capacity of 1 round.

There is a bronze trophy for killing 50 enemies with this weapon.


  • The GP32-BND has the same look as the Pistole.
  • It's also the same exact weapon as the M79 but it's shorter.
  • The M79 fires timed grenades , The GP32-BND grenades detonat on impact.




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