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Gabriel Roman's revolver

Gabriel holding his revolver.

Gabriel Roman's revolver is a non-usable gun which he uses as his main weapon in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Roman shoots Victor Sullivan with this revolver in the end of "Chapter 3 - A Surprising Find". Roman carries the revolver in a special holster attached to his suspenders.


The revolver is stainless steel with wood grips. As it's a "Snub Nose" revolver, it is smaller and shorter than the Wes-44.


  • The revolver cannot be used by the player.
  • This is the first weapon in the Uncharted series that cannot be used by any means.
  • It is actually a Colt Anaconda with a 4-inch barrel, but the upper half of the weapon is out of scale compared to the bottom half, being much too small. This gives it the appearance of being a snub-nose revolver.
  • In the original trailer of Drake's Fortune, Roman held a PM-9mm, likely a placeholder.

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