Graham McTavish

Graham McTavish

Graham McTavish (born January 4, 1961 in Glasgow, Scotland) is a British actor. He has appeared in TV shows such as Red Dwarf, Lost, Prison Break, Rome, Numb3rs, NCIS & 24. He has also provided his voice to video games such as Infamous 2, Killzone: Liberation, Medieval II: Total War, and Dante's Inferno.

In the Uncharted series, McTavish provided the Russian voice of Zoran Lazarevic in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. He also did the character's motion capture. During one of the Behind the Scenes videos of Uncharted 2, McTavish was noted as a great friend, but the scary Lazarevic during motion capture taping. He also does the voice of Charlie Cutter in Uncharted 3.

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