A train to catch

Heavy Soldiers at the end of Chapter 12 - A Train to Catch.

"Ah, no, not one of those mutants"
Nathan Drake

Heavy Soldiers (AKA: Heavy Weapons Troops) are part of Lazarevic's army. These soldiers are the biggest and most persistent enemy in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, due mainly to their heavy armour and powerful GAU-19 miniguns.


"Large and Exceptionally strong soldiers the heavies use the GAU-19 minigun and are immune to melee attacks.They have heavy duty armor plating covering their entire bodies allowing them to take an exceptional amount of damage.The armor is susceptible to shotguns explosives and high-powered weapons like the Desert 5 Wes-44 and the Dragon Sniper. Emptying a few sniper rounds into their heads is a great way to take them out. "
— Official description of the heavy soldiers archetype

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Heavy soldiers are the most powerful in Lazarevic's army. They are rarely seen compared to other enemies in Uncharted 2, but are present at the end of the Train Yard chapter and in Tunnel Vision, as well as quite a few other places in the game.


  • The heavy soldiers at the end of Chapter 12 - A Train to Catch can be killed.
  • In addition to the GAU minigun, Heavy Weapons Troops can throw grenades at players taking cover.
  • It is best to aim for the head, as their entire body is heavily armor-plated
  • 4 rounds from the M32-Hammer will kill one.
  • 3 RPGs will be able to kill one
  • Can be killed with one Desert eagle shot to the head (single player only)
    • Another way is to aim DIRECTLY at their head. So that ultimately the helmet will fall thus leaving their head completely vulnerable.

Appears in

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


  • Heavy Soldiers are the only soldiers in Uncharted 2 that:
  1. Use GAU-19's;
  2. Never take cover;
  3. Can't be melee attacked or stealth killed;
  4. Can survive more than one Dragon Sniper bullet to the head.
  5. Can take more than one direct RPG hit.
  • Nathan Drake commonly refers to the Heavy Soldiers as "mutants" because of their large size, amazing jumping power and strength, and ability to survive multiple gunshots to places a normal human being normally would not. An example of this would be when a Heavy is shot in the head, blood can clearly be seen coming out of his head, although he doesn't groan, or even flinch.
  • The heavy soldier is the strongest enemy in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, aside from boss battles.