"I am a Man of Fortune, and I must seek my Fortune."
— Henry Avery, 1694

Henry Avery
Hyoung-nam-pirate Henry Avery
Biography information
Born August 23, 1659
Newton Ferrers, England
Died sometime after 1696 (age 40's)
Libertalia, Madagascar
Nationality England flag English
Gender Male
Occupation Pirate
Former Royal Navy
Position Captain
Vessel Fancy (formerly Charles II)
Base of
Affiliates Thomas Tew
Adam Baldridge
Christopher Condent
Edward England
Series information
Appearances Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
(mentioned only )

Captain Henry Every (August 23, 1659 – late 1690's) also known as Henry Avery was an English pirate, famous for the largest heist in the 1600s and become a wanted man to the world. Making his way to Libertalia, Avery and his group, the Founders settled and began their own society. However, driven by greed and paranoia, he and the Founders turned on each other, precipitating the destruction of the society and, ultimately, their deaths.

His treasure and expedition would be followed by other treasure hunters in the years, starting with Cassandra Morgan, whose children, Samuel and Nathan, picked up and finished it.


Henry Avery was born on August 23rd, 1659 and joined the Royal Navy later in life. Becoming captain of the Fancy, Avery eventually left the Royal Navy, seeking riches out for gain.

Stealing and Battle with the Gunsway

Creating the Founders and Libertalia

Avery called on famous pirates of his time, Tew, Want, Baldrige, Bonny, Condent, England, etc. The pirates eventually journeyed to an island near Madagascar, Libertalia. Avery gathered the greatest architects and engineers to build elevators and houses all over the island. In time, Avery had the builders build statues of every founder, and leading the founders alongside Tew.

Battle over riches

Over time, the civilians began to feel cheated that Avery and the other pirates were hoarding the treasure they were taxing and started a rebellion. In response, the pirates had all the treasure moved from the vault and into Avery and Tew's mansion and battled the rebelling civilians, almost killing the entire population. Avery and Tew's greed and paranoia started to eat at their minds and began to distrust everyone. It grew to the point that Avery decided to have Tew kill all his allies by poisoning them. Then the two pirates lugged all the treasure to Avery's ship. To make sure no outsider gets to it, the pirates set up booby traps in and around the tunnels leading to the ship. However, it soon became clear that by this point, both Avery and Tew distrusted each other and eventually, the two friends turned on each other.


Avery and Tew battle inside the former's ship, but the pirates eventually killed each other in combat. Dying of their wounds, the bodies were never discovered, rotting alongside the treasure. Samuel and Nathan Drake's search for Avery's treasure, eventually finding against their rival, Rafe Adler. Nathan, Samuel, and Rafe found the ship alongside the treasure room with Avery and Tew's body. Rafe's ally, Nadine Ross leaves the trio to die, as Rafe and Nate battle in a duel leading to Rafe's death.

Avery's ship eventually was destroyed, leaving his body alongside Tew's in the ocean. However, Sam Drake was able to collect some of Avery's treasure, giving some of it to Elena Fisher.


Henry Avery was a man who felt it was his right to gain fortune, going by means of theft, slave trading, and even murder to secure his lifestyle and was content, and rather proud, of living his entire life as a wanted man. Among his most notorious crimes would be the attack on the Gunsway and the robbery of all its treasure, a crime that would also be complimented with sordid and horrid tales detailing what Avery and his crew inflicted upon the hundreds of passengers over the course of several days to find every last bit of the ship's riches. Despite his crimes, Avery was seemingly and extremely keen and passionate about bringing other pirates to a colony where every man was to be seen as equals; a colony he later christened Libertalia. However, Elena speculated that Avery's goal the entire time may have been to entice others to follow him to his pirate utopia, along with their riches, in order to rob them of everything they had.

During his campaign to found and build Libertalia, Avery recruited the best engineers and architects of his time and built extensive tests to ensure that those who follow him and his founders would only be of the most worthy, sending crosses that contained a map to such tests to other pirates, resulting in many lives lost attempting to accomplish these challenges. When the East India Trading Company sent groups of armed men to apprehend Avery and his followers, they responded mercilessly and slaughtered every last solider, taking their supplies to add to their own stock. This illustrated Avery as a patient, strategic, intelligent, but ultimately pragmatic and cold leader, who took meticulous steps to ensure that he surrounded himself with ample bodies and did not hesitate to strike down anyone who stood in the way of creating his prime utopia.

After settling in Libertalia, Avery became obsessive, paranoid, and even more ruthless and cruel to everyone around him, lusting to claim all the treasures that were brought to Libertalia for himself. This led to the deaths of hundreds, possibly thousands, as Avery and fellow founders incited a bloody revolt, led by colonists, after they stole everything that was brought to Libertalia, and then quelled it by means of torture and mass murder. During his ultimate descent into madness, Avery made extensive use of the secret tunnels and chambers underneath his massive estate to hold, torture, and murder hundreds of people whom he believed have crossed him in some way, using increasingly sadistic and violent means to end their lives, including mummification, and use their bodies and limbs as decoration or traps.

Avery's increasingly lack of trust in others led him to set more and more traps around the island, kill the other founders with poisoned wine, command his remaining followers to flood New Devon by destroying the dam, hide his stolen treasure in preparation for leaving the island, planning on abandoning his society in ruins and escape with all the riches for himself, and destroy all ships on the island to prevent anyone from following him. When adventurers Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher learned of Avery's cruel tactics, they became under the belief that the treasure was not worth it, as other would-be treasure hunters had their lives claimed by Avery's traps or by similar obsession, paranoia, and greed. Even Nadine Ross believed those who seek his fortune were doomed for death, looking at Captain Avery and Tew's corpses as she told Adler.

Avery was not a modest man by any means and took every opportunity he had to showcase his wealth and power, developing an ego as large as the treasures he stole and secured throughout his life. Avery constructed massive statues in his likeness in not only every area of Libertalia, but also in the various strongholds he used as temporary bases of operation, and commanded a considerable amount of respect from his followers and fellow founders. Avery would even go as far as to frame a copy of the proclamation that warranted for his capture as the most wanted man in the world within his lavish estate, feeling immense pride in having secured such a notorious reputation, regardless of the actions taken to gain such infamy.

It is this immense narcissism that likely contributed, if not dictated, Avery's belief that he could do no wrong and he alone was worthy of all the riches brought to Libertalia, which he similarly viewed as his creation and his alone. No matter how many crimes he was prepared to commit: torture, dismemberment, murder, theft and piracy, Avery refused to find fault within himself. Such was his obsession with St. Dismas, the biblical figure who was crucified next to Jesus and, although a thief, was commonly viewed as a good man, which Avery likened his own self-image; that of a "penitent thief". This was also reinforced by the fact that throughout his pirate lifestyle, Avery never pillaged nor murdered "non-British heathens", or at least claimed not to, and it was presumably this misguided self-awareness that only worsened, turning Avery into a cruel, murderous, tyrannical overlord as his hold over Libertallia and the Founders' treasure outstretched.

In the end, his ego, greed, and obsessions would destroy his once prime utopia, end the lives of thousands of his fellow pirates and colonists, and ultimately seal his own fate in a bloody struggle with Thomas Tew over the ownership of the treasure of Libertalia.