Horse 2

Nate and Salim on horseback

Horses are animals that appear in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and are ridable by the player.

Appearance in Uncharted 3

Salim and The Bedouins use them to rescue Sully from Katherine Marlowe's agents.

Known Riders

Motion Capture

Naughty Dog put a lot of effort into motion capturing the horses and getting their movements as accurate as possible. They collected hours of reference video from horse trainers at the Burbank Equestrian Center.

A member of Naughty Dog states:

"It's a lot of studying. Even the modelers and concept artists used the footage to break down the musculature of the horses to see how they move and flex. For instance, they found that when you look at the anatomy of a horse's leg, you see how they lock out their knee and absorb the shock of their weight in their shoulders. It's the attention to the details like this that make all the difference."

Cinematic gameplay animator Brian Robinson says:

"Horse's ears are like little antenae. They're constantly scanning aound and moving. When they're angry, then pin back to their head, when they're interested, they point forward. We added this element when the player is on the horse and riding. The ears move around, giving that extra bit of realism. Probably no one will notice, but I will."[1]


  • While recording motion capture for the horse scenes, Nolan North was required to act as if he was riding at full gallop, meaning he had to bounce up and down on a mock horseback. While recording this, the "My Little Pony" theme was played through the recording studio's speakers, and the footage was deemed unnecessary. [1]


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