Land Shark
64px-Uncharted 3 trophy Land Shark


Defeat 20 enemies while swimming.


Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy

Land Shark is a trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception that requires the player to kill 20 enemies in a row while in the water. It is relatively easy to obtain, as the water allows Drake to hide and surface when he chooses, giving plenty of escape time from any precarious situations and quick healing.


The best place to get this trophy is on Chapter 12 - Abducted, in the first large area that is full of enemies and cover spots. This is simply because in this area there is a large quantity of water-accessible hiding spots and shelter areas, and plentiful enemies, only a few of which are truly deadly. This trophy can be attained in only one try, however a good strategy is to start off in the aforementioned area and get a few kills, and then simply restart the checkpoint. Continue killing enemies and restarting the checkpoint, and eventually you will reach 20 kills and the trophy. A video walkthrough of this trophy can be found here.

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