Light Armor Soldier

Light Armor Soldier with AK-47

The Light Armor Soldier is one of Lazarevic's soldiers.


Light Armor Soldiers are the weakest and most common soldiers in Lazarevic's army and can be easily defeated with melee. They are usually armed with the AK-47, FAL, .45 Defender or Micro-9mm, near the end of the game they will start using the 92-FS-9mm and M4. Sometimes they will use Riot Shields or man gun emplacements. They wear grey clothes, but in early promotional pictures of Uncharted 2 they were seen wearing grey and slightly orange emblems on the shoulders and near the end of the game their clothes will turn dark and some will use helmets.


Light armor soldiers are seen frequently in early Co-op rounds.*In The Creepy Old Monastery cutscene a light armor soldier is armed with an RPG-7.

  • The light armor soldiers are not a single player or multiplayer skin but Vodnik and Lovac are light armor soldiers but have different clothes on.
  • These soldiers are most likely from Russian or other Eastern European militaries.
  • Grey soldiers are weaker, however dark clothed soldiers carry heavier weapons and can counter a melee strike.

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